Day 20 2017-06-11 Bar Le Duc

Sorry but I don’t remember the town but it wasn’t too far from Villey. I thought this church looked lovely


Phantom Las Vegas Finale Cards master post [1 of 5]

These are the cover designs of the farewell cards I made for the Phantom Las Vegas company - each featured the performer (when enough reference material of them could be found. If not, I used an existing character design of my own) in a costume they wore as part of their track. Each card was hand signed with a note especially written to them.

1) Amelia Abrahams
2) Andrew Ragone
3) Anthony Crivello
4) Arsenia Soto
5) Benjamin Hale
6) Brianne Kelly Morgan
7) Bruce Ewing
8) Courtney Combs
9) Danielle White
10) Deana Villei

Day 20 2017-06-11 Bar Le Duc

This was taken while I ate breakfast at Villey Le sec. I think it is lavender but not sure. I couldn’t smell as my noise was congested. Not sure why. I have been seeing these flowers all over the place. I love the colour

Day 19 2017-06-10 Villey Le Sec

Up at 6 and on the road by 7:15. It didn’t rain last night but the tent fly was wet due to dew and my condensation Packed it up anyway and hit the road in search of food. Good thing is that all my devices are fully charged as I had power. I wrapped my battery pack in a large freezer bag so it could charge over night. Besides no food or wifi my bike seat got ripped apart yesterday. I had leaned my bike up against a tree to set up my tent. Except for the tent it was still loaded. It slipped sideways and my seat was dragged across the tree bark. It looks bad and I will throw it out when I pact up my bike but it still worked well today. This is good as I had trouble finding a store or bakery so there is now way I will find a bike shop.
I followed the canal for most of the day. It was cool out until about 9:30 when the sun decided to come out. I had to pull off my layers and apply sun screen which was a nice change. There was no rain today and the rest of the day has been warm and sunny
I didn’t find something to eat until 11:45! I had toured about three little town enroute without luck so gave up on that idea, even with the bigger towns. Coming into one town I saw a sign for a McDonalds. Yes I was desperate as I had been cycling or peddling for 3 hours and put on 48km. I couldn’t find the McDonalds but did see someone walking with a grocery bag. So I headed down the direction he came from and voila, a store.
I bought a litre of shelf chocolate milk (they only have shelf milk) a peach, two apples, three bananas, cheese, ham, hamburger buns (they were cheaper and easier than French bread) Greek yogurt and more granola. I had a banana first while I started the chocolate milk. It wasn’t that bad but being extremely hungry it could have been off and I still would have drank it. Made two cheese and ham sandwiches and ate one. The other I saved for lunch with the peach.
So I was fed and only had about 20km to go. Other good news was that I started to go down hill as the locks were now working in the opposite direction. Found the camp site as I could see it on the other side of the cannel. Had to go past by about 1 km to get to a bridge and then back to camp.
The sun is out, my tent is setup and dried out. I had my lunch. The peach was excellent. Wish I had brought two. Had a shower and the sun is now charging my phone. I am cool as they have a picnic table under a little covered pergola. They also have a restaurant here at this camp. They have wifi, but only at the reception and it is 1 Euro/hour. Will try that latter. So I pretty much have three of three this afternoon. Wifi and power not convenient but they are here.
Had a pretty good meal and three scoops of ice cream for dessert. Much different from last night