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Each main Legend of Korra villain represents a different political ideology.

Even the more minor villains like Varrick (who started off as a villain but underwent character development) and the Earth Queen represent ideologies as well:  Capitalism and Monarchy, respectively.

Ok, so something sad that happenes but it gets better.

Flug, while mixing chemicals together one day for an invisibility serum, manages to somehow grab the wrong chemical to mix with the one hes currently holding, because he was busy shouting at Demencia to “PUT THAT DOWN BEFORE IT SHATTERS!”, and the mixutre ends up exploding in his eyes. The rest of his face is fine, but his eyes become damaged. He becomes black and white colorblind. Hes only able to see in monochrome. His visions slightly blurry too, but aside from that and now being colorblind, he’s ok.

This wouldnt be such a problem, except that he needs to be able to see the colors of certain wires to make certain inventions work correctly, and he needs to be able to see the colors of different chemicals so that he doesnt cause a wider scale explosion in the lab.

For a while he makes things work. He has to work a bit slower on some inventions, and he often needs Demencia’s help in differentiating colors of liquids and machine parts and such, but other than the slower pace, which agravates Black Hat a good bit, all is the same as it was before the incident.

One day however, Flug comes into the lab to find a suprise on table: a pair of goggles that will fit over the bag he wears. (Prior to this he didnt wear goggles over the bag. He just had eyeholes cut out of it.)

He goes to put them on, and almost screams when he does because EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT AGAIN!!

The goggles turn out to have lenses in them that can correct colorblindness and “Holy shit I CAN SEE THE COLORS AGAIN!! THIS IS AMAZING!!”

Demencia walks in the lab with 5.0.5 in tow, and notices Flug walking around, looking at everything, clearly happy about something. And then she notices the goggles.

“Neat goggles you got there! Where’d they come from?”

“I don’t know but Demencia, they allow me to see colors again!!!!”

And shes kinda suprised because “Wait they make goggles like that?!”

And Flugs just so happy because he can finally do his work again without depending on someone else to help him, and this will speed up his work process againc and Black Hat won’t be so upset with his work time and -

“Wait, Demencia, you didn’t get these for me?”

“Nope, no idea where they came from.”

He’s a bit puzzeled, because these goggles obviously didnt just show up out of nowhere. Someone got them for him. Someone who knew he was colorblind.

Someone who wasn’t Demencia, and certainly not 5.0.5.

That left one person. Well, demon more like it.

Flug walks to Black Hats office, and opens the door just slightly to see that his boss is busy filling out that years tax forms, because “We may be a team of villains, but we still live in a house and own a business, and as such we owe taxes to the idiotic government that runs this country, and I will NOT have my company run to the ground because of tax evasion!!”
Flug waits until he finishes writing up the page he’s on, and then steps into the office the whole way.

“What is it that you require Dr. I’m very busy at the moment and you have orders to fill.”

“Well um, Sir I just..just wanted to let you know that those orders you gave me yesterday? They’ll uh..they’ll be done by tomorrow. Tomorrow morning actually.”

Black Hat looks up at that because “Flugs work has taken longer than two days since the incident that doesn’t add up” and then he notices the goggles.

“What’s with the new headwear Flug?”

“Oh the goggles? They appeared on my um. My desk this morning. They actually..they correct my vision?”


“I can..i can see colors again Sir.”

Black Hat sits back for a minute, taking in the information.

“Is that why you’ll have those orders done so quickly compared to your normal time?”

“Yes Sir.”

“…fair enough. Make sure they’re as good quality wise as the ones you’ve been producing. We don’t want to sell rushed work to our clients and ruin our reputation now do we?”

“No Sir, of course not. I’ll um..i’ll have them ready and done well by tomorrow morning for you.”

“Good. Now go back to working on them, I need to finish these forms, least my company go down the drain from failing to comply with thw government’s asinine rules.”

Flug turns to leave, and gets halfway out the door, before turning back to Black Hat.

“You wouldn’t happen to have been the one who got the goggles for me, were you Sir?”

Black Hat looks up, small scowl on his face.

“Of course not Dr. Why would I ever do such a thing like that? I have no idea who gave them to you. Just be greatful that you have them now and get back to work.”

“Yes Sir, will do.”

And with that Flug leaves.

He doesn’t see the small smile on Black Hats face after he leavws because “he liked the goggles I got for him.”

