I’ve drawn Bizarro for two other projects and I’ve always avoided drawing him from the front - relying on the gag of having him face the wrong way for his portrait. I figured it was time to do at least one face-front.

And then a Mxyztplk because he is absolutely my favorite.

No.75 of 75: Mister Mxyzptlk

And that’s it, that’s all seventy-five Villains of Steel! If you couldn’t identify some of them, here’s a handy spotter’s guide:

No.1 Mister Mxyztplk: Mischievous imp from the Fifth Dimension, not to be confused with Mister Mxyzptlk … or is he?

No.2 Doomsday: Ancient Kryptonian monster who once killed Superman.

No.3 Atomic Skull: Dr.Albert Michaels, leader of the terrorist organization SKULL

No.4 Sleez: Official pornographer to the Apokaliptan God of Evil.

No.5 Funnyface: Twisted cartoonist who is capable of bringing newspaper drawings to life!

No.6 Bizarro: Superman’s often-tragic imperfect duplicate.

No.7 Silver Banshee: Siobhan MacDougal, undead opponent who can kill with her voice.

No.8 Solaris: The Tyrant Sun of the 853rd Century

No.9 Cyborg Superman: Part-clone, part mechanical menace

No.10 Lex Luthor: Superman’s nemesis (portrayed here as he appeared in Superman:The Movie)

No.11 Titano: The Super-Ape with Kryptonite Eyes.

No.12 Icy Harris, the Pernicious Parasite: An isotope thief who gains the ability to sap the strength from others, including Superman (as he appeared  in the 1967 Filmation Superman cartoon)

No.13 Livewire: Radio shock jock turned literal shock jock.

No.14 Composite Superman: A lowly janitor granted all the powers of Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes by a weird accident.

No.15 Brainiac: Superman’s self-described greatest enemy, thief of Kandor (as he appeared briefly during the 1980s and in the Super Powers cartoon)

No.16 The Master Jailer: Carl “Moosie” Draper, trap designer with a long-simmering hatred of Superman.

No.17 Terra-Man: Two-gun owlhoot who employs advanced alien technology  disguised as 19th century cowboy weapons.

No.18 J.Wilbur Wolfingham: Con man extraordinaire whose scams are often exposed by Superman

No.19 Xa-Du: An escapee of The Phantom Zone who menaces Superman with the aid of his ethereal Ecto-Suit.

No.20 Conduit: Kenny Braverman, one-time friend of Clark Kent turned deadly enemy.

No.21 Zha-Vam: Agent of the Olympian Gods whose magic belt makes him more powerful than Superman!

No.22 The Phantom Zone Villains: Zod, Non and Ursa (as they appeared in the film Superman II)

No.23 Bloodsport: Heavily-armed gunman who can teleport weapons from a limitless armory.

No.24 The Galactic Golem: Mindless monster created by Lex Luthor out of pure cosmic energy.

No.25 Nick O’Teen: Perfidious purveyor of puffable poison (as seen in anti-smoking PSAs featuring Superman)

No.26 The Gargoyle: Twisted, vicious and deadly master of explosives who harasses the golden age Superman 

No.27 Max Mencken and Dr.Abner Sedgwick: A gossip columnist and would-be suitor of Lois Lane and his partner, a brilliant ten-time Nobel Prize loser, as portrayed by Jack Cassiday and Michael O'Sullivan in the Broadway Musical “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman”

No.28 Tempus, gun-toting dilettante from a boring Utopian future who abducts H.G.Wells and calls Lois Lane a dummy, as portrayed by Lane Davies on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

No.29: The Spider Lady: Head of a secret syndicate, as portrayed by Carol Forman in the original Superman movie serial

No.30: The Negative Superman, a reversed duplicate of the Man of Steel, dedicated to evil

No.31: Vera Webster/Ultimate Computer, sister of the scheming Ross Webster and human host for a world-conquering machine invented by Gus Gorman (as portrayed by Annie Ross in Superman III)

No.32: Ultraman, Superman’s opposite number from the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3

No.33 Maxima, Queen of Almerac and would'be lover of Superman

No.34: Black Zero, the man who destroyed Krypton!

