villain with a smiling cheek

Random HC #12 (Continuation of #4 - #11)


The painful cramps have slowly faded away after some time of Sportacus’ low, soothing words and gentle massage of his abdomen. Whether it’s been seconds or minutes…or…more, Robbie really can’t tell. But he doesn’t really care right now, anyway. He’s just relieved that he doesn’t feel like he’s dying anymore at the moment… And he desperately tries to figure out the meaning of Sportacus’ words. ‘I care’ Why would he say that?! To mock him?! But…Sportacus has never mocked him before…
“…Better?…” once more, Sportacus’ thumb strokes over his cheek and he smiles sympathetically. The villain nods weakly and exhales slowly, not sure, whether he should smile back and even less sure whether he could muster the strength, if he wanted to right now. So he just stares at Sportacus’ concerned, bright, blue eyes, finding the sight somewhat soothing. The hero caresses his cheek one last time, before he pulls both his hands back and straightens up again, his voice still low but firm “You have to eat something! And, even more important, drink water!” he furrows his brows, noticing Robbie’s lack of reaction to this “…Robbie?…” The villain blinks. Did Sportacus say anything? Why is he giving him that strange look again? He must’ve missed something. His voice sounds horribly raspy and strained to his own ears “…What?…”
Sportacus worriedly shakes his head “Nevermind. Stay down and don’t move. I’m going to prepare something that gives you back some of your energy!”
“Don’t you dare try to poison me with that nasty Sportscandy of yours, Sportaflop!” growls the villain weakly and swallows hard “Can’t you just…take me to my lair and let me rest?… I mean… Thank you for…” he blushes “…you know… But the pain is gone now. I’ll be fine from now on!”
“It will return if you don’t eat anything good, soon,” contradicts Sportacus strictly, turns around and goes over to the table, he calls his kitchen, while talking on “And I won’t leave you alone until you’re out of danger again. And I also won’t take you to your cold, dark lair, as long as you’re running a fever and can’t even get up on your own.”
“This…” Robbie honestly doesn’t know how to feel about this, so he stammers “…This is…kidnapping! You’re holding me against my will!”
Sportacus holds in his move to…whatever he’s doing, Robbie can’t see it from the bed, and turns back to face him. His gaze is uncharacteristic serious when he gestures at the door “I’m not. You’re free to leave at any time. But you should’ve realized until now that getting up is no good idea.” Robbie can’t believe it. Usually, the hero is never this…sarcastic. But he has archived his goal with it. Robbie doesn’t move and only fixes his eyes at the white wall again, mumbling lowly “…I though won’t eat or drink anything…”
“Please, at least try it.”
“…Okay…” Once more, the villain feels as if he’d just kicked a puppy, when he hears Sportacus’ low, almost hurt voice. But he tries not to think about it, knowing pretty well that this is the hero’s tactic. A few minutes of silence pass, only interrupted by the low sounds of Sportacus working. During this, Robbie drifts in and out of a slight daze, each time, waking up by a low whimper that is his own. It’s embarrassing. And Sportacus must’ve heard it, but he doesn’t say a single word… When he wakes himself up once again and opens his eyes, he’s surprised to find a plate on a small table, right in front of his face, ergo, right next to the bed. The plate is filled - not with vegetables and fruits, as he has feared, but with some sandwiches with ham and cheese on them. He voices his surprise in a low gasp and searches for the hero at once, moving his head around a bit, although he starts to feel dizzy again, at once. “It’s your decision whether you eat, or not now… But, please, do drink something. I made you some tea. That will also help your stomach a little, at best…” within a blink, Sportacus is sitting at the edge of the bed, in his hand a cup with a steaming liquid inside, his begging eyes searching Robbie’s “…I…even put some sugar in it…”
“…Sugar?…” parrots the villain lowly and narrows his eyes “Where would you get SUGAR from?! And ham and cheese! As far as I know, you don’t eat either of them and… SUGAR? In this ship?! Come on! What kind of poison did you REALLY put in there!?” talking is so incredibly exhausting. And fussing while doing so, even more so… “It IS sugar,” Sportacus’ heart sinks a little when he hears that Robbie actually seems to believe that Sportacus would try to hurt or even kill him like this, so he offers almost desperately “If you don’t believe me…then let me show you! Apple!”
Robbie winces when out of nowhere, an apple comes flying right into the hero’s hand, who eyes it for a moment, before raising the cup to his lips. “Wait! What are you doing?!” Robbie doesn’t know how, but he sits up within a blink and grabs Sportacus’ arm, searching his eyes in pure shock and confusion. The hero returns the look for a moment, before explaining calmly “Well, you need a proof that this tea isn’t poisoned, so I’m going to take a sip and try to quickly neutralize the sugar with this apple…”
“You’re crazy!” Robbie glares at him “I’m not going to let you kill yourself during a stupid…presentation or anything, so you can later claim that I did that or anything!” he swallows dryly, before mumbling “…Okay… Let’s get over with it…” he reaches out to take the cup and eye it for a moment, before taking a careful, tiny sip. Sportacus watches in pure happiness and relief how Robbie’s tensed expression quickly relaxes, once the sweetness of the sugar is coming through completely and he slowly empties the cup.
“…Thanks…I guess…” he returns the cup and looks everywhere but into the hero’s shining eyes. He feels strange again… “…I… I guess, I…should lay down for a moment again…” he groans lowly when a slight feeling of sickness threatens to come over him and shaking tries to slide back onto the bed completely. “Easy. You don’t look good…” Sportacus quickly places the cup and the apple at the small table, before wrapping his arms around Robbie to ease him down again. “…Ever looked in a mirror, Sportaflop?…” groans Robbie lowly, his voice strained and once more, completely missing the usual edge. “Hush. Breathe…” Sportacus sits back down at the edge of the bed again, placing one hand on the other’s forehead and the other on his stomach again “Are you in any pain?”
“Hm… My head is spinning…” mumbles Robbie weakly while his eyes flutter open and shut again and again and a low whimper escapes him. Sportacus feels his heart breaking even more at this sight and gently strokes over the villain’s stomach and chest, wishing for nothing more than to remove these uncomfortable clothes of Robbie, that keep him from actually feeling where he is hurt and why. But he can sense the other’s distress in being here, at all, and he doesn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable by asking him to remove his clothes… “Shush….Try to rest a little more. You’ll probably feel better afterwards…” he gently caresses Robbie’s cheeks and temples, trying his best to soothe him. The villain parts his lips slightly and mumbles something under his breath. Confused, Sportacus bows down to his face and asks in a careful whisper “What?…” The answer probably should be no surprise, due to the circumstances, but it though startles the hero a little bit. “…I’m scared…”

