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Brooklyn 99.

Behind the Scenes + Blooper video. 

Good Omens (THE MUSICAL) Sizzle but it’s only Aziraphale and Crowley (THE HUSBANDS).

Here’s the link to the whole video✨:

brielarsonYou don’t need a fancy camera to tell your story. Get your friends, use a camera phone if you have it, and mess around. We need you. We can’t change this industry without you. Let’s compile a list of free or cheap resources so you can make a film for as little $$$ as possible. I know public libraries sometimes have films you can check out, Apple products come with imovie(that’s how I learned how to edit), tons of websites have royalty free music you can download to score, or have a friend record something live! Dustin and I used household objects to create our score for Weighting(you can watch on Vimeo). Post below other ways you can make a film. Do you know any facilities that let you check out cameras and computers?


this video makes my heart flutter every single time (´♡‿♡`)


Naturally Native (1998) dir. Jennifer Wynne Farmer, Valerie Red-Horse

Three Native American sisters decide to try to sell a line of cosmetics they call Naturally Native, based on old tribal remedies, only to have to fight an uphill battle with racist business people. The film is actually Red-Horse’s comment on her fight with the movie industry to get her films made and this film is the first to be totally financed by an Indian tribe, Connecticut’s Mashantucket tribe. [watch on vimeo]


You Gotta Believe

Awesome video from Nina Paley!

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🎥 Scary Short Films: The Maiden (2016) 🎥

A real estate agent tries to sell a haunted house.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Language: English

Country: USA

Get ready for Halloween with these scary short films! ~enjoy

Sequence | Oct. 23rd
Life in the WET: a frogumentary
Life in the Wet is a documentary film that focused on the unique frog species found in the Wet Tropics world heritage area of North Queensland, Australia. Learn…

We were also able to watch the Melbourne premiere of a Very Cool new documentary about frogs in the wet tropics of Australia by Jack Breedon (@meet_me_underwater Instagram) and Harrison Warne (@harrisonwarnephotography Instagram)

From today it is available for everyone to watch on Vimeo! 🐸
Gumby recommends A+++!!