No.35: The Blaze, mad arsonist who menaced Superman in the pages of the Sunday newspaper strips of the Forties

No.36: Nuclear Man, Lex Luthor’s atomic doppelganger of Superman, as portrayed by Mark Pillow in Superman IV:The Quest for Peace

No.37: The Ultra-Humanite, Superman’s first foe

No.38: He’s Blackrock … and you’re not!

No.39: Faora, henchwoman of General Zod, as portrayed by Antje Traue in Man of Steel

No.40 Psi-Phon and Dreadnought, power-deadening and power-duplicating ‘alien’ enemies of Superman

No.41: Muto, enemy of the Superman of 2965

No.42: Metallo, John Corben, the Man  with the Kryptonite Heart

No.43: Oswald Loomis, the dreaded Prankster

No.44: Poor Ferlin Nyxly, pictured here with wish-granting “Devil’s Harp”

No.45: The second Toyman, Jack Nimball, as he appeared on The Super Friends

No.46: Jax-Ur, destroyer of Wegthor and Phantom Zone villain, pictured here with Jewel Kryptonite

No.47: Mongul, ruler of Warworld, pictured here with Black Mercy

No.48: Satanis (not to be confused with Satanus), who once warred over Superman’s invulnerable frame with his wife, Syrene

No.49: Thunder and Lightning, artificial henchmen/man of the criminal Whirlicane 

No.50 The Kryptonite Kid, pictured here with Kryptonite Bulldog

No.51: Mandrakk the Dark Monitor, vampiric super-being from Superman’s final crisis…

No.52: Towbee, the intergalactic space minstrel and possibly the most annoying character in comic book history

No.53: Simyan and Mokkari, agents of Darkseid and foremen of the Evil Factory, pictured here with Four-Armed Terror

No.54: Amalak, the Kryptonian Killer

No.55: Superboy-Prime, The Kal-El of our Earth, gone terribly wrong

No.56: The Legion of Super-Villains - Cosmic King, Lightning Lord and Saturn Queen

No.57: Null and Void, retired super-villains back for another go-round

No.58: The Sand Superman of Quarrm, alien lifeform who stole Superman’s powers

No.59: Captain Thunder, Hero of another world whose journey between dimensions made him an enemy of Superman’s

No.60: Super-Menace, identical space-clone of Superman who was raised by criminals

No.61: Electro, the lumino-sapien menace

No.62: The Puzzler, brilliant but brutal strategic genius

No.63: Dragorin and Lupek, champions of Transilvane

No.64: The Mechanical Monsters who menaced Metropolis in the Fleisched shorts of the 1940s

No.65: Volcana, hot-tempered villain of the Superman Animated Series

No.66: Aarbur-Z, a criminal costume from space

No.67: NRG-X, a man trapped in a destructive robot body

No.68: The Annihilator and son, an Iron Curtain scientific genius who grants himself the powers of an army, but loses them to his adopted hoodlum son

No.69: It, a playful and destructive alien entity 

No.70: Cybron, future despot who appeared in the 1988/1989 Superman cartoons by Ruby-Spears

No.71: The Dreamer, a con-man disguised as a psychic from the Adventures of Superman television show of the Fifties.

No.72: The Persuader, axe-wielding member of the Fatal Five, as portrayed on Smallville

No.73: Atom Man, a radio serial villain with liquid Kryptonite for blood who almost succeeds in killing the Man of Steel

No.74: Darkseid, God of All Evil, Seeker of Anti-Life, enjoys a good couch

No.75 Mister Mxyzptlk: Mischievous imp from the Fifth Dimension, not to be confused with Mister Mxyztplk … or is he?