villain: i'm just crazy

Ok, so this may be weird since I made a big, emotional post this afternoon about how Tim Drake is so selfless and caring and too good for this world… but hear me out, Tim Drake Antisocial Personality Disorder AU.

Given his parents and background, the idea that Tim has Antisocial personality disorder, known colloquially as a sociopath (manipulative, impressive liar, charming when wants to be, generally doesn’t feel many emotions or care much for others) isn’t that extreme. I think he’d become interested in Batman and Robin because the thrill of unlocking Gotham’s biggest secret appeals to the arrogant part of him. He learns Batman’s identity and preens to himself and then sits on the information until the time is right. He’s seen the new Robin, he knows Jason Todd is going to mess up big time and Tim will have Bruce right where he wants him. Jay dies and Timmy puts on a cute lil sweater vest and his sweetest, fakest smile and proclaims that ‘Batman needs a Robin’ but oh no Mr. Wayne I’m not trying to replace your son (except he is) and he does and soon Gotham has her third Robin.

And Tim’s a good Robin, honestly. I mean you can have a personality disorder and still be a good guy, don’t stereotype. He just doesn’t feel much for pretty much any of the people he’s saving, can’t grow attached to any of his friends and allies, doesn’t feel angry at any villains causing harm. He’s just there being the hero because he likes the attention and adoration that heroes get and the supervillain lifestyle doesn’t fit his aesthetic. Time passes and little cracks in Tim’s perfect façade appear and people start to see what he really is. It’s fine though, you have to be a little weird to be a superhero anyway. So what if Tim has the emotions of a rock? Is it a requirement that heroes have to care or like people?? So Tim is able to be more of himself and yeah, he scares the crap out of people, but he’s a good hero. And while he may not have strong emotions for people, he does respect people he thinks are worthy and he does treat his “"friends”“ and ”“family”“ well because well, once they came into his life, they became his property and he keeps his things safe.

Tim’s never killed anyone, doesn’t mean he won’t, but he mostly respects Bruce’s wishes and, more importantly, knows his career is over if he breaks that rule. But that’s not to say Tim hasn’t purposely hurt people before. The truck carrying Captain Boomerang to prison got into an accident, Harkness was left paralyzed from the neck down. After Superboy died, Luthor suffered a frontal lobe hematoma that left him with the IQ of a third grader. When Bruce was struck down by Darkseid, he went in search of his mentor, and came back with a blood on his hands and a smile that said that Bruce was alive. Ra’s al Ghul has made no comments on what occurred in the desert, mostly because no one knows what happened to him. It’s nothing anyone can prove, and believe you, Bruce has tried to prove it even though he hopes against hope he’s just being paranoid. There’s never any evidence Tim Drake has done anything wrong and people are willing to, not turn a blind eye, but not quite see the whole picture.

Because Tim is still a hero, a brother, a son, a friend, even if he’s not quite got all his pieces together. He can be sweet, in his own cunning, Tim sort way. He puts only about 50% effort into maintaining his cover in private, just human enough so people will tolerate his presence. It’s okay, they know and they accept him as he is. In the small, shriveled part that Tim calls a heart, he appreciates that they don’t try to fix him and still care about him. He’s not perfect, but no one is and he does fight the good fight because it’s cool and, I don’t know, it’s the right thing to do he guesses. There are worse ways he could be spending his time.

So Tim will sit with his sharp, observant, but completely devoid eyes sipping a cup of coffee at breakfast. His face is expressionless. Jason says he looks like a dead fish and Tim mimes a smile and is already calculating revenge. Dick hugs his middle brother even though he know Tim derives no enjoyment from it, he does it mostly to make himself feel better, that he’s not totally abandoning his creepy lil brother the empty pit in his head. Tim puts up with it because Dick is so much worse when he fusses. Cass never really warms up to Tim, he’s something different, his body never says anything, his face doesn’t give any indication of what he’s thinking. He is wrong. Tim glances over his coffee cup at his sister, she is right. Damian and Tim have conversations about how foolish people are and how you can twist them to do what you want. These conversations are short as literally everyone will pull Damian away. It’s not that we don’t love you Tim, but you’re hurting Damian’s emotional health. You don’t want someone else like you, you’d hate the competition.

Tim just shrugs, there is no one else like him.

What if at some point after Peter and Olivia had their baby girl, Boston was amberized and they ask to Nina take Etta away from there, while they stay trying to fight against DRJ and his evil agenda. And then in 2036, they manage to recover the area and get them out of the amber,  that’s why Peter, Walter and Olivia are still younger than the others    

I know, I should sleep now.

My mom told me once, that I’ll get over all this “ stupid and useless bands stuff ”, aka stalking 5sos on Internet and caring about what they’re doing, when I’ll get a real life and a job and all. She was kinda right, now I care only about the important things.



That kind of important things.

Why are books so lovely?

Why are book stores, libraries, and numerous collections of symmetrical bookshelves overflowing with bound pages, all so lovely? And why are there so many photos of these things all over my dashboard and not in my possession? One day I will have the largest library with staircases and ladders that move, and the highest of ceilings.

Tangent over.

So, okay, hear me out for a second:
  • Run Joey Run could easily be a closeted Lesbian song.
  • The name Joey could easily be a girl’s name.
  • Daddy please don’t
  • it wasn’t her fault
  • she means so much to me
  • daddy please don’t
  • we’re gonna get married
  • just you wait and see
  • I’ve never seen him act this way,
  • My God, he’s goin’ crazy
  • He said he’s gonna make you pay
  • For what we done, he’s got a gun
  • So run, Joey run, Joey run!
  • No one?
  • ok
  • I’m done

Does anyone else think that if Dean and Cas had a little girl they’d name her Samantha? Cause Dean’s just hard wired to take care of Sammy? And Dean calls her Sammy and she loves it but he also still cause Sam that, and sometimes will say “Uncle Sammy is coming to visit!” And she yells “Yay!” and tears around the house till he gets there and then she runs out to hug him and he let’s her tackle him as she shrieks out “Uncle Me!” and he ruffles her hair and says “Hey kiddo,” and they have tea parties and go bow hunting together.

  • Lu: I don't have any cool urls saved.
  • Me: Well, wintermindpalace sounds cool enough to me.
  • Lu: Not to me. The "winter" has clearly nothing to do there...
  • Me: Okay. Let me see... Mmm... shezzamindpalace is free, sounds a little bit junkie, but it's free.
  • Lu: But Shezza doesn't have a mind palace.
  • Me: Of course he has a mind palace! It probably is a psychedelic mind palace, Woodstock style, with The Beatles playing on repeat... but it's a mind palace, after all!