villain takeover


“This seems like a good time for a drink, and a cold, calculated speech, with sinister overtones.  A speech about politics, about order, brotherhood, power.  But speeches are for campaigning: now is the time for action.”

-Evil Morty, “Rick and Morty”            

anonymous asked:

i feel like duke wouldn't really care about bruce dating selina or harv or either of them... like they'd show up in the manor one day and he'd be like 'oh' just bcos he doesn't have the same history w/ them as the rest of the batfam

duke sees so much weird shit at wayne manor he is done questioning things nowadays

i feel like he’d walk into the kitchen on a morning, traipsing out of his room at like 11AM all disheveled and yawning, still in some raggedy pajama pants and an oversized shirt. rubs his eyes so doesn’t see them at first, says “morning” bcos he expects like……… damian or cass or someone. instead he has to do a double take.

harvey’s cooking bacon with his back to duke, meanwhile selina is waiting expectantly at the table and gives him a wink when he walks in. he freezes. thinks there’s been some villain takeover while he was asleep… glances to coffee table in the parlor where he know there’s batarangs stored… until he hears bruce calling “it’s ok, duke.” from upstairs.

he’s still pretty freaked out but he’s just shrugs like, “whatever, pass the cereal.” 

I want a blooper reel of Batman villain capers and Gotham takeovers gone horribly, horribly awry.

Not foiled by Batman and those meddling sidekicks– just the results of horrible planning, unintended consequences and side effects, faulty equipment, and surprise variables.