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I think it's super cool that you chose the theme of bullying for your speech when you were younger (double thumbs up for being awesome)

I was bullied my whole life even now. Like and i dont mean name calling and teasing i mean viloent and manipulative mind game levels if bullying. But then i started kicking the bullys asses and got in so much trouble.

Back in 8th grade i stared identitfying as trans and was open about it. This one girl though wasnt having it. The took photos of me and crudly photoshopped them to be sexual in nature and sent them to people all over the school, she wrote horrible things bout me on the bathroom walls, she constantly harassed me in class and even at one point wrote death threats in my text books.

Then she finally decided to atrack me and i always fight back. Our fight both landed us in one of those scared straight kind of things. When i went there there was alot of very basic looking girls and about 8 female inmates. The inmates asked everyone to state what caused them to get there.
All the girls stated there reasons and they were all “he said she said” situations.

Then they got to me. I told them how the girl harassed me for months until attacking me. And the inmates response was the best thing i evee heard.

The biggest most butch inmate looked at all the girls and said “ Everyone of youre reasons for being in here is fucking pathetic. There is only one person in here who had the right to fight and thatwas him,” and she pointed to me.

She was nice to me that whole event, all the inmates were. This woman was like jasper in alot of ways.

She warned me about prison and she even gave me alot of information about trans help.

That is why i always fight for what i think is right because i know i nevee start fights for no reason. She is the reason i love jasper because i see jasper in her.

Honestly i had a bigger point here but i forgot what is was.

But yeah i hate bullys


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