villains revisited

Continuing along in our theme of revisiting villainous characters I designed about ten or more years ago.  This guy was actually supposed to be the primary antagonist of von Zehn going all the way back to 2000 (!) when I started thinking about that comic, making this one of the oldest original characters of mine that I still draw… up there with the black-haired woman in the catsuit and the guy in the beret (though they did not have the catsuit or the beret back then). 

Yes, seventeen long years of turning this over and over in my head.  Oddly enough the more time goes by the more I am incentivized not to work on it, as the passage of years demonstrates earlier material to be more and more ludicrous, and so for most of my life (as it is, now, most of my life) any time I’ve thought of undertaking a serious project I’ve needed only to look back three or four years (or less) and then realize that a few short years from now whatever I think is a good idea now will be seen to be deserving of ridicule.  Sometimes I think it would be funny to post some drawings of this stuff from back then.  But then I look at those drawings.  And that critical step is why you have never seen them.

Why haven’t I abandoned this in favor of other projects?

Because I have been interested, broadly, in the same kinds of things for essentially my entire life and these characters are kind of a catch-all for most of that.  They sort of evolve as my interests evolve/expand/contract around the core desire to draw guns, military uniforms, and nice looking women.

So, I dunno.

I don’t recommend that you get too spooled up in worrying about whether your future self will approve of your current self’s creative endeavors.  It is crippling.