villains and butterflies

Toffee is a badass Disney villan

I knew I liked this show. I knew I liked Toffee and his laid back, no nonsense attitude. I knew he was smart and cunning.

But holy crap! I did not think he’d be one of Disney’s best villans! I won’t dare spoil this for you but you definitely need to watch the season finalie IN ORDER

Toffee and Bill Cipher are two of Disney’s best villans ever in any format. Period.

And yes I’m still crying my eyes out. My heart is broken, I feel sick, my head hurts and frankly this show sent me back into my depression in a hard way.

The “Rescue”

Tom and Marco attempt to rescue Star from Ludo…. but…. something’s wrong…. very wrong

AAAHH!!!!! That’s pretty much my mind when I saw this comic…. and when i recorded the voices….. and put it together…. JUST CONTINUOUS SCREAMING ;_;

This comic…. HERE!! is actually a part two, it’s the continuation of @necrosishead‘s other comic, right….. HERE!!!!


… best as you can DX

About Toffee’s death

See when he’s tauting Star and co about how he’s the smart guy, after getting blasted by Star’s magic?

He’s in the crater.

Thing is, he got attacked after walking out of the crater.


That means that after being turned to lizard goop, he decided to crawl back into the crater, just to spatting out good ol’ “villain-is-defeated-rant” crap.

Instead of y’know…..escape safely and come back later, fully regenerated!

I mean, Star and pals were done and alreayd in hero group hugging session, so he could have bolted unoticed.

But noooooooo, Toffee had to gloat, huh? Being half-reptile soup wasn’t gonna stop him huh? He just had to tell how smart he was!

And then he died.

For a guy who “makes the plans”, that wasn’t a particularly good one.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if someone has already asked you this, but why Miraculous?

I don’t choose the fandom, the fandom chooses me.

Like many people, when I watched the first one or two episodes of ML, I kind of laughed it off as a cute, cringe-worthy kid’s show. Then my mother unexpectedly came home with a ladybug shaped donut from Krispy Kreme while I had the second episode paused on my tablet and I got roundhouse kicked by the sense that I was meant to go down this rabbit hole.

So I kept watching, and after the next couple of episodes I found myself excited to keep watching. It was just so different from everything else I’d watched. Set in Paris. Inspired by the magical girl genre but there was a magical boy, too?? And Adrien is just so refreshing?? The tension of the love square’s back-and-forth unrequited feelings. Diverse characters. A villain who uses butterflies, one of the least threatening creatures on the planet, in a sinister way. Male friendships portrayed in a super healthy way. Fun character designs. A main character who is FLAWED and ALLOWED TO BE FLAWED and a guy who CALLS HER OUT on her shit behavior even though he’s in love with her. 

And let’s be real, Marinette is me at age fifteen. Memorizing a guy’s schedule? Scheming ways to get close to him? Every other girl is the enemy? Me. All me. She is so gosh darn relatable.

On top of that, there’s the promise of things to come: a deeper mystery, more Miraculous heroes, more story-driven episodes. And going backwards, the history of how the show came to be is pretty dang great (TA’s Ladybug comic covers, the Quantic kids, the anime PV on YouTube).

The shipping… speaks for itself. The love square interactions cause exactly the kind of cognitive dissonance required for me to write fan fiction. “These two are in love but they don’t know it. I MUST FIX THIS. I MUST FIX THIS TEN MILLION TIMES.”

And character dynamics, man. The Agreste family is so fascinating I just want to put them under a microscope and watch them forever. Gabriel, hurting his son in his grief. Adrien, suffering alone. Nathalie, trying to intervene. The Gorilla, protecting them. Mamagreste, mysteriously missing. Just add superpowers. Just imagine the amount of conflict that would arise from Adrien and Gabriel discovering each other. Imagine the feeling of the betrayal, the “I’m doing this for us,” the choice Adrien would have to make between the right thing and getting his mother back. 

It makes me euphoric, Anon. I’m a writer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. There is so much to play with here.

I’m always sad when I see people say they were unable to get into it. Like, I understand. There are valid criticisms, and if you’re not looking for these things, you won’t find them. But I just think it’s a great show with a lot of Deep Shit going on in the background and the shipping drives me insane in the best of ways so yeah, that’s why Miraculous.

Toffee is Kinda Overrated.

I was willing to hold out on this dude for a long time because he was admittedly so vague that it kinda made it interesting not knowing what his deal is. However, as the plot kinda rolled along I started to find him less and less interesting. It’s like what’s so bad about him? He killed Moon’s mom. Ok that’s bad. Why is he doing all this? Oh, it’s just to get his finger back. But who is he? Oh he’s just some rogue general monster guy. I got really excited at the end of season 2 when he possessed Ludo cause I thought he was gonna do some really horrible fucked up stuff. When he defeated the high council I was like “oh shit, he got mad power”. He never actually uses that power again. Ludo spend most of the time as himself despite the fact that Toffee can control him at will now. Why didn’t Toffee just go around staying present and start just destroying the shit out of everything? Is it because Ludo was such a weak host that the magic drain on his stamina is just far too great? I assume Ludo is a terrible choice for a host to begin with but how could someone that’s apparently as sly as Toffee fuck up that bad? Also, Toffee didn’t really do shit. He made Ludo do all the work himself just so he could shut him down just like in the first season. Toffee is also like barely present in the series. He just kinda shows up at random and says vague, smug evil things but really he’s just kinda bland. He goes and does this super elaborate scheme but then doesn’t even use the fact that he has his finger back as a means to even do anything. He just walks away and then gets obliterated when Star goes one-winged angel on him and then suffers further humiliation when Ludo crushes him with a pillar. What a dumbass. I swear he only has a big fandom because he’s a vaguely handsome-ish lizard guy voiced by Michael C. Hall. Ludo might not be the best villain. Shit, he might not be a villain at all after this season. But Ludo is an infinitely more deep and interesting character than Toffee will ever be. If he ever comes back, god only know how the hell he’ll do it, he needs to step up his a-game, start doing shit himself and stop leeching off Ludo. Disney needs to make him more prevalent if he is to be the show’s true nemesis.