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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

This moment legitimately got me.

Usually, it’s the little lines that somehow slipped into the script that really land.

Shag ‘n’ Scoob are tied up, under mysterious circumstances.

Big reveal – they’re sitting on a massive pile of fireworks.

Shaggy: “Don’t you know it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks and wreck a storeroom?!”

Masked bad guy, matter-of-factly, and with an air of boredom:

“We will build a new storeroom!”

*slams door, leaves*

I love this guy. He deserves his own spin-off show.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I feel like the argument stemmed from Black Hat being meaner than usual towards Flug because he’s frustrated at himself trying to understand his affectionate feelings, and Flug finally blows up about it)


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

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PTA mom Black Hat

The only logical continuation of yoga mom blackhat tbh

  • Honestly most of the teachers at these meetings actually appreciate him. These conferences are almost always controlled by the elite “alpha parent squad,” so BH really shakes up the meetings
  • he says the shit that everyone wants to say but is too scared to. And he says it without any sort of filter.
  • “really Helen? You really want to be put in charge of the bake sale? I’m sorry, which one of us owns a multimillion dollar company again? I you’d agree that between the two of us I have a bit more experience in how to actually make a fucking profit?”
  • “You seriously want to reduce the art department’s funding. It’s useless? I have a kid in the fucking art program, you really think tha– we need to make cuts? Oh I know something of yours we can cut off–”
  • “For fuck’s sake John! We don’t need to REDO THE FOOTBALL FIELD AGAIN!!!”
  • “Kathleen shut the hell up about your ‘sweet, angelic son’ being given detention. The teacher was just doing his job; it’s not Mr. Donnigan’s fault that Billy can’t stop talking about being a student athlete.”
  • “Yes Harold, I heard what you fucking said. And I say we vote on how many people here think it was stupid!
  • “Caty the dress code is biased and you fucking know it. If I hear one more thing about a bra strap I’m going to shoot myself in the foot.”
  • “Helen I don’t care how good you say your lemon bars are; kids like chocolate. Have you ever eaten an actually good dessert in your life.”
  • “Paul shut up about veganism for one fucking second
  • “what do you mean we can’t call them slutty brownies no fuck that. they gotta be labeled accordingly, it’s a branding thing.”
  • BH: //inhales: “h̢̖͙́̀͋ ̜̝̱͊̿̍e̟̜̠̊͊͝ ͖̰̰̾̓̚l͙̬̺̋̚̚ ̛̼̘̱̃̔ȇ̼̘͙͊͝ ̦̮̥͂́̓ǹ̼̠͚̋̕

Let’s be real; he’d get kicked out at the first meeting and then get begged by his yoga mom squad/the rest of the teachers to come back. He’d show up to every single one after that out of spite, eliminate Helen, rig the election for next year, and become the new head of the PTA

Writer Ask Game
  • 1 : What age-group do you write?
  • 2 : What genre do you write?
  • 3 : Do you outline according to big ideas or small details?
  • 4 : Which do you prefer--line-editing or plot-revisions?
  • 5 : Do you write better with or without deadlines?
  • 6 : What would be the biggest compliment you could hope to receive on your current WIP?
  • 7 : How long is your current WIP?
  • 8 : What author would you be most excited to be compared to?
  • 9 : What do you struggle most with as a writer?
  • 10 : Do you brain-storm story ideas alone or with others?
  • 11 : Do you base your characters off of real people?
  • 12 : Is your writing space clean or cluttered?
  • 13 : Do you write character-driven or plot-driven stories?
  • 14 : Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?
  • 15 : If you transport your original characters into another author’s world, which world would you choose?
  • 16 : Would your story work better as a movie or tv show? Why?
  • 17 : Do you make soundtracks for each story?
  • 18 : If you could assign your story one song, what would it be?
  • 19 : Would you rather live in your characters’ world, or have your characters come live in our world?
  • 20 : What book would you love to see adapted for the big or small screen?
  • 21 : Do you finish most of the stories you start?
  • 22 : Has your own writing ever made you cry?
  • 23 : Are you proud or anxious to show off your writing?
  • 24 : When did you start considering yourself a writer?
  • 25 : What books are must-reads in your genre?
  • 26 : What would you like to see more of in your genre?
  • 27 : Where do you get inspiration from?
  • 28 : On a scale of 1-10, how much do you stress about choosing character names?
  • 29 : Do you tend to underwrite or overwrite in a first draft?
  • 30 : Does writing calm you down or stress you out?
  • 31 : What trope do you actually like?
  • 32 : Do you give your side-characters extensive backstories?
  • 33 : Do you flesh-out characters before you write, or let their personalities develop over time?
  • 34 : Describe your old writing in one word.
  • 35 : Is it more fun to write villains or heroes?
  • 36 : Do you write with a black and white sense of morality?
  • 37 : What’s one piece of advice you would give to new writers?
  • 38 : What’s one piece of writing advice you try--but fail--to follow?
  • 39 : How important is positive reinforcement to you as a writer?
  • 40 : What would you ask your favorite author if given one question?
  • 41 : Do you find it distracting to read while you’re writing a first draft?
  • 42 : Do critiques motivate or discourage you?
  • 43 : Do you tend to write protagonists like yourself or unlike yourself?
  • 44 : How do you decide what story idea to work on?
  • 45 : Do you find it harder or easier to write when you’re stressed out?
  • 46 : What Hogwarts house would your protagonist(s) be in?
  • 47 : Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?
  • 48 : Would you ever co-write?
  • 49 : Are you a fast and rushed writer or a slow and deliberate writer?
  • 50 : Would you rather be remembered for your fantastic world-building or your lifelike characters?