Bad Days(Villain!AU)

(( A quick fic of sorts as kind of a venting outlet. I haven’t been feeling real great today and kind of needed to get some of the feeling out so I figured I would try writing it out. Kind of a downer one but it has a happy little ending))

It was grey and rainy, the type of weather that slowed most activity. Genos, however, continued his work, taking clean blankets down the hall to the room he and Saitama shared to put away. The cyborg paused at the door as he noticed his Master sitting by the window, hood pulled up over his head as he leaned his back on the wall.

“Master? Are you alright.”

Saitama didn’t answer at first, acting as if the very effort to answer was too much. His brown eyes remained on the rain spotted window, so he didn’t have to look directly to the worried cyborg. 

“I’m fine, Genos. Just…feeling off.”

The low sound of Saitama’s voice worried Genos as he set the blankets down on a nearby chair. He stepped forward towards the villain but stopped as he was given an almost pleading look from the other man to stay away.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Master? Maybe something to eat or drink? I could bring you-”

“No, Genos.”

The cyborg quickly quieted at the command, his shoulders lowering as he felt almost scolded. Saitama closed his eyes and lowered his head to keep from seeing Genos’ expression.

“I just need to be alone for awhile.”

Genos slowly nodded, reaching a hand out to gently brush his fingers against the side of Saitama’s arm as a small desperate act of some form of comfort without overstepping the villain’s wishes.

“Yes, master. I will make sure no one bothers you.”

He turned and walked out of the room quietly, the door slowly pushing shut behind him as Genos went back to his work in a cold silence. 

  About an hour passed as Genos was sweeping down the hall, the sound of the bedroom door opening catching his attention. The cyborg looked back as Saitama stood at the door, his one hand tucked in his pocket and the other holding the door handle in a hard, crushing grip. Genos’ red irises trailed up to Saitama’s face, noticing his brown eyes were wet and red from repeated rubbing at them. The shorter villain’s core seemed to whir at a deepened tone, the dip in octave feeling like a sinking heart. Here stood the most powerful man in the world yet he looked so weak. Saitama finally looked up to Genos’ worried face as he let a shaky sigh escape him.

“Genos, Could you come bother me?”

Genos gave a small smile in his worry at his Master’s choice of words, letting the broom in his hands just drop to the floor as he walked over and wrapped his arms tightly around Saitama’s neck in a warm embrace. The tall villain buried his face in Genos’ shoulder, putting his large arms around the cyborg as Genos seemed to disappear into their strong hold. Saitama shook for a moment at the caring hold, not wanting to ever let go and knowing Genos would not protest the idea. They stood in silence, wrapped up in each other as Saitama finally lifted his head.

“Thank you.”

Genos smiled and rested his forehead against Saitama’s.

“You never need to apologize, Master. I will always help you when you need me.”

The cyborg leaned up and kissed his Master’s lips softly, A small smile finally returning to Saitama’s face as the worry that weighed in Genos’ chest faded away. The two paused at a sudden metallic clank behind them, both looking down to the crumpled door handle that had finally dropped after Saitama had opened it under sullen strength. Saitama’s brow curved in slight embarrassment as he looked back down to Genos.


Genos laughed lightly as he stared up to the tall villain, running his hand along his cheek.

“It’s alright, I’ll fix it.”

Saitama smiled and held Genos close once more, nuzzling lightly against the cyborg’s cheek.

“You’re always good at fixing things.”