vince o. teves

“A blank piece of paper lay before me. Hemmingway called it the white bull, and I had never understood what he meant until that day. The white bull: the writer stared it down and the white bull stared back. Then, you either conquered the blank piece of paper in front of you, or the writer gored himself all over the page. That was writing.” –Vince O. Teves

‎"Alone, we’re knives. Sharp and nasty, made to hurt others. But together, we are scissors. Better, safer, more useful. But more than that, we are our missing halves.“ –Vince’s Life: The Wedding, by Vince O. Teves

I’ve first learned about Vince back in high school when it was still in the pages of the now defunct Philippine edition of Seventeen magazine. He was a cool college guy, Vince, and I grew a fascination over the author’s writing that I literally copied his style at one point. 

Vince’s Life: The Wedding is the last book of the Vince’s Life trilogy and it is only rightly that its readers, the die-hard ones, should be given the best ending of a story they have been following for years. 

Reading the book, I had no idea how the story was going to come into a close. You know how love stories go. But this one is not your run-of-the-mill chick lit with cheesy scenes and sappy one-liners, Vince O. Teves lets you in on a guy’s mind without telling you abruptly what he really is trying to say. That, and the book’s theme which is about Vince’s wanting to make movies and how he has finally come into a realization of what he’d really like to do in the end are just some things that I love most about the novel.