With everyone getting geared up for New Jersey Super cross this weekend, I wanted to share some footage of when the Super cross show last showed up in New Jersey. I remember Doogie and I went to watch with Norm Chatigny fro Fairway Cycle.  I remember Bayle won on a Honda. Crazy how Honda was so dominant then and how many Ktm wasn’t so much. I believe its Mike Fisher on the KTM here in 1991, who now is Kawasaki/Villipoto race team manager, I think. Anyway, everyone have fun and be careful. I will be home sitting on the couch with a beverage pointing my laser pointer at the T.V……….:)  Hoping to see some good racing…my prediction Villipoto, Stewart, Dungey. What yours………. (video mentions privateer, Mike Brown about 10;00 mark…)

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