villains for halloween

So, in case you haven’t seen what Tokyo Disney is doing for halloween

Here’s the basics. The big villains of the disney movies have invited mickey and the crew to join them for halloween. Meanwhile, the villains have sent out ‘recruiters’ to get the guests to join the villain’s side!

Here are the recruiters, because they’re amazing and already are amassing a fanbase (plus I want to draw them). I’ve only got a few of their names, so I wrote the ones I knew.

Eight Foot Joe (Ursula): 

Apple Poison (Evil Queen): 

Jack of Hearts (Queen of Hearts):

(Cruella DeVille):

Malefi (Maleficent):

Veil (Frollo):


(Captain Hook): 



If y’all know any of the names I don’t, please put them!

Halloween headcanons

-You know people dress up like their favorite villains and the cops have the worst time with it.

-There was one Halloween where Query and Echo got away by walking with a group of people with riddler themed costumes. They took selfies with the group, and Eddie printed them out and hung them on his cell wall in Arkham.

-A lot of villains will take pictures with people dressed up like them really accurately or in a clever way. Two face’s favorite was the year he found a couple dressed up like him. The wife was the two face side, the husband was the Harvey Dent side and the baby was a quarter.

-Despite the mad hatter, there are still tons of Alices on halloween. He handles it very poorly, and almost every Halloween up to date has ended with Jervis in tears.

-I’m like 95% sure that scarecrow goes out on Halloween and compliments everyone wearing a scarecrow costume. (Wilst also creating mass fear and panic but you know how it be) If it’s children he might even give them candy. The candy was probably coated in fear toxin but it’s fine.

-Harley and Ivy are the most popular couples costume. Harley loves it, and Ivy deals.

-Most Halloween stores won’t sell certain costumes, so most of them are hand made. ( I just want to be a penguin ok? Just the little black and white bird that that jerk ruined.)

-A lot of the villains use halloween to stock up on their supplies. Face paint, strange colored suits, spandex, masks. You think you can find them year round? Not for a reasonable price.

-Batman hates Halloween. The abundance of villain costumes makes his job hard, and whenever people dress up like him they end up getting hurt. (Normally because they do something stupid like jumping off a building) But even he has to admit that when it’s really little kids dressed up like Batman and it’s obvious they look up to him it makes him proud.