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Each avenger goes through a simulation in which they try and play the role of a super villain as the others try to defeat them. Tony wipes the floor with them with simulation Ironman Suit access and without. Maybe they try to warn people and Fury is like, yeah we knew that ages ago... you guys are thanking him and stuff, right? And they've all gone very pale :)

Fury stared at the sad pile of humans that used to be an assortment of his best agents with Expressionless Face #34, also known as I-am-not-impressed-and-neither-would-you-be-if-you-saw-how-pathetic-you-look-right-now.

“Stark destroyed you again,” he eventually said matter-of-fact. There was no doubt about it. He didn’t even know if he’d expected anything else.

“He did not destroy us!” Steve Rogers groaned, prideful to the end. And clearly in denial.

Fury eyed the glassy look in Barton’s eyes speculatively. He was gonna have to invest in new psychologists, he just knew it. Fucking Stark.

“He fucking obliterated you.” Fury snorted when the statement was greeted with a telling silence. 

He just wished he could get his hand on the simulation data, but Stark had a habit of wiping it clean before they’d even left the room and Fury sure as hell wasn’t going to ask for it. He could probably keep Stark’s damn AI out of the simulator, but Fury didn’t get into the position he holds by fighting losing battles.

“Permission to go to medical?” Rogers gasped, and well. When Rogers asked, that’s when you knew Stark had pulled out the big guns.

“Fuck off,” Fury snapped. Professionalism was wasted on these half-conscious morons with more stubbornness than their sanity could bear anyways.

Romanoff was the only one who lingered.

“Sir?” she asked and though her composure was much better, her left thumb twitched in a way that told Fury better than words how unnerved she really was. At least she didn’t beat around the bush. “I’m concerned about Stark.”

Fury barks a laugh that is anything but friendly.

“Get in line, Romanoff.”

[And, when she’s almost reached the door: “If you ever manage to get on his good side, you might wanna stay there.”

It’s as close to admitting even he doesn’t know how real the threat Stark poses is, as Fury will ever allow himself to get.]

People: Batman doesn’t care about reforming the villains or helping them in any way

Me: he’s offered help to JOKER countless time and has even protected him against jason todd and others wanting to kill him, selina kyle used to be a villain and now look at her, harley quinn was given an entire day with batman helping her so that she could take it easy and get reformed, when an arkham employee was treating the patients badly he stepped in and fired their ass and got them what they deserved, still has an i believe in harvey dent button, gives new criminals advice and if they have starving children will give them money, tries to find a cure for waylon jones and clayface + tells him he can still be the man he once was, lets deadshot see his kid and have an opportunity to tell them goodbye, offered riddler a detective job, is constantly trying to help hush/tommy elliot, tries to convince talia to abandon her father and show ras the wrong of his ways, found those behind mr. freeze’s wifes incasement in ice and helped to get them on trail, should i continue?


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Dr. Flug & Black Hat - Me


Persona 5 - Sweet

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so anyway I love Jared Kleinman and it would be incredible if when you defend him from being more than a meme or a joke you don’t bring up and feelings he may or may not have for Evan and instead focus on the canon fact that his deep insecurities and personal issues caused him to be rude and mean to those around him, including to Evan. I understand that he was lonely and deeply insecure but that doesn’t actually excuse the fact that he mocked Evan, a boy he knew was anxious and had no other friends, as well as Connor, a boy he knew at least had anger issues and no friends. He also encouraged Evan to lie to the Murphy’s (although that doesn’t excuse Evan by any means) and attempted to profit off of Connor’s suicide multiple times for selfish reasons (the Connor buttons and demanding money from Evan to help with the emails). Not to mention, despite him making it perfectly clear to Evan that he wasn’t really his friend in act one, when act two came around he was eager to make Evan feel guilty for leaving him behind. Again, none of this excuses Evan and his poor decisions, but it also means that Jared shouldn’t be excused for his actions either.

If there’s one thing I hate more about the MCU fandoms continuing analysis and dissection of Civil War than the constant need by anti Tony stans to twist his actions and motivations to make him look like a bad guy, it’s this bizarre insistence that there has to be a bad guy other than Zemo. Not just in a ‘this side is ideologically wrong‘ sense, but in a sense that the MCU fandom just can’t handle the idea of a superhero movie where the protagonists disagree with, argue and fight each other without turning one of them into the antagonist.

