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This Thing: Update 2

I finished the character list and put some plain colors to give an idea of what the finished version will look like. Hopefully, it’ll look nice and not a mess of lights. Why is it that when I type stuff down it almost reads as if English is my second language? It isn’t, I swear. The previous update notes look like a pile of words trying to translate a normal saying and screws it up by overcomplicating things.

Anyway, more “production” notes below… which are mostly comparisons between these new designs and the previous ones. Which is A LOT TO LOAD. I have no idea how to work Tumblr. So bear with me on this.

Well, then, to start off!

New additions! Peridot! Padparadscha! Toffee!

Hooray! Placements convinced by @lionheart261 . And also, as you can see, I’ve made some adjustments to their design. Peridot’s the one I’m most proud of. (Even though I just copied some aspects of Nebula’s costume. And some of Iron Man’s gauntlets.)

Now. Comparison of old and new designs! I’m only going to do the ones that garner my attention because there are a lot!




Can you see them subtle differences? I added some more length to his sleeves and took out the whites of his shirt! Also tweaked the suit and changed the colors of the rip to be more like Steve Rogers’ look.




Just some recolorings.




Made it fit the sketch dump I had a while ago.




I redid her gray vest because it was plain. So I made it a jacket that mirrored Gamora’s in a small way. Also, fun fact, the red and black is supposed to be a homage to her sweater. And the gray to her vest. Not very fun facts, but I had to say it.




Dipper was an awkward fellow because I didn’t know what he’d be. So I just gave him some armor and magical insignias. But I didn’t like that, looked too clunky, so I upgraded his original appearance and made… this monstrosity. It’s supposed to be an orange version of Quicksilver’s shirt. So that his twin, Wanda or Mabel, can have…

Mabel! (Yes, I’m great at… God, I forgot the word. Moving from one topic to another?)



Yeah. Gave her the Scarlet Witch look. Because twins. And I was never a fan of that clunky armor. I’m sure Mabel likes this outfit much better.

Lapis and Amethyst! Killing two birds with one stone.



Gave Amethyst her knee stars and added some more detail to make her look busy. Brought back the skirt for Lapis.

KO! Should’ve done him with the Gems.



Made him more streamlined. Gave him gloves. More gold trimmings. Joint armor opening up. (Elbow and knee.)




Put some more detail on him. Not sure if you guys noticed the gold card in his left hand compared to his normie cards in his right.

Leg extensions! And Finn’s hat!



Extended PB’s and BMO’s legs. Finn doesn’t really have a new hat, I just put some lines on him. (Oh, and Jake’s leg can be seen in the new design!)

And then nothing else.

Have some close up on ze bad guys.

Gave 505 armor because he looks too soft. Didn’t give Demencia or Dr Flug armor because Demencia doesn’t care and Dr Flug is a non-combatant. Also, probably gonna have to redraw Demenica because she does not look HD.

hero!Hitoshi and villain!Izuku showdown! which one of them would be saying that, i wonder…

my kinda prediction for @okieclover‘s fic, Enigma’s Box, which just happened to become partly canon in the most recent chap yay!

Why Ben Solo Will Save Himself

The Last Jedi was all about deconstructing the traditional dichotomies that exist specifically within the Star Wars universe; namely, good vs evil, villain vs hero, failure vs success, somebody vs nobody. It pushes us to stop thinking in such binary terms by focusing on the biggest dichotomy of all: choice vs destiny.

One thing to note is that the movie also grants agency to both Kylo and Rey: Kylo finally finds the strength to rid himself of Snoke while Rey, after realizing that she is not enough to reach Ben, finds the strength to leave him. (It’s seriously so Jane Eyre, I love it).

Most noteworthy of all is the fact that neither sacrifices their agency for one another, which isn’t the same as giving up on someone. His final scene is so nuanced, like everything else in this entire goddamn movie, and it’s incredible. You see Kylo’s remorse and knowledge that he’s made a mistake in the way he is positioned. 

If he was being set up to be IX’s main villain (or, at least, irredeemable), we would have ended TLJ seeing him standing, victorious, and empowered by his recently won freedom and assumption of power. Instead, he’s on the ground, literally on his knees, deflated and defeated. He’s not empowered; he’s paid a price for his freedom, and it’s left him the most heartbroken he’s probably ever been.

Luke’s parting words to him were both stern and reassuring: I will always be with you, like your father. See you around, kid.

