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Tom Hanks can do a lot of things well, like, for example, charm the pants off all of America for decades. Part of that has to do with his uncanny ability to project an air of the Everyman. He’s been called the new Jimmy Stewart, such is his ability to connect with audiences on a deep emotional level. Deep down, we are all Tom Hanks. Even you. EVEN YOU.

Hanks plays an ordinary guy like nobody’s business. It’s what’s made him the star he is, whether he’s playing an ordinary guy who dresses as a woman for cheaper rent, an ordinary guy who deals with another toy muscling in on his turf, or an ordinary astronaut dealing with some tough, everyday decisions.

He does this incredibly well, even though he’s a multiple-Oscar winning multimillionaire who has been in the upper echelon of society for most of his life. And this isn’t a knock against Hanks; he’s an actor, he’s supposed to play people that aren’t exactly like him. By all accounts, he even seems to be a pretty cool dude. And if he invited me to one of his barbecues, it’d be cool. Just a thought, Tom.

Strangely, the thing that he really can’t play is what’s closest to him, a super rich guy. 

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This. Is. So. Good. 

Puts 2013’s to shame. 


As the dust settles around the devastating news that Community has been canceled, we’ve had some time to reflect on all of the special moments we’ve shared with our favorite study group. And while we will miss them ‘round the study table, we’ve achieved an inner calmness about the future of each character, and will rest comfortably in the fact that someone has to get a spin-off … right? You can’t kill a Chang, after all!

Here are the Community spin-offs we’d like to see