vimes da

Make sure to click or download the image to read it properly. 

Request from 001up for a tutorial on how I make a speed paint, which is just basically the start of a painting. Bear in mind for a speedpaint you could also refine that last step a little more add some hard outlines with pen tool if you want to make it look more finished.

I hope the text isn’t hard to read or irritating, tell me if it is and I’ll change it to Arial black or something. Might be some spelling mistakes in there too so point em out if you see them.

I think there’s enough information in there to understand the process, if you find it too vague post some questions and I’ll try and revise the tutorial to make it more clear.

I can’t remember the reference at the moment, it was from a a gallery who had a daily deviation recently so maybe someone else can remind me who it is so I can credit them.