In my Drive, this one is called “The One with Fantasy Cornhole.”

@villnis​ has been having kind of a shitty time these last few weeks, so I decided that I wanted to write a little something to help them feel better! Which meant writing the whole pile of idiots getting tipsy and putting way too much stake on a carnival game, I guess. And as usual, I started this like four days ago and only just finished WHOOPS. Anyway, I hope you like it Muffin, even as just something silly to pass the time. <3 

About 1,100 words, in some AU where both Tara and Rona are around at the same time and everyone has moved past the awkward ‘getting to know everyone’ stage.

Val’s hand hit Ianry’s shoulder just as he was lining up his shot.

“We’re counting on you, mate,” she said, her voice low and suddenly very grave. She leaned down, her hand becoming a heavy arm across his shoulders as she stooped down to eye level with him and squinted. “Aim higher than the top of the target. That’s always what I was told when they put me on gun crew.”

“Not for this,” Sarula interrupted, appearing on his elbow and sticking her arm out like a level, “You need to aim just over the middle! Anything else will be way too high.”

“You’ll have to think about power, too,” said Tara, folding her arms over her chest. “You don’t want it falling short. That’d be embarrassing.”

“He could use a levitation spell,” Amon mused from his shoulder, in a tone that had the sound of a much older man tugging ponderously at his beard.

“Oh yeah, use a levitation spell.” Rona’s voice broke in with a sarcastic drawl from somewhere around Val’s hip. “That wouldn’t be cheating at all!”

Ianry let out a long-suffering sigh and straightened, shoving Val’s arm off of his shoulders and turning around to sear the entire group with his glaring.

“Guys,” he said tightly, “Please. Shut the fuck up.”

They did, mercifully, and took a few steps back for good measure. Behind him, he heard Sarula huff and mutter, “That was so rude,” in a whisper that he was pretty sure was supposed to have been much quieter.

“Don’t take it too hard,” Val whispered back, just as loud. “Probably our fault for breaking out the scorpion whiskey.”

Ianry snorted, but ignored the slight against him as he turned back to the target board propped against a tree a few yards away. The vision swam slightly as he moved, and he swore under his breath. They had been careful to only add a splash of the whiskey to each of their ciders, but it may still have been a bad idea to even sniff the stuff before trying their hands at the game stalls.

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villnis  asked:

10 with Ianry and Val!

I still think that for a prompt that was ‘not ambush hug,’ this one ended up being a little less sincere and a little more ridiculous. That’s Val’s style though, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Another long one this time, about 2400 words. From this meme here, featuring @villnis‘ Ianry, who I love like my own son.

“Wasn’t Amon on watch tonight?”

Val looked up suddenly from her absent prodding of the fire and found Ianry’s head poking out of his tent, his eyes squinting blearily at her over the light of the flames.

“He was,” she replied with a little half-shrug. “But I sent him back to bed. Might as well let him sleep since I can’t seem to.”

She made a little gesture down to her stomach, where the tightness of a bandage still pulled at her, and Ianry hummed with understanding. They had all taken a bit of a beating in their latest scrap, but some - she, Ianry and Sarula in particular - still had lingering wounds even three days later. Sleeping on cold, rocky ground had only seemed to aggravate them.

“Your shoulder keeping you up too?” she asked as Ianry pushed the rest of the way out the tent. He shot her a strangely haggard look, then huffed and returned to tugging his boots the rest of the way on.

“Among other things.”

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t bother trying to press him for an explanation. Too often, questions that hedged on personal were regarded by Ianry with a folding of his arms, and a stern, “I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

It usually wasn’t, fairly, but that didn’t make the habit any easier to deal with.

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So here’s a thing. Back when @villnis was sending me prompts from this meme, they sent so many that they literally got blocked from sending more. So a few of said prompts got sent over Discord, including this one, which involves @phoenix-failing‘s incredibly Cavvery and Val with the prompt of ‘pinky promise’.

Now I’ve never written Cav before, and I only know so much, but I hope she ended up okay here! I was afraid that if I didn’t post this, I’d get caught up in the nitty gritty and it would NEVER get done. so here’s hoping it came out okay!

1500 words this time, set in a made up scenario that we have not and probably will never actually have to deal with in the campaign.

Cavvery had raged against this plan.

Splitting the group was suicide enough to her mind, but these idiots had decided to cement themselves in Death’s good graces by separating her and Bren. And they must have been rubbing off on him too, because he had the nerve to agree.

Yes, they would move quieter as two smaller groups. Yes, they had done their best to split their strengths evenly across both. Yes, Bren would be traveling with the half that had plate armor and a shield and a willingness to take the big hits.

No, she still did not have to like it.

She had made everyone very aware of this fact too, with a daggered silence that had quashed even Ianry’s chatter, and a glare that should have rightly set the whole camp on fire. Only Bren seemed immune to it, trying every so often to make conversation, failing when she cut him off in a few short, angry words.

He never stopped trying though, so Cavvery turned immediately from her rummaging when she heard boots crunching closer, fire and daggers all ready.

“I don’t want to hear - ”

She broke off when she found herself staring up not at Bren, but at two yellow eyes glinting in the dark.

“Don’t worry, I’ll only be a minute,” Val said, with a faint and lopsided little smile. Cavvery frowned, but didn’t object as she turned away. Val could talk if she wanted. It wouldn’t change a damn thing.

The tiefling apparently took her silence to mean as much, because after a moment, she carefully picked her way over to where Cavvery had returned to hunching over her pack. She could feel Val’s eyes watching as its contents were stowed - potions and poultices, bandages, alchemical solutions, a few vials of the tincture to keep their less flattering sides at bay.

“I know you’re worried about him,” she said at last. Cavvery made very sure to make the stutter of her hands look like she just missed a pocket. She still didn’t look up.

“Hell,” Val went on, with a short, humorless laugh. “I feel like I haven’t stopped worrying since we met you two at Kay’s party. I can only imagine what you’ve been dealing with all these years.”

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villnis replied to your photoLOOK, I’M P SURE MOST OF OUR PARTY HAD ABANDONMENT…

this is like way way down the line but I’d honestly kill for Aly to return for a cameo one day it would be SO GOOD ????

Cue the rest of the party just standing around awkwardly as Val, Amon and Sarula all crowd around this half-elf who is clearly not ready for the attention they are about to receive. Cue Ianry having to deal with being around Aly for any length of time. Cue Aly being like, “what the fuck did you replace me with???”

Nothing can possibly go wrong here.