You wanna talk about a good show? Let's talk about Dance Academy.

It’s an Australian teen-centric show that’s on Netflix. It’s also the most true to life and honest show I’ve seen. Throughout it, it addresses issues such as body issues, eating disorders, rape/consent, underage alcohol consumption, being prepared for sex, relationships, cheating, sexuality crises, family expectations, family issues, religious obligation, cancer, injuries, death of friends and the subsequent grief, and so much more. I went into watching this program thinking it would be a shallow, average teenage program about dancing, but it’s so much more than that. I have learnt so much and I encourage you to watch it if you haven’t, it’s awesome! (Plus the cast is really hot)

I know we see interviews all the time where celebrities are like “I’m so grateful for my success and my fans are the best I’d be nothing without them” etc. etc. and it so often seems forced and fake. But when it comes to the cast of Critical Role I feel like it’s not only genuine but understated. 

They must feel like this is all a dream. Think about it. These are people who are already famous, or getting famous, for doing what they love. They’ve all stated before that they would be getting together and playing D&D regardless of whether they had an audience or not, so any kind of even marginal success with Critical Role would’ve been more than they could’ve asked for. And look at the turnout. At the point I’m at in the story they have about 7200 subscribers, but from what I’ve seen it’s over 20,000 now. They’re constantly surprised and impressed by how much of a following - and a loyal one at that - this show has garnered.

This goes doubly so for people like Matt and Liam, who grew up as nerdy kids in a time where it wasn’t cool to be nerdy. They’ve both told stories about how much school kinda sucked for them in terms of friendship and popularity. They’re not just playing D&D because it was something G&S thought would do well, but because it’s a part of their childhood and they truly love it.

Now imagine that feeling you get when someone draws fanart of one of your OCs. A character you’ve spent possibly years developing and fleshing out an entire story for, assuming no one but you would ever even care about it. Then a follower or friend is like “Oh I saw your character and thought I’d draw them” and it’s perfect and you love everything about it. Now imagine that happening hundreds of times a week, getting gifts and art and heartfelt stories from people who were inspired by you. You created a character to have fun with and this dedicated base of loyal fans made it more than that. They made it real.

The Vox Machina crew isn’t just grateful, they’re fucking stoked.