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Could i request headcannons of Alpha!shigaraki where there’s a bubbly Omega working for the league, and he’s kinda possive over her and gets really jealous when they talk to Alpha!Dabi, and Dabi knows that so he keeps doing it to annoy Shigaraki.

I’m doing this request RIGHT NOW because I’ve been needing to do a Tomura request. 


◾️ Because you’re so bubbly and sweet, it makes you look especially vulnerable. This makes Tomura very jealous and very protective.

◾️ Alphas are always going to be looking at you after all, thinking that you’re too cute and too nice to reject them. They’ll try to take advantage of you. 

◾️ Tomura scents you 100% of the time that he’s around you. The more you smell like him, the better. Typically it’s him rubbing his head and neck against you, growling at you to stand still until he’s finished.

◾️ It’s actually kind of cute how serious he is about it. He only does it in front of others when he feels especially threatened though.

◾️ Then there’s Dabi.

◾️ The biggest and most constant threat and he’s always around you when Tomura hasn’t just stolen you away from the others.

◾️ There’s only a few other alphas in the League, but other than that, it’s just Tomura and Dabi. They’re the main ones. And they butt heads a lot. 90% of the time it’s about you.

◾️ Whether or not Dabi actually likes you is a mystery, but that doesn’t matter. The point is, he’s always getting close, always flirting with you, because he knows Tomura will get mad.

◾️ And he does. Every time he sees Dabi get close, his red eyes seem more dangerous than usual, more threatening.

◾️ God forbid you ever come near him smelling like Dabi. He’ll probably demand you shower first (And while you do that he tries to kill Dabi)

◾️ The official moment that Dabi crosses the line is when he touches you. There are many fights that Kurogiri has to dissolve because Tomura loses his cool with Dabi.

◾️ The fact that you’re still so nice frustrates Tomura because he wants you to look at him and only him. Smile at him, laugh with him, and be touched by him. No one else can make you do these things.

◾️ He won’t just storm away and leave you, like he would in my non-omegaverse headcanons.

◾️ Because some protective instinct goes off within him, he’s on his feet and separating you from Dabi as quickly as possible. If he left you alone, he wouldn’t feel like much of an alpha. 

◾️ Then he’ll take you away - that is if he doesn’t try to kill Dabi, who’s just smirking the whole time. He’s going to be frustrated with you but he won’t take his anger out on you. He might get a little rough though, tossing you to the bed or snarling at you.

◾️ He’ll pin you to the bed, holding you down as he bites your neck and freshens up any fading marks. 

◾️ This is going to last a little while, but eventually, you get used to the feeling of his teeth against your skin. As he’s on top of you keeping you against the bed, it’s mostly a show of dominance than anything else.

◾️ Eventually he’ll tell you he doesn’t like you being around Dabi so much, another alpha that’s clearly trying to get close to you. He hopes you’re devoted to him enough as his omega to listen. 

This moment legitimately got me.

Usually, it’s the little lines that somehow slipped into the script that really land.

Shag ‘n’ Scoob are tied up, under mysterious circumstances.

Big reveal – they’re sitting on a massive pile of fireworks.

Shaggy: “Don’t you know it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks and wreck a storeroom?!”

Masked bad guy, matter-of-factly, and with an air of boredom:

“We will build a new storeroom!”

*slams door, leaves*

I love this guy. He deserves his own spin-off show.

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I'm gonna cry requests r open I'm so happy.......ok if u want to can u do hcs for how overhaul meets/asks out a civilian so? Thank u

Wipe your tears with these Overhaul headcanons


◾️ You will probably have to end up working with or for him in some way or another. He’s not going to be open to romance unless he is forced to interact with them.

◾️ So he probably won’t go out seeking them at first, since he’s certainly not the type to experience love at first sight. He can find you beautiful, yes, but it’s a far cry from infatuation.

◾️ But you can catch his eye in a way no one else has. 

◾️ If you do this, then he’ll seek you out. Say you work somewhere simple, like a coffee shop or bookstore - he’ll be visiting more often. He’ll find out your name. He’ll find out when you get off work. He’ll find out lots about you, more than you thought possible.

◾️ Hopefully you are already doing some shady business though, because in that case it will be easier for him to tell you who he is.

◾️ Like if you are working somewhere that does business with the Yakuza behind the scenes. Surely there’s many places that do that, so you’ll get involved eventually.

◾️ He’s not going to hide his being in the Yakuza from you. It’s an important part of his identity. Hopefully you’re okay with being associated with that.

