Paris – The City of Light, La Ville-Lumiere

Prague – The City of Hundred Spires

New York – The Big Apple

Las Vegas – Sin City

Chicago – The Windy City

Vancouver – The Big Smoke

Montreal – La Belle Ville

Los Angeles – The City of Angels

New Orleans – The Big Easy

Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love

Venice – La Serenissima

Vienna – The Imperial City

London – The Square Mile

Detroit – Motor City

Miami – The Magic City

Petra – The Rose Red City

Pittsburg – Iron City

Rome – The Eternal City

Seattle – The Emerald City

Florence – The City of Lilies

Barcelona – The City of Counts

Toronto – Queen City

Jerusalem – The Holy City

Boston – The Hub

San Francisco – Frisco

Geneva – The Peace Capital

Rio de Janeiro – Marvelous City

Singapore – The Lion City

Milano – Fashion Capital of the World

Buenos Aires – Paris of the Americas

Melbourne – City by the Bay

Sydney – The Harbour City

Sao Paulo – Brazil’s Locomotive



SPOTTED: your favorite upper east siders, ready for the infamous constance billard-st. jude’s senior year abroad. the schools pride themselves on their students’ ability to adapt to various cultures, and what better way to prove it then by sending them across the ocean for a year. of course, after the whirlwind year preceding this trip, one can only imagine the kind of trouble these elites will stir up– especially when faced with students just as spoiled and cruel as themselves. someone start the popcorn. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL

LA VILLE LUMIERE is a rp based upon the CW show, Gossip Girl. It takes place directly following the summer after season 1, set on a year abroad in the city of lights itself, PARIS, FRANCE and will feature both CANON and ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. Our main will be going live within the month of October, but if you would like to be put on the SNEAK PEAK LIST and receive early access to character bios, plot and event details, and more, simply reblog one of our PROMO POSTS. We’ll see you soon!