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Each main Legend of Korra villain represents a different political ideology.

Even the more minor villains like Varrick (who started off as a villain but underwent character development) and the Earth Queen represent ideologies as well:  Capitalism and Monarchy, respectively.

I want to see Megatron struggling with his guilt over Orion. I want those memories to resurface after Optimus gets amnesia. I want to see Megatron missing those days before the war, when everything was easier.

I want to see Starscream reminiscing over his trine, over old friends taken by the war. I want him to question Megatron not just because of his own lust for power, but because he wonders if the war can ever truly end if Megatron is in power.

I want to see Knock Out and Breakdown sharing drinks together, telling stories about old flames, or maybe about that surgery they just got out of? I want Knock Out to comfort Breakdown when he talks about the Wreckers. I want to see Knock Out, believing he’s alone after Breakdown’s death, drinking alone. I want Starscream to come to him, understanding, and just share a drink.

I want to see Airachnid remembering all the people she’s killed, and feeling her chest tighten. I want her to scream and throw an energon cube at the wall when she thinks about Arcee, then compose herself when a soldier appears at her door, but she’s barely holding it together.

I want to see Soundwave at Megatron’s side, a hand on the warlord’s shoulder. He knows what he’s going through––what they’re all going through––because war isn’t easy. War takes a toll.

I want to see Vehicons/Eradicons comforting each other in the darkest of times, holding funerals for every fallen comrade, hoping beyond hope that they’ll live to see the end of the war.

I want to see Shockwave, a victim of empurata and shadowplay, standing in his lab. He knows he can reverse the shadowplay. He can make himself feel again. But should he?

I want to see Dreadwing holding a small funeral for his brother. I want Megatron to sincerely mourn Dreadwing following his death and question his own decision. I want to see him honor a good soldier.

We’ve seen the Autobots’ soft sides––their human sides––now what about the Decepticons?

and also this
i tried to put some meaning into that window frame but idk i guess its not rly understandable….. like at all
make of the entirety of this what u will

Two Types of Evil

There are two types of evil in this world.  The ones that admit to being the villain and the ones that pretend to be your hero.

There is the evil that is unabashedly out for death and destruction.  Not always literally, but in each case, someone will pay, and it will never be them.  Their power is gained through your pain.  There is no friendship, smiles, or false pretenses.  Maybe not always to begin with.  Some do not always begin outright, but eventually, they can’t hide what’s lurking inside.  Despite that, you question where so much darkness can come from.  These are the down and dirty, blood on their hands and surely on their name when it is spoken for ages to come.  Even though there won’t be any time wasted in understanding their intentions, it doesn’t matter because you are already gone.  

Tom Marvolo Riddle

And there is the evil that lurks in the phrase,”The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  The ones that truly think their way is best.  Superiority, Authority, leading to Enmity.  It starts with a sweet smile and talk of change, leading to the destruction of your foundation, manipulation of choice.  It’s not just changing laws, it’s about changing you.  This is the person that rides in like a hero to your face and stabs you in the back like the villain they truly are.  That won’t happen, though, if you don’t make any waves in their path to the “Greater Good” because if you aren’t going to be great with them, they are going to make sure you are gone for good, and you will definitely feel it.

Dolores Jane Umbridge

So which one hurts you worse?

instead of hero/villain ships being about weird power dynamics or sexual tension or whatever, hero/villain ships where is just kinda.. happens… like the hero spends so much time with the villain, trying to save them or rehabilitate them or kill them in some instances, that they actually start enjoying the villain’s company more than they’d like to admit. both sides end up have post or pre-battle heart to hearts, where they discover they have more in common than they thought. maybe the hero can understand the villain’s plight, or the villain comes round to the hero’s way of thinking. 

more hero/villain ships where the villain just sort of hangs out with the heroes. they’re bound to betray them at some point, or so the hero thinks, because they’re a free spirit who follows their own whims. but now the villain is crashing at the hero’s apartment and the hero doesn’t even care. sometimes the hero and villain eat takeout together or fall asleep in the same places. then the hero really notices the villain’s absence when they’re gone.

more hero/villain ships where the hero and villain have known each other since they were kids, or certainly for a long time. they were friends. somewhere along the line they became more, or at least one of them started to develop feelings for the other. then when they eventually become the hero and the villain, those feelings don’t just go away. they manifest themselves into strangled pleas and frustrated yelling. alternatively, the relationship continues, but it’s not healthy and they need to stop, but they’re addicted to each other. 

more hero/villain ships where it never goes past flirting and battle banter. they’re always teasing and flirting with each other, maybe even been close enough to kiss and smiled with shit eating grins on their faces, but both recognize it could never work. 

more hero/villain ships from the villain’s perspective. pining away for the hero in their secret lair or from prison. being so close to almost letting slip that they love the hero. the villain being mentally ill and unable to cope with their attraction to the hero and having that drive them deeper into themselves, to the point where the hero almost becomes the villain’s villain.