◾️ When he asks you out, it’s going to be pretty forward. 

◾️ “Are you seeing someone?”

   “Go out with me.”

◾️ Your answer to the first question doesn’t matter. He still asks (demands) you to go out with him.

◾️ If you are already seeing someone, good luck to that guy/girl.

◾️ He might kill them…. but he’s not going to be brash about it. First he’s going to be trying to impress you, interact more with you, and so on. That way you’ll naturally start to lean toward him.

◾️ And, of course, once he has you he doesn’t let go.

How to Make Your Villain Domestic but Still Evil

It’s the oxymoron that attracts us. Billowing black cape, terrifying worldviews, a willingness to make the streets run red with blood – and you know what would be hilarious? Them trying and failing to make morning pancakes. You know what would really hit us in the feels? Watching them show tenderness around a special someone.

Having a villain with a domestic side is lassoing a black hole, and it’s a tantalizing thing to watch. However, anyone who’s indulged in these daydreams with their own villains has probably encountered one very specific issue: it makes them less evil. They lose their edge.

For example, look at Crowley from CW’s Supernatural. This was a guy to be feared at one point; arriving out of nowhere at unexpected times, always playing both sides of the conflict, and you could be certain he would skin anyone necessary to get what he wanted – usually without getting a single drop of blood on his impeccable suit.

Flash forward to recent seasons, and we’ve seen Crowley cry and whimper more times than Dean has died –which is saying something. At first, it was fascinating to discover this powerful character actually had a tender side; and now, when Crowley makes a threat, we’re about as afraid as when any low-level demon makes one. This is because his evil was too compromised. He let himself go.

How can we avoid this mistake with our villains? The answer isn’t making them crush puppies and hate butterflies at every turn; it’s in balancing their core scariness with their softer side – giving them complexity, giving us a bit of “aww,” and making their eventual whiplash back into ‘terrifying’ all the more wonderful.

For this, we’re going to use Epic of Lilith by Ivars Ozols as an example. This book centers on arguably the original female villain – Lilith, the first woman of the Garden of Eden, who got on the “good guys’” bad side by refusing to submit to someone who was clearly her equal. There won’t be any spoilers below, but if you give the book a read (it’s an easy page turner), the points will be driven home stronger.

Plus it’s a book with a great female villain who isn’t objectified (don’t let the cover fool you, seriously) and prose that isn’t full of sexual over- or undertones. Talk about a win, eh?

Here we go.    

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Do you have a link of that vine of yours about hidding a hero crush from others villains??

Here you go.

Hm. Let’s talk about Villains and Reality vs Fiction.

Art often reflects a version of reality,

but like a fun house mirror

we understand the truth.

Children understand early on that they will never be a mermaid or a princess. That’s why when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll say “DOCTOR!” or “SINGER” or FIREFIGHTER!” If they ever do say “I want to be Darth Vader!” We can all safety assume this child isn’t actually planning on growing up to slice off his son’s hand and rule a galaxy.
The kid knows they can’t actually be Darth Vader, but they admire Vader’s cool looks, his authority, the awesome one-liners. A child knows. Children are not stupid.
Now, as adults (I hope) we also see the difference between reality and fiction… you know, like we see the difference in good and bad? We can imagine crazy things and insane dramas and read and write about whatever we’d like, but once the book is closed and the movie is turned off people know what they know and do what they do and LIVE their lives with that underlying common law of what is Good. Once in a while, you will have that disturbed mind that will take something like The Joker and misuse him as an excuse to do heinous things, but people are generally good.

So we are allowed to enjoy a story like Jane Eyre, like Suicide Squad, like Star Wars. We are allowed to enjoy the ups, downs, horrors and triumphs of characters like Kylo Ren. We can think Kilgrave from Jessica Jones is charismatic and fun to watch. We can completely adore Loki from Thor.



Because the line between fiction and reality is a lot thicker than some people on tumblr are making it out to be.


Preview - Marvel’s Thrawn #1

Before he battled with the Ghost crew on Star Wars Rebels. Before he was Grand Admiral. He was just Thrawn.

And we’ll soon see his story in comic-book form.

Marvel’s Thrawn, a six-issue adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s novel of the same name, kicks off on February 7, 2018, and will document the iconic Imperial’s rise in the Empire — before he was a legend. Written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Luke Ross, the series will also include never-before-revealed scenes featuring the infamous master strategist.