vimeo weekend project


No camera movement, no editing, no external sound, no longer than sixty seconds. It’s a One Minute Challenge.


My second recent entry for the “Vimeo Weekend Project: The Way Things Are

The rules for this project are pretty simple:

  • Video must be a 5x5 (made of five 5-second clips) using only original sound;
  • Video must depict your daily activities or routines

The video was shot with a Fuji Finepix X100 and edited with iMovie ‘11.


Just as I thought I was all done shooting for the Vimeo 1 Minute Weekend Project, I came across this little guy. Even if I don’t win, I’m happy I got to hang out with my new friend. I think I’ll call him Walter.

This heat wave at Vimeo HQ has had us thinking about temperature, and how best to capture that on film. In the rad and inevitable jet-pack future, we might have experiential video viewing rooms that heat up or cool down with the subjects on the screen, but for now we have to rely on visual cues and some filmmaking tricks. This week, we’d like you to try capturing the essence of whatever temperature it is where you are in the world.

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