Tbh I don’t even ship it but Nyx and Luna spent more quality time together as adults than Noctis and Luna ever did and they knew each other for what? A day?

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you know sanjis brothers are alot like bakugou especially niji vinsmoke

um???? no????? they have nothing in common at all????

Sanji’s brothers took pleasure in beating Sanji just for the fun of it. they’re explicitly stated to have absolutely no empathy, they enjoy causing chaos and death and destruction for money, they’re pirates actively working against the government, trying to spread war and take over a 5th of the world just for the hell of it b/c they feel like they’re owed it, they have almost no will of their own because everything they do is for their father, they don’t care about anyone but themselves, and they enjoy causing pain and misery. 

they feel as if they’re entitled and superior to everyone around them, and view literally everyone but themselves as objects to be used and abused, and laugh about it. 

why care about waitresses or clone soldiers when they can just be replaced. they’re just tools to be used and beaten and broken for their amusement, after all.

Bakugou is abusive, yes. but the whole reason why he was abusive towards Izuku has nothing to do with him enjoying other people’s pain or misery. he thought Izuku was looking down on him and the one thing Bakugou can’t stand is being thought of as weak, and so he channeled that anger and frustration into bullying Izuku because he believed that Izuku had been looking down at him for 10 years of his life.

the reason why he acted in this way is because he has an inferiority/superiority complex. he wants to be the best, and for a long time people fed that image of himself, but the reason he acts like this is also to cover up how self-conscious and inferior he feels towards Izuku. he uses boasting and bluster to cover up how small and frustrated he feels.

(which doesn’t excuse the behavior b/c nothing excuses abuse, but it explains it)

Bakugou has empathy. he feels extremely guilty for causing All Might’s end, and he felt bad that Kirishima got scolded by Aizawa, and repaid him the money he used on the rescue mission there was no need for him to do that, or to bother. and during that scene, he made Kirishima short-circuit his brain to make the class laugh after they were depressed from Aizawa’s scolding (and also to get info out of Kaminari, but yeah).

he saw how hard Uraraka worked fighting against him, and scolded Kaminari by saying, “There’s nothing fragile about her.”

Bakugou wants to be a hero. he doesn’t want to cause pain or misery or sorrow. he wants to beat bad guys and win, just like All Might does. he doesn’t just want to win–no. Shigaraki assumed this of Bakugou, and tried to use it as a bargaining chip to get him to join. but Bakugou doesn’t want to be a villain. he doesn’t want to be a bad guy.

Bakugou wants to be a hero like All Might, and refuses to lose. this is because, to Bakugou, heroes must always win.

Bakugou will train and push himself to the absolute limits, to self destructive points, if it means that he can fulfill this idea of what a hero means to him. everything Bakugou does is to fulfill his desires, no one else’s. 

early on in the series, Bakugou did view himself as better than everyone, but losing his fight with Izuku during the first exam was a slap in the face with reality for him, and now he knows that there are people out there who are just as strong, or stronger than him. he is well aware that he’s not the strongest anymore, which is why he tries so damn hard, because he wants to be the top hero, and he knows it’ll take a lot of hard work to get there.

Bakugou feels regret and guilt because of what his actions have done. if he hadn’t been kidnapped, then All Might (the man he admires more than anything else) would still be a hero, and society wouldn’t be in chaos, and villainy wouldn’t be on the rise. 

beyond the blonde hair, there is absolutely nothing similar between Bakugou and Sanji’s brothers.

Invitation (closed rp)


A slice of chocolate cake was sitting on Robbie’s counter, a small note was beneath the plate. Bright blue paper with near handwriting. It read:

‘Robbie? By any chance might you be free tonight? There’s going to be a winter festival, and I could use some company!       


i love kl/an/ce as much as anyone else but I run away from it like the devil from the cross every time I see “Lance is pining for Keith but Keith is pining for Shiro” or the best one: cheating