vin weber

I think we take the view that social welfare programs–well-intentioned–did not succeed and had some negative consequences. You don’t need to look only at Republicans, look back at the things Senator Moynihan was talking as far back as the 1960s. Look, neither party comes to this debate with a whole lot to brag about in my view. If I’m sort of forced to defend my party, I’m going to be quick to attack the Democrats as a good strategy, but my point would be that neither party, in my view, has dealt very effectively with the problems of the poor for a long time. I’ll start by taking my hat off to the people in the sixties who devised the Great Society because they clearly cared about it and they thought a whole deal about it. I don’t think many people in either party have invested similar amounts of intellectual energy in the problems on the poor since then.

— Former Rep. Vin Weber (R–MN)