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So how'd you manage to get into OWCA, Heinz? I can't imagine they (read: Monogram) were very keen on the idea at first. And what does Perry think of this? What's it like working with him in such a different capacity?

I’m not really sure what Perry thinks, to be honest. He’s pretty quiet about the whole thing. I know he’s struggling not being a lone agent anymore, but he does seem to at least like his team. I’m mostly looking forward to when my probation’s up in a couple months and I can try for my Colors. So far it hasn’t really been too different from when Perry and I’ve teamed up before. Being a Good Guy’s pretty good so far, really. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

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I love how you draw human versions of alien characters as black ppl

That’s how I roll, plus it’s really cool figuring out how to do the hair because there’s so many styles you can choose fromand tbh skin color/patterns are also the best. Do I want freckles? splotches?, cool looking birthmarks? All possible I absolutely love♥♥♥

You guys give me an alien I’ll draw a human version of them.

Fun French Fact

Okay okay so I’ve seen Moana in French a’ight. 

And instead of calling Tamatoa “Crab Cake”, Maui calls him “Pâté De Crabe” which is the French version of Krabby Patty. 

And honestly that’s amazing thanks for the spongebob reference disney. 

rambling about the buff orange cheeto

whats funny about jasper is that even though i sympathize with her more and agree she’s a victim, i dont relate to her one bit. in fact i think that she’s a sloppily written mess of a character.

i feel like a lot of people forget/ignore that jasper hasn’t progressed very well at all (character-wise). its no where near as bad as lapis’s trainwreck of a character, but its still poorly done imo. 

alone at sea gave us a portrayal of jasper that no one was expecting. someone who was submissive and willing to run back to lapis despite everything lapis did to her. she even attempted to kill steven because she was upset about being rejected and jumped to conclusions.

when i first say it i thought, “oh man! where is this going to go? how badly did lapis change her?”

but they didn’t go anywhere with that. it was as if all that trauma and months of torture and isolation did nothing to her. honestly think it was a really really bad idea to just keep her her next appearances in su down to three episodes that were all really close to each other. 

and in most (if not ALL) of her appearances after jailbreak, she felt less and less like a character and more like a tool for other characters. and it wouldnt be so bad hadn’t jasper been forced into a situation that clearly messed with her psychologically and rebecca sugar admitting to jasper struggling with self hate issues.

she has lapis’s issues have been filled with a promise after overcoming serious trauma, but rather than expand and explore on it. The crew decides “eh, lets corrupt her since amethyst and steven finished their arc and not worry about it”.

im not saying this as a jasper fan or whatever because id LOVE more villain jasper content. but im saying this as someone who’s tired of seeing these really interesting ideas for characters being tossed aside simply because they need to exist to be plot devices or someone’s obstacle.

why not have a villain who’s overwhelmed with anger and trauma push to create an army but struggle with it. everyone thinks she’s going to fail because you cant control a corruption, but she slowly gets better at it. why not give us more from jasper’s perspective??? for christ’s sake the diamonds get more development than her. 

why not keep her a recurring villain? a tragic villain sort of deal? why did they have to give up on her so quickly.  go d

what i dont understand is why evil!barry wants to contribute to the time-loop that is inevitably going to happen… like he literally wants to kill iris so he can be born… why would he want to do that to himself? i know villains don’t want to die and want to wreak as much havoc as possible, but wouldn’t you rather prevent yourself from becoming a spiteful murderer in the first place? like if there is even a shred of humanity in him, wouldn’t he want to prevent himself from suffering in the first place?
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Sherlock discovers that nothing is as it seemed and the world he knew was an illusion. Now he must find his way back to himself and to John.


Sherlock is looking into John’s eyes the moment reality shatters. There is a rightness to that; a poetic harmony in the universe beating the same destructive rhythm through their fragile existence. If anyone can understand the helpless devastation of that moment of losing everything, including all sense of oneself, surely John can.</blockquote>

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Your vocaloid playlists are amazing! You're amazing! It's like a winning combo in one! I don't know if you're still making them, but do you know any songs that are similar to "Carnival"? (The one Gumi sings) like the fun and slightly villainous atmosphere sort of?

here we go!


-if you don’t know it already, i suggest checking out Hitoshizuku × Yama△’s   “Night ∞” song series! they all have that kinda ‘crazy carnival’ feel to them.
-some of producer machigerita’s works also have a ‘halloween party’ kind of theme that you might like!
-i also recommend producer Tohma’s Heart of Azalea album. listen to it here!