For one thing, it shows how shallow fandoms can be and how fandoms never seem to acknowledge nuance as a thing in movies, TV shows or whatever else. For example, Kylo Ren is a deeply disturbed character who seems to want to be as evil as he can be to live up to his grandfather to the point of killing his own father to impress Snoke. But the fandom seem to either reduce to him to just an emo version of Vader or, worst of all, make him out to be a Zuko type anti hero who is totally redeemable and should totally get together with a girl who he tortured. Yeah, that kind of ‘analysis‘ bugs the hell out of me.

Mainly because it undermines what makes Civil War such a great movie. That being: both Steve and Tony have their points, but whose arguments and actions for most of the movie are driven more by reactionary emotion than any kind of logic or sense of the greater good.

Tony tries his best to do what’s best for what he sees as the greater good mainly out of personal guilt and PTSD eating away at him more than anything else. Eventually leading to the ending where Tony’s damaged psyche finally snaps from emotional agony. He does keep trying to do the right thing, but mainly to finally shake off a sense of guilt he’s never been able to deal with.

And Steve doesn’t do much better. Yes, at first, his motivations seem logical. His reasons for saying no to the Accords are personal, but they have logic behind them. But  he’s driven mostly by emotion the moment Bucky enters the picture. And I’ve already made another post about this, but I cannot stress this enough: Captain America in this movie is doing what he’s always done: what he believes is right and damning the consequences. He will follow orders, but if thinks his orders are wrong, he will disobey them and he will fight the system if he thinks it’s wrong. That’s what he does here. Only here, not only does that not solve anything, it makes everything worse. He gets Rhodey crippled, he breaks Tony’s heart, Bucky goes under cryosleep again, and most of the Avengers are now fugitives. All because of Steve.

TL;DR Neither Steve nor Tony were the bad guys in Civil War. They were on the opposing sides of a political debate that got out of hand because both of them let their emotions get the better of them.

I want to see Megatron struggling with his guilt over Orion. I want those memories to resurface after Optimus gets amnesia. I want to see Megatron missing those days before the war, when everything was easier.

I want to see Starscream reminiscing over his trine, over old friends taken by the war. I want him to question Megatron not just because of his own lust for power, but because he wonders if the war can ever truly end if Megatron is in power.

I want to see Knock Out and Breakdown sharing drinks together, telling stories about old flames, or maybe about that surgery they just got out of? I want Knock Out to comfort Breakdown when he talks about the Wreckers. I want to see Knock Out, believing he’s alone after Breakdown’s death, drinking alone. I want Starscream to come to him, understanding, and just share a drink.

I want to see Airachnid remembering all the people she’s killed, and feeling her chest tighten. I want her to scream and throw an energon cube at the wall when she thinks about Arcee, then compose herself when a soldier appears at her door, but she’s barely holding it together.

I want to see Soundwave at Megatron’s side, a hand on the warlord’s shoulder. He knows what he’s going through––what they’re all going through––because war isn’t easy. War takes a toll.

I want to see Vehicons/Eradicons comforting each other in the darkest of times, holding funerals for every fallen comrade, hoping beyond hope that they’ll live to see the end of the war.

I want to see Shockwave, a victim of empurata and shadowplay, standing in his lab. He knows he can reverse the shadowplay. He can make himself feel again. But should he?

I want to see Dreadwing holding a small funeral for his brother. I want Megatron to sincerely mourn Dreadwing following his death and question his own decision. I want to see him honor a good soldier.

We’ve seen the Autobots’ soft sides––their human sides––now what about the Decepticons?

