Name’s Hades, Lord of the Dead, God of the Underworld, yadda yadda, who am I kidding you all know me. I’ve been ‘called upon’ by the admins of this terrible castle to tell you mortals about how good it is or something. Because clearly I love wasting my time yapping to you humans about such irrelevant things. If you ask me, I should be calling upon them. Ha! Anyway here goes nothing. Ahem: Ghouls and…Ghoulettes, welcome to the castle of villains! Creep into the treacherous halls of the castle and ask your most-hated villains some of your most-intriguing questions! Ever wondered how yours truly styles his fabulous hair? Or how the Evil Queen got her flattering name? Don’t hold back and ask away; we won’t hurt you (but then again, I do lie). 

Anyhow, as much as I have enjoyed blabbering to you mortals about this nonsense I’m afraid I must go now. Believe me, I’m just as upset as you are.

- Hades

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The reason bad things happen on GoT has changed. GoT has gone from being a show that wouldn't cheat to help the good guys to a show that will cheat to help the bad guys.

When I complain about GoT lately people respond with “That’s what the show has always been, this is what you signed up for, if you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention.” but I think this episode has solidified why I have a problem with the show recently.

The tragedy on the show used to be organic. People would die because GoT wasn’t willing to give characters the 1 in a million lucky breaks that other shows give their protagonist.

Now the show doesn’t just not give the protagonists freebies, it bends over backwards to fuck them over. Honestly, every military conflict in the last two and a half seasons has seen the wrong side winning.

  • Yara/Asha and “The 50 best swordsmen in the Iron Isles” lose a fight to a shirtless guy with a knife and 3 dogs, which is roughly what you would encounter on your average domestic disturbance call. The 50 best swordsmen in the Iron Isles couldn’t survive half an episode of “Cops”
  • The Unsullied and Barristan Selmy lose a fight against unarmored aristocrats with knives.
  • “20 good men” infiltrate the camp of the greatest military tactician alive.
  • The Unsullied lose another fight against unarmored aristocrats with spears, who honestly also make a pretty good showing against a dragon.
  • The Boltons, despite not being supported by most of the north, and seemingly not having any massive source of money, raise an army of tens of thousands and overwhelm Stannis.

Add to that the fact that the nigh omniscient Littlefinger was apparently unaware that the Boltons were fucked up weirdos and the show seems to be bending over backwards for tragedy. 

by SeducerOfTheInnocent on Reddit