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Hey, I've seen you make up a team of heroes using members of past sentai teams. Who's the dream team of baddies they'd be protecting the Earth from?

The easiest answer would be to make a team of all the villains Machiko Soga ever played but that would be TOO Easy.

So, let’s get down to an ultimate alliance of Super Sentai evil.  We’ll start with who would have brought them altogether and I can think of only one massive evil that would want to destroy ALL Super Sentai everywhere, Black Cross Fuhrer from Himitsu Sentai Goranger.

For the sake of this let’s say he gets brought back from the dead, probably with Sorcery.  So, if magic is involved, I am definitely going to go with Bandora from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  She did vow to return some day and would have done just about anything to get her magic back… 

So, we’ve got magic covered.  Let’s get a villain who can bring the tech side of things.  I would go with Bacchus Wrath from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger but he really doesn’t play well with others. So, instead I will take Dr. Man from Choudenshi Bioman.

Now we need a physical threat, someone who brings muscle to the table.  So, let’s go with a martial artist and that brings me to Rio from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger.

He might be kind of hard to recruit but the promise of coming back from the dead and to actually become stronger on his own -might- be enough to convince him.  Maybe.

Lastly (since we really only need one Mastermind and four ‘minions’) in the main villains we will go with a true monster.  Something utterly inhuman and totally alien.  Let’s go pirates!  Captain Zahab from Seijyuu Sentai Gingaman!

Each of the resurrected villains could take turns sending out their themed monsters to attack whatever group (or groups) of heroes would come against them.  Of course, because they are evil and all have their own agendas, they would clash with only the threat of being sent back to death to keep them in line.

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Hi! First, thanks so much for all your help and keeping up this awesome blog! Second, love you hp fic, that shit is so good! Third, I was kinda wanting to hear your opinion on something. What do you think of a villain reveal where everybody is like 'who dis'? Coz I have this villain and because of reasons he barely ever interacts with the main characters! his name is not even mentioned by anyone except in throw away comment.. the protag thought villain was someone else, and is very surprised.


This seems to me like a Quirrell gamut, which can be good if it’s done well but can easily go badly.

Here are my main thoughts on this sort of thing:

The reason why this sort of thing works—why it worked with Quirrell—is that the reader can go back and think, oh, that makes sense. We think it’s Snape in large part because we (through Harry) misinterpret the conversations between Snape and Quirrell. Quirrell is involved, and we know about him, but he doesn’t seem scary enough. But looking back, all of those misinterpreted conversations now hold a different meaning. If the character never shows up before then, or if they’re only mentioned once or twice in passing, it can feel like a random twist.

The other issue is that there’s no investment in the character. If you make the readers invested in the other person being the bad guy and then suddenly make them not the bad guy, especially if the reveal is made at the end of the book, it feels like you set them up for something that never happened. It feels disappointing.

Part of the reason it works in Harry Potter is that it sets up the suspicion for Snape that lasts the entire series. If this is the end of the line, you need to make sure to actually resolve that suspicion for the other villain, because otherwise it feels like you’re leaving it opened ended.


“A doctor at Arkham once described for me The Joker’s state of mind: imagine trying to solve the world’s most difficult math equation while you’re surrounded by six televisions that sit five inches from your face–all tuned to different stations, all rapidly switching channels, all with the volume at full blast. That’s what it’s like to be The Joker.”   -  Batman: Cacophony


The villains of the week in Himitsu Sentai Goranger were almost unfailingly weird, being basically an object attached to a human head as a mask. Only two of them had a vehicle attached to their head and those were Locomotive Mask and Warship Mask.

 I just love these two because they commit all the way to their gimmick with Warship mask firing the cannons on his head and carrying a giant anchor for a weapon while Locomotive Mask looks like he’s got Thomas The Tank Engine’s pissed off cousin for a head.

We just don’t get monster designs like these anymore, for better or worse.


“You’re all prisoners. What you call sanity, it’s just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that you’re just tiny little cogs in a giant absurd machine. Wake up! Why be a cog? Be free like us. Just remember, smile. Oh! Time to go, but don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon. Hang onto your hats, folks, cause’ you ain’t seen nothing yet!”    |   Gotham (2014)   

Well, mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue
You should’ve raised a baby girl
I should’ve been a better son
If you could coddle the infection
They can amputate it once
You should’ve been
I could have been a better son

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Superhero AUs #13

- ‘You’re my arch nemesis but our best friends are dating…I guess I’ll play nice in civvies, for now’ AU
- ‘So what about a double date?’ AU

- ‘I will burn down this city and everyone in it’ AU 
- 'Good job I brought a fire extinguisher then’ AU

- ‘I can’t believe I finally got into the superhero academy, this is the best day of my life and- …What are you doing here? You’re not a hero’ AU
- ‘My application was mostly ironic, I swear’ AU

- ‘I’m a superthief…is it too cliche if I make it my mission to steal your heart?’ AU
- ‘If you come anywhere near my heart I will cut your goddamn hands off. You are not selling my organs on the black market’ AU

- ‘My mail keeps getting switched with my neighbour’s, which would be fine if it wasn’t full of two-for-one offers on death rays’ AU
- 'Why on earth do I keep getting coded letters asking me to join the League of Heroes? Is this a mistake or some kind of backhanded compliment?’ AU 

 - 'I accidentally admitted that I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies and now you’re dragging me back to your place for a marathon and I have no idea what to do’ AU
- 'I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you’re the bad guy is that you’ve never seen Harry Potter, because that’s some childhood deprivation right there’ AU 

 - 'Every Tuesday I take the night off from committing crimes to go and sit in my favourite restaurant for a few hours. I absolutely do not have a crush on the cute waitress’ AU
- 'I was getting harassed by two dickheads and my favourite customer stepped in to protect me…aaaand he’s a supervillain. Great.’ AU

- ‘Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?’ AU
- ‘Are you seriously asking me to walk into a room filled to the brim with superheroes? …I can’t believe my archenemy is such a sad, friendless person. Of course I’ll come’ AU

- ‘Look after my dogs while I’m in jail, would you?’ AU
- ‘When I said I’d look after your dogs, I didn’t realise they were actual hellhounds!’ AU

- ‘I work in airport security for a city with one of the most famous heroes around. Villains frequently fly in to challenge her. It’s my job to stop them getting out of the airport’ AU
- ‘Jesus Christ, I thought this place was an airport, not a death trap. Who are you?’ AU
BONUS: ‘I am a minimum wage employee drugged up on caffeine and loathing. I have nothing left to lose.’