Likewise, Rey’s final look to him was both stern and reassuring: You messed this up. But when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting.

Kylo can’t kill his past; he spends the entire movie telling Rey to confront and kill her past yet he can’t do the same thing for himself. Frankly, it’s not really about killing so much as accepting the past, something that I think Rey is ultimately able to do, even though she’s been living in denial as a way to maintain her sense of hope. Until Ben deals with his past in a similar way, he will always make the wrong choices.

My prediction/hope for IX is that Kylo Ren disappeared after Crait.

Because I think, in that abandoned rebel base, in that moment of his lowest point (again, metaphorically represented by his debased position), Ben Solo comes back and makes another choice: the choice to be truly free.

By leaving the FO but not joining the Resistance, by leaving the Dark Side but not entering the Light, he will give himself the much needed time for self-reflection and introspection, and some serious soul-searching away from all the institutions he was trapped by. I hope we see this journey in IX, with Force ghost Luke there to guide (but not lead) him and Rey there in their Force connection to support (but not push) him.

And I don’t think Ben Solo’s redemption will come at the cost of Rey’s journey. I think Luke will be guiding her just as much, as she deciphers all this Force philosophy. All three will create a new ideology.


A lot of times in hero vs villain tropes, the hero says to the villian, “I am nothing like you.”

What I want to see is a hero and villian who are almost exactly alike in thought and personality, the only difference being either their choice or what made them take their path.

And then I want the story to progress, plot happens, things start to get darker.

New choices and realizations are made by both sides and you realize by the end of it….

They’ve switched places.

The hero’s choices made them a villian.
And the villian choices made them a hero.

minhamenteeumuniverso  asked:

Do you have more villain/hero prompts? Maybe something with angst.

Sure :)

“The world and I once believed the same things and I was a hero.”

“So what!? I’m the villain now because I wouldn’t abandon them? Because I didn’t turn my backs on them like the rest of you! That’s bullshit and you know it.”

“I’m trying to protect you! I loved you so much I was willing to become the villain to protect you.”

“Be the hero. Kill me.”

“You’re not evil. You’re hurting and you don’t know how to handle the pain except the one way you’ve been taught. But you aren’t evil.”

“What I did was wrong. What you did was wrong too. But beating you up in the name of justice wasn’t right. Beating you up wasn’t right.”

One day, the “hero” realizes they aren’t the hero. What they have been doing is wrong (even if the world was supporting them/saying they were right). The “villain” has been the true hero all along. They go to the “villain” to apologize.

The villain saves the hero from another villain earning the hero’s trust.

The villain risks his life and freedom to save a group of children resulting in his capture.

Requests always open :)

I pulled off my first 10 mile run in like….a while. My conclusions are as follows:

  • Deku getting his UA acceptance letter in episode 4 is the purest feel-good anime moment of 2016
  • Deku, Ochako, and Iida are the purest anime characters of 2k-forever
  • Bakugou getting slammed flat on his ass 2.03 seconds into the villain-vs.-hero battle with Deku is a highlight of Bakugou’s career
  • Ricochet by Starset is fucking badass and dramatically lip-syncing to it while running is a 10/10 would recommend
  • The gym parking lot smells kinda funny at 12:30 am
  • ow my legs

So referring to my posts about letting people be happy about self onset art they do or self insert fan fiction-

Adults fawning over underage characters, I do not include as self insert, I include it as gross and weird.

But aside from that if someone does art with them shipping themselves or an oc together with a canon character, why should it matter that you like it or not, if it makes them happy, just leave them alone.

Unless it’s an adult fetishizing and just- drawing themselves with underage characters, obviously.

Guys I have common sense :/

This Thing: Update 1

So, the update for this look of this project, I colored, polished the half-assed coloring, contemplated on how much time I spent on just the draft part and not the actual lines, actual coloring for the actual image. This is still “Pre-lineart” stage. Which is looking pretty heckin’ if I have to say myself.

Still, characters that need to be filled:

  • Mantis
  • Nebula
  • Corvus Glaive

Since I’ve categorized GotG characters as Adventure Time characters, you can see the two exceptions to that rule. Simon and Betty. And because of that, I’ll let Mantis and Nebula be none-Adventure Time characters! Equivalent exchange, man. Now to think who to replace them…

Corvus Glaive is still up for suggestions. I have no idea which villain I want to put there.

Also! More notes on details if you keep reading…

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