Villains of the Hogwarts Houses
  • Since the common occurrence in the book series is that Slytherin = bad, you don't really get exposure to how villains of other houses work, and how to identify them (except in the case of Peter Pettigrew, and he was more of a man with weak character than a true villain). This leads to lazily typing every villain you come across as Slytherin because they seem like this list of characters (all the #death eaters).
  • Villains can be any house, and are spread quite evenly, but just as we look for motivation in typing regular people, villains are the same motivations in an unhealthy way; their thought process does not change; the same core life goal/motivation remains, except how they are accomplishing it is very bad. So here are some examples and explanations of each kind of villain.
  • Slytherin: Ahh, why not just start with an easy-peasy, completely expected one. Crowley from Supernatural. He's evil, right? He plans to take over hell and overthrow whomever needed because he wants to. He wants recognition. He wants to stay alive. It's all about him and he's open with that, which is why he'll assist the Winchesters: he needs something that they can provide. There is no moral wall, he's just doing what best serves him at the moment. Flexible, calculating, charming, the ideal slytherin villian. Look over at Voldemort. Same thing. It was very personal; he wanted to rule the wizarding world and decided to do it for no reason other than power. His dislike of muggles came from personal hatred of his father, not a perceived noble pursuit (as you'll see in hufflepuff, oh yes).
  • Gryffindor: The perfect example of a Gryffindor villain is once again from Supernatural. Lucifer. When you look at him, you can easily tell his motivations are vastly different from Crowley. While Crowley is open that yes this is shitty, it's because I want it, Lucifer takes on a holier than thou attitude, and has a perception of a great wrong that has been done to him, that he must avenge. He wants to kill humanity because it's right. Why is it right? Because he says so. There is no concept of climbing to the top, or winning anything, Lucifer is trying to simultaneously prove something and enforce his idea of a correct world onto others. They can either agree and help him, or, as happened to Gabriel, they are flawed and must perish (which is different from a slytherin who will spare you if you don't get in their way). Slytherin is self-serving; gryffindor is blinded righteousness.
  • Hufflpuff: Hufflepuff really has no fictional villains, which is horrid because they are some of the greatest possible villains to write. The villains in fiction from most to least common are slytherin, gryffindor and ravenclaw rarely, and hufflepuff never. Just basically everyone picks a slytherin villain, which is why they all seem the same. The only place I can think to find a hufflepuff villain is history. The truest hufflepuff villain I can think of is Adolph Hitler.
  • Similar to gryffindor, they believe they're working for a cause, except it's not based on personal moral belief as much as perceived needs from others, and the greater good, something outside themselves. My people are having difficulty? I'm doing this for THEM, to help THEM, because it needs to be done. This is what they want, right? Yes? Good. No? Well, it's what they need, and I'll help them anyway (like a distorted mother knows best kind of thing). They genuinely believe that what they're doing is HELPING someone, that they're doing this great deed, which is why they're actually dangerous villains. The least dangerous villain is slytherin, because they know what they're doing is self serving, and therefore an be persuaded. The other 3 houses are deluded in some way, which makes it nearly impossible to change their point of view, if they're unhealthy enough to be villains in the first place.
  • Ravenclaw: Sigh. Ravenclaw villains are, in a word... hard to pin down. Their motives are very abstract, so they truly could not tell you a specific reason for doing what they're doing. While Gryffindor and Hufflepuff would use a personal experience or observation to draw and back up their faulty conclusion, ravenclaw isn't doing that at all. There is no specific reason they can give, it just goes from vague abstracts to vague abstracts. Often their motivation is because people 'are blind', or 'can't see', or don't understand, or that they shuned an innovative idea. Ravenclaw then usually goes on a ruthless trip to 'show them', or make them understand. Basically The Joker in DC and Ultron in Marvel. Why are they doing anything? To make people see or understand. Often motivated by revenge or bitterness, usually a backstory about embarrassment or perceived humiliation.
  • A ravenclaw villain is basically existential nihilism on steroids; a in the end, the world will just burn, type vibe.

and also this
i tried to put some meaning into that window frame but idk i guess its not rly understandable….. like at all
make of the entirety of this what u will

@digdipper09 I saw your Tony as a villain comment and raise you Tony as an accidental-clueless-unknowing villain. Not quite what I expected when I started but *shrug*

The Villainous Career of Tony Stark–A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

A different take on the Tony as the Villains’ Favourite™ concept. Where the consequences of hate and gossip are unpredictable, and nothing ever goes the way you intend it to… Also this is mostly crack. I tried treating it seriously, but not sure I succeeded.

Warning: Contains small amounts of various superhero hate, because villains and terrible people. In this chapter mainly Tony and Bruce.

A rumour doesn’t have to be true. It has to be shared.

There is this kid, barely old enough to drink, yet already well on his way to become a super villain. It’s name–though of no importance–is Ian, and he knows two things, and two things only: 1) Being able to corrode even the thickest of stones with just your spit is unnatural and despicable. 2) Tony Stark is the most revolting, hypocritical, pathetic waste of space there is.

Both lessons the kid learned early on, like many other things, from his parents. A spiteful, bitter pair too occupied spewing poisonous words into every direction to find something worth loving in their lives.

And so it is perhaps inevitable that this kid, Ian, eventually finds his way into the New Yorker underground, where, thanks to his ability, he quickly finds a sponsor. An older, more experienced villain willing to show the kid the ropes and keep him out of trouble with the big leagues until he might be able to handle it.

They talk about super heroes eventually because of course they do. Know your enemy and all. And it’s then, when the mentor goes over Iron Man’s known abilities, that the kid frowns in confusion.

“But Iron Man isn’t a villain?” he says like it’s obvious, a truth that has been drilled into his mind for so long that questioning it is unthinkable–after all, following Iron Man’s path is a large part of the reason why Ian is here in the first place, trying to become a super villain.

The mentor meanwhile is struck dumb by this, this utterly ridiculous statement. He doesn’t even know where to begin refuting this claim, everyone knows Iron Man is a hero, where did this kid even come from?

But when he tries to explain as much to the kid, Ian proves himself surprisingly stubborn for the first time. It’s all “He went out of the arms’ business” “Yes, because he didn’t want to share them anymore, he kept them to himself” and “He saved the world” “Yeah, to save himself”, until eventually, the poor, exhausted mentor has to admit defeat. There is no convincing this kid that Tony Stark isn’t a villain, even though he’s obviously a hero.

…isn’t he?

There’s this lower-class villain mentor who’s a little thrown-off by his protégés insistence that Tony Stark is a villain. He knows it couldn’t be true of course, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to convince the kid of that–and that, that bothers him.

He seeks counsel with a higher-up villain the next day, a man feared enough to have earned his own villain name. Dagger he is called and rumour has it he has even once encountered an Avenger himself.

Dagger has nothing but scoffs and scorn for the mentor, served with a bunch of sharp barbs about how the drinks must’ve softened up his brain. But Dagger holds no love for Iron Man, who at one point blasted him into a wall before he could so much as raise his daggers, and so the answer a curious minion overhears is a snappish “sure is enough of a selfish bastard to fit the bill”.

There’s this man well into his fifties, who’s been working behind the bar of the Gustav’s all his life. He’s used to the odd people slipping through the door way too late, used to barely hidden weapons, used to shady deals and not asking questions.

He’s less used to a bunch of very shady men gathering together in one corner, arguing, louder and louder, drawing more and more attention. Over Tony Stark of all things.

But he’s kept his head down all his life and he continues to do so. Until the men demand a refill and one of them demands to know whether it’s true, whether Tony Stark really is a villain. And this man, who’s rarely ever been asked for his own thoughts, bares his teeth as he thinks of Stark, of the man who has been born with everything he could have ever wanted, and so he rants about arrogance and entitlement and how Stark has done more damage to this world than that damn Loki ever did.

And the men listen silently, occasionally nodding in solemn agreement, and the next round the bartender gives out for free.

There is Carter Whistney who hasn’t been high up in HYDRA’s hierarchy. Which might just be the only reason he is still alive and free. But ever since HYDRA’s fall–or setback, depending on whom you ask–he has begun to make a name for himself. And whilst not as high up in the underworld as, say, Loki, he is doing well indeed.

As such, when the first rumours of Tony Stark being secretly a villain reach his ears, he could afford to spend ten minutes laughing about how gullible his minions really are.

Then. Then he takes the situation for what it really is. A chance to besmirch the name of Tony fucking Stark, an irritating nuisance in every honest villain’s butt.

And so he turns back to his terrified underlings with a wide, crazed smile on his lips and uttered a single confirmation.

There is Brock Rumlow tilting his head to the side in consideration. For the past three weeks or so, the underworld has been abuzz with rumours about the one and only Tony Stark, a name that never fails to draw attention from every side of the legal line.

It’s not the first time that uninformed morons and FOX reporters insist on the inherent evil-ness of the guy, but those rumours usually dissipate within days. This time it seems like every minion in New York has been won over at the same time.

It could be a coincidence, mere happenstance, but Brock Rumlow doesn’t believe in coincidences. And since this time the theory clearly isn’t gonna disappear on its own, perhaps it’s time to–reconsider.

After all… There has been the Incident.

(Nobody talks about the Incident.)

With a sign Rumlow pulls out his newest burner phone. It’s time to let the others, who are less likely to pay attention to their underlings’ worries know of this new development. Whether it’s true or not, rumours as persistent as this one will have uncomfortable consequences sooner rather than later.

They need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

The Council of All That Is Evil And All That Spreads Evil is in full session. Which is to say, all its twenty four, highly esteemed members are shouting and flinging insults at each other, as is usual at this stage in the informed decision making process.

“This is preposterous!” one of the more conservative members interrupts. “Why do we even waste our time with this pointless discussion? Iron Man is a hero, there’s no questioning that!”

“Then where was he during Project Insight?” another one throws in heatedly. “Why wasn’t he defending his precious civilians from all those armed helicarriers? Helicarriers that he built by the way.”

“Hulk wasn’t there either and I don’t see you trying to turn him into a villain!” the first one shoots back.

“Psh,” a third member scoffs. “Hulk runs all the time.”

“And someone explain to me how a man who routinely hacked SHIELD and other secret government data banks, could not know about HYDRA’s continued survival!” the second one continuous with new fervour. “Explain how a man with the most developed computing skills didn’t know his own business partner made deals with terrorists.”

“He almost got killed by said terrorists,” the first one scorns.

“Oh, like you’ve never gotten rid off your partner because he knew too much,” the second snarks right back.

“I can’t believe we’re even considering this.” A fourth villain buries his face in his hands.

“You have to admit though, there’s a lot of holes in these stories,” his seat neighbour comments. “I mean, do you really think SHIELD could just sneak a spy in right under Stark’s nose and he’d suspect nothing?”

“Order! Order!” the Council’s president bellows. “I do not believe that we will resolve this issue today. Therefore I ask that you keep your eyes and ears open, and gather as much information as possible for the meeting in two weeks, where we’ll discuss this again. Meeting adjourned!”

Technically there are 2-3 more parts planned. Two more from various villains’ perspectives and then one from Tony’s point of view. But this was getting ridiculously long as it is and also I’m increasingly less sure if it’s a good read? Damn you, insecurity. Let me know what you think?

Btw the alternate title for this was The Only Acceptable Consequence Of Tony-Hate, just because.

Two Types of Evil

There are two types of evil in this world.  The ones that admit to being the villain and the ones that pretend to be your hero.

There is the evil that is unabashedly out for death and destruction.  Not always literally, but in each case, someone will pay, and it will never be them.  Their power is gained through your pain.  There is no friendship, smiles, or false pretenses.  Maybe not always to begin with.  Some do not always begin outright, but eventually, they can’t hide what’s lurking inside.  Despite that, you question where so much darkness can come from.  These are the down and dirty, blood on their hands and surely on their name when it is spoken for ages to come.  Even though there won’t be any time wasted in understanding their intentions, it doesn’t matter because you are already gone.  

Tom Marvolo Riddle

And there is the evil that lurks in the phrase,”The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  The ones that truly think their way is best.  Superiority, Authority, leading to Enmity.  It starts with a sweet smile and talk of change, leading to the destruction of your foundation, manipulation of choice.  It’s not just changing laws, it’s about changing you.  This is the person that rides in like a hero to your face and stabs you in the back like the villain they truly are.  That won’t happen, though, if you don’t make any waves in their path to the “Greater Good” because if you aren’t going to be great with them, they are going to make sure you are gone for good, and you will definitely feel it.

Dolores Jane Umbridge

So which one hurts you worse?

Aa ok I’ve seen people tagging @riplae and I forgot to do so I’m so sorry ;-;

I’ve been inspired by their idea and I tryed to do something similar with my own stuff added to it (Altho I think I failed) ^^’

If you don’t like me keeping the drawing posted I’ll delete it as soon as possible.

Also please check out Riplae’s art, they do the best Villainous fanart I’ve seen so far ♡

Again I’m terribly sorry if i caused any sort of inconvenience.

instead of hero/villain ships being about weird power dynamics or sexual tension or whatever, hero/villain ships where is just kinda.. happens… like the hero spends so much time with the villain, trying to save them or rehabilitate them or kill them in some instances, that they actually start enjoying the villain’s company more than they’d like to admit. both sides end up have post or pre-battle heart to hearts, where they discover they have more in common than they thought. maybe the hero can understand the villain’s plight, or the villain comes round to the hero’s way of thinking. 

more hero/villain ships where the villain just sort of hangs out with the heroes. they’re bound to betray them at some point, or so the hero thinks, because they’re a free spirit who follows their own whims. but now the villain is crashing at the hero’s apartment and the hero doesn’t even care. sometimes the hero and villain eat takeout together or fall asleep in the same places. then the hero really notices the villain’s absence when they’re gone.

