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I found and solved the codes! "She is supposed to be heartless like me" and "I will surpass him" Oooooh Bette being even more evil than her dad. I'm excited! Also: "He stole from me. I owe him nothing." Is she talking about her eye? :o

Knowing her, she will continue her insolence despite being caught.”

“Thanks for opening your big mouth, moron.”

Me: *Trying to sleep at 3 am*

My last brain cell: Hey what if we drew Black Hat like Drake and referenced Hotline Bling

Me: What


In animation, smearing between one frame and another is a trick to achieve a motion blur effect. I’m still learning how, when, and where it’s appropriate to use these, but here’s what I learned from studying smears in #Villanos. Also they’re my new favorite thing to draw!

Check out my Villanos parody animation if you haven’t seen it: