Well, mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue
You should’ve raised a baby girl
I should’ve been a better son
If you could coddle the infection
They can amputate it once
You should’ve been
I could have been a better son

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Anastasia, Drizella, and Lady Tremaine by disneylori

there is no way Leonard Snart is a hallucination/hologram in the next episode

and here’s why I think that is:

When he was a hologram/flashback in the Flash, he was barely in the trailer except for less than a second’s blip of film and didn’t say anything at all. He was just kinda there, like a hologram/flashback

In the new trailer, they make a cold pun, give him the very last bit of the trailer in a moment of silence, because they are making a dramatic reveal, not a fake Snart. 

And the Legion of Doom is obviously getting center stage for the next half of the season, and Len was featured in the announcement photos. This is a Legion of Doom episode, given the presence of Thawne and Darhk not only in Chicago but on the Waverider (see trailer—they’re def on the ship). It would only make sense that Len would be with them.

Maybe the “I’m here to set you straight” stems from one of the team telling the Legion that Snart’s dead and Len’s like lol nah

And if you wanna stretch it, the alien invasion crossover referenced many times how Barry’s time travel screwed everything over—and Snart, giving that he was literally exploded in a time wellspring, most likely became one of those consequences, that is, his involvement in the Legion of Doom.

I don’t know about the semantics of Snart’s return, but I’m pretty sure that, based on my experience with the structure of TV shows and trailers, that he’s gonna be here, queer, and ready to be a snowy pansexual villain.

What I’m really worried about is if he only comes back at the very end of the episode and it’s the midseason finale. I really hope not, given how big he was in the dramatic ending, so fingers crossed!


Plenty of Disney Villains get their just desserts at the end of the movie. But there are more than a few which we think deserve Much worse…

studytolive  asked:

I would've gotten your book anyways because I've been following you for a while, but the cover art is amazing, and really eye-catching. A bit dark and mysterious too. If I was browsing a bookstore I would definitely pick it up to see what it's about. You and your team did a great work, congratulations!

To be entirely honest, this cover actually had very little to do with me. It’s quite striking but not what I would have chosen for this book. I was vocal about that but the decision came down to what I wanted versus what the publisher thought was going to get people’s attention. Unsurprisingly, the latter won out and I was overruled. Since then I’ve heard a lot of comments like yours and (odd as it may sound) I’m glad to be the only dissenting opinion. I don’t love it, but the majority does and when it comes to marketing, that’s what matters.