R. Dean Taylor 7″–”Indiana Wants Me” and “Love’s Your Name”

R. Dean Taylor wrote, and recorded “Indiana Wants Me” in 1970 and produced this single. The song is from the perspective of a fugitive of the law, writing a letter to his family. At first I thought the song was this hilarious joke, some fun song that came out before my time, but it is actually a pretty good jam. After a few listens, I can still smile and sing and laugh at this one. On this (a goldmine of info) website about R. Dean Taylor, I learned that the police sirens in part of the song were a controversy, and had to be removed on some copies due to confused drivers pulling over while listen to those parts.  The copy I got does have the Sirens, but it did confuse me at first, and I wasn’t listening to this in my car.The song still made #1 in several charts and is considered R Dean Taylor’s biggest hit.

Side B had “Love’s Your Name” which was another nice soft rock jam, and another great time period piece, although much harder to find information on than I had hoped.Either way, check it out here. I like the girl he describes in the song, this free spirit that you expect to hear about in that era. 

  • When: 1970
  • Where: I got this at Hope’s Attic for 25 Cents
  • Condition: Decent; it stops a bit abruptly on side A during the very end of the song, preventing the listener from hearing the gunshots that end the song. Side B plays excellently.
  • This did not have an envelope.