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what if everyone in class 1-a got hit with a quirk that nullifies other quirks and they're all freaking out and Izuku's sort of just

i’m sorry dude i can’t stop laughing at the way you phrased it. he sort of just. yeah. 

  • everyone: no! my quirk! oh no, how will i fight? how can i do things? this isn’t like aizawa-sensei’s quirk!
  • deku: [looks into the camera like he’s on the office]
    • they’re all trained in hand to hand but they’re shaken up at having their powers taken away. they aren’t used to it so it screws with their fighting ability
    • deku on the other hand? no problem, binch. he’s only had a quirk for six months. compared to 15 years of No Quirk Experience that’s nothing
  • bakugou is both ?!?!?! at not having his blasy mcsplosions and !!!!!! because wow this is fucking terrifying i feel vulnerable as shit is this how that nerd has felt the whole time oh my g o d
  • todoroki has to deal with Temperature for the first time and needless to say he can’t handle it
    • not being able to thermoregulate is. horrible. 0/10 would not recommend
  • yaoyorozu can’t create weapons and is worried, jirou can’t use her sound waves, kaminari has no lightning, kirishima is vulnerable and more scared than he wants to be, sero has normal elbows and it’s Uncomfortable
  • the real q is do tokoyami and tsuyu no longer have animal faces or??
  • i’m gonna assume this is a villain attack of some sort bc that’ll make it more fun. bear with me
    • the villain’s like “MWAHAHAHA YOU’RE ALL POWERLESS” and deku just walks up and fucking decks him
      • “do me a favor” [punch] “and shut the fuck up” [punch] “you goddamn tool” [half-hearted kick]
      • the villain is ?? but class 1-A is more ?????????????
      • like? is this really midoriya izuku, aka Nice Kid McNiceFace??
      • i mean like yeah he’s ripped and all but this is brutal, dude
  • the villain isn’t that strong aside from his ridiculous quirk so he just kinda runs away while yelling that it’ll wear off in like fifteen more minutes
    • the kids just. wait. awkwardly.
    • deku goes to recovery girl 
      • he’s not injured at all he just has a Huge Fucking Headache
      • plus he’s embarrassed that he acted so brashly in front of his classmates ksdafjkladsfj
        • when they meet up again, everyone’s all over him for being a badass and asking how he kept calm without a quirk (he comes up w/ some bs philosophical response)
        • later on in private bakugou quietly tells him that he was cool  for a nerd 
        • deku is happy but also. concerned bc now almost everyone’s scared of fighting him in hand-to-hand training kadsjflsjf
BNHA Shipping Prompt;

(Though could also be none shipping if you want…)

One of them fall victim to a villain with a ‘mind wipe’/‘memory loss’ quirk during what should have been a simple job.
Due to this the villain escapes and no one even knows what they were up to, why or what they look like.
The effects last longer than expected (eg three days rather than a few hours) but at least they remember their name, family and basic functions, however, they have no memory of their time at UA….or anyone they met there.

The only ‘redemption’ I’d ever want for Daniel is for him to have to do an infinite number of community service hours and be forced to work back at the camp with David and be annoyed the entire time because he actually really hates children and they make his life hell because he’d deserve it.

worm61  asked:

Why do you play so many assholes when you're such a non-asshole?

Two part answer: 

1) It’s just my type, for some reason. Every actor has a type that we play very well, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly who we are when we’re not working. Most of the villains you’ve ever seen and loved were played by kind, gentle, sweet people.  As it turns out, my type is “the guy you don’t quite trust but really want to” or “the guy you love to hate”.

2) It’s really kind of fun to play a character who is totally unlike who I am, because I get to put myself into someone else’s headspace for a while. Everyone is the hero of their own story, including the villains, so it’s more fun to figure out why this person is justified (from his point of view) doing all these lousy things.

Bellatrix is offline

((Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions. There were a few I didn’t have the chance to answer so i’ll get to them the next time i’m on as Bella which will probably be soon because I had an absolute blast))


((I had the Mamma Mia soundtrack playing in the background so this sort of tomfoolery ended up happening a lot))