villains with googly eyes

miji-chan  asked:

What's Uraraka Ochako's role in your AU's? I'm curious. Is she Deku's best friend in your healer + ultra au, is she a potential love interest or hostage/way-to-save-Deku in your villain au? We all know you love Bakudeku and Tododeku, but what do you think of Izuocha?

Ah let’s see, i really don’t ship Izuocha. i know it is sort of canon and she is really is an amazing character. (there are thing that i actually relate to her on a personal level) however i don’t like the fact that she serves as love interest, i think it would have been great if she was just a friend 

anyway in healer plus ultra au she is deku’s best friend. (they would take pictures of cute animals and send them to each other :D)

but in The Hero lover, our girl Uraraka plays the role of a student hero detective!!!!! she knows that something happened between bakugou and this “hero lover” in the past, (and it’s not like bakugou is going to tell anyone about it) she’s going to find out how the hero lover came into existence and figure out a way to stop his rampage. she’s also trying to figure out why one of her silent classmate is making googly eyes at the villain