more hero/villain ships where the hero and villain have known each other since they were kids, or certainly for a long time. they were friends. somewhere along the line they became more, or at least one of them started to develop feelings for the other. then when they eventually become the hero and the villain, those feelings don’t just go away. they manifest themselves into strangled pleas and frustrated yelling. alternatively, the relationship continues, but it’s not healthy and they need to stop, but they’re addicted to each other. 

more hero/villain ships where it never goes past flirting and battle banter. they’re always teasing and flirting with each other, maybe even been close enough to kiss and smiled with shit eating grins on their faces, but both recognize it could never work. 

more hero/villain ships from the villain’s perspective. pining away for the hero in their secret lair or from prison. being so close to almost letting slip that they love the hero. the villain being mentally ill and unable to cope with their attraction to the hero and having that drive them deeper into themselves, to the point where the hero almost becomes the villain’s villain.

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I really like your Villain!Deku HC!!! Can you do more, maybe NSFW ones. or anything really :3

(Trust me, I got more where that came from! Here! Have a formal banquet AU!)

  • Though Deku doesn’t normally go out a lot, he does attend formal events if it comes down to attendance being mandatory. These sorts of formal events are underground villain banquets, where villains from all across the globe visit to show off their accomplishments along with recruiting any young villains in training.
    • Quite honestly, the only reason Deku attends despite not wanting to, is because of the drinks and the women who would show off what sort of power they and their villain guilds hold. Deku isn’t much of a ladies man, but he does have the suave confidence to seduce any sort of information he can out of them.
      • The sort of information he asks for is what sort of power certain villains in other guilds have, and their locations. The reason for this, is so he could later destroy or experiment on them in the future. It’s all for the…’notes’.
  • The way he seduces women is fairly easy to him. He always keeps his confidence in check and watches his words carefully while also ‘thin slicing’ any sort of happenings around them that could’ve lead them to villainy. He finds it a bore how the reason is something he considers ‘petty’.
    • “I can see it in your eyes…you had issues in your past before running away from home my lady…” *grows a tiny, charming smile* “I can’t imagine how someone as lovely as you could live through so much pain…your mother dying in a hospital after you were born, and your father being a horrible man…tainting you and your beauty with his awful infection called his touch…” *takes her hand and gives her knuckles a soft kiss* “A…a gem like you should be loved by the world…”
      • Meanwhile in Deku’s head: ‘Tch. What a fucking easy out.’
  • Though he does hold respect towards women, he dislikes women who are weak minded, has no resolve, or is weak in physical strength. The personality he could give less of a shit about.
    • To the ladies who had dealt with their fair share of his charm, they call him “The Devil in Angel’s Clothing”.
  • Deku is a hell of a lot smarter than when he was a hero in training. In fact, he considers himself more clever and daring. After all, before anything happens, he’s always one step ahead, and even takes the time to sort through anything he’s missed before taking any rash chances.
    • Deku’s quite the gambler. He treats life like a game, and choices like a gamble where he places his bets.
      • He even gambled several times during his stay in the Villain banquets and he wins every single time. His secret? He cheats and rigs it. It still amazes him how they’ve never caught him or even considered that the villains who play could rig the system of each game.
  • It’s a bit of a rarity for Deku to find a lady he considers ‘special’, but when he does, he wants to spend every second with her for the rest of the night.
    • It’s extremely rare for Deku to lead a woman away to spend a one night stand with her. Mainly because he doesn’t want to raise a future villain that holds his genetics.
  • There are moments in the banquet where you can sing up on stage, perform your talents that no one acknowledged, show off your powers, and even slow dance on the dance floor. It’s a way of showcasing yourself to help you gain more recognition throughout the world.
    • Deku always take these chances whenever he feels is necessary. And whenever he has gained enough confidence. At one point, he saw a few villains showing off their talents, so whenever he feels it, he may as well take part in it.
      • He mostly just stays on the dance floor dancing with women who accepts his offered invitation. His swift and slow moves and his gentle holds on them are what helps him get the information so much easier than using just his words and confidence alone. Put those four things together, and he instantly has them melting in his arms.
  • He sells out the information he learned to his league as soon as they leave. And boy, does it feel so good to stab em in the back. Especially when it comes to breaking promises to the women he seduced.