villains gone bad

I hate how the fandom makes Ushijima out to be absolutely obessed with Oikawa. He’s not. He couldn’t give two shits about what Oikawa is doing, he just respects that he’s a good player, and thinks he should’ve done more with his talent. Y'all act like he owns an Oikawa shrine in canon and mentions his existence at every chance he gets. If anything, Ushijima is more interested in Hinata, than anyone else.

On the subject of fics I want - I want a Steter fic that is reverse!verse. So Scott had a pack but he got into a relationship with Allison and he didn’t realise she was a hunter until it was too late and Kate burnt Scott’s pack to the ground. Allison didn’t know, she thought Kate was just going to talk, she was only young, barely a kid, she didn’t know Kate was going to kill them.

And six years later Peter drags his nephew into the woods because he’d heard from his sister that there was a dead body in the woods and they don’t expect to find the giant wolf with red eyes there…

So it turns out the wolf totally isn’t a wolf, he’s actually a really nice guy with puppy dog eyes that is just trying to find out what killed a deer and left it stabbed to an oak trunk, spread open like a sacrifice with its blood trailing out in a spiral and Peter knows what that means - revenge.

So then it’s all Talia as an alpha trying to keep Derek and Cora and Peter and Laura from poking into the strange alpha’s business, and there is a comatose emissary with burn marks in the hospital, a hunter who may or may not be in love with a wolf, a banshee who keeps finding sacrificial bodies and a sociopathic aunt who is trying to kill the Hale family like she killed the McCall pack years before.


Rob Regis - Analog Nostalgia (Feat. Bub Styles & Rugodzilla)

Villains Gone Bad’s Bub Styles drops a few bars on this dope collab.


Speaking of our Villains Family 

Villains Gone Bad’s Hannibal King dropped visuals for his title single from his Flowers For Pamela collaboration album.

Check it out.