villiers maturin

I can dream, in my heart and in my mind...

Ever since I first discovered the Aubreyad I’ve had a longing hope in my heart that maybe one night I’ll fall fast asleep and wake up in the Aubreyad and go on a lifetime adventure aboard the Surprise with Jack and Stephen and meet all the crew and familiar faces, like Sophie and Diana and Killick.

Not really going to happen though, is it? I’m going to be forever stuck in this boring world where I don’t belong.

But I can dream, in my heart and in my mind...

The words ‘Very finely played, sir, I believe’ were formed in his gullet if not in his mouth when he caught the cold and indeed inimical look and heard the whisper, 'If you really must beat the measure, sir, let me entreat you to do so in time, and not half a beat ahead.
—  Patrick O'Brian, Master and Commander
I'm sorry...

Again, I feel the need to post something seeing as I’ve been pretty inactive for quite a while now apart from a few updates here and there. And I think my followers (yep, you!) need more than that.

So I just want to say I'm sorry. I’ve had 20 million different things happening at the moment in my life. And Tumblr wasn’t a priority.

But now I want it to be as I still see little notices from Tumblr in my email that people are still following me, (and yes I do follow back everyone who follows me!). Currently I’m on the brink of 50 followers! Whoa, yeah. Where the heck did all you eager little midshipmen come from!? Thanks for being followers and liking my weird Aubreyad blog! But back to the topic..every time I see that someone new is following me, I feel a little twinge of guilt because I’m not updating my blog.

So, I’m actually going to change that and start updating with more Aubreyad stuff in the next week. 

Anyway, I think that’s all that needs to be said for now. And don’t forget - I love you Aubreyad people. Without you all here on Tumblr I would have no happiness because I wouldn’t have anyone to share my love of Jack Aubrey with!

I mean that! Absolutely nobody else I know likes the novels or even the film!

Anyway, that’s all. Have a wonderful day/night :)

Lots of love
Villiers-Maturin :)

A great big "Huzzah!"

Thank you so much everyone I have finally reached 50 followers, (thanks to Amiablydebauchedsloth who is my 50th follower, huzzah!).

Like I often say when I reach a follower milestone, I kind of find it hard to believe how many followers I actually have now. 50! Far too surreal for my liking, ha!

I have definitely been motivated by this milestone to start posting again frequently! Huzzah for the Surprise! Huzzah for Jack Aubrey!