villain takeover

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i feel like duke wouldn't really care about bruce dating selina or harv or either of them... like they'd show up in the manor one day and he'd be like 'oh' just bcos he doesn't have the same history w/ them as the rest of the batfam

duke sees so much weird shit at wayne manor he is done questioning things nowadays

i feel like he’d walk into the kitchen on a morning, traipsing out of his room at like 11AM all disheveled and yawning, still in some raggedy pajama pants and an oversized shirt. rubs his eyes so doesn’t see them at first, says “morning” bcos he expects like……… damian or cass or someone. instead he has to do a double take.

harvey’s cooking bacon with his back to duke, meanwhile selina is waiting expectantly at the table and gives him a wink when he walks in. he freezes. thinks there’s been some villain takeover while he was asleep… glances to coffee table in the parlor where he know there’s batarangs stored… until he hears bruce calling “it’s ok, duke.” from upstairs.

he’s still pretty freaked out but he’s just shrugs like, “whatever, pass the cereal.” 

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“It’s just a cut, really.” Todomomo cause I love your ficlets <3

;Heat Of The Moment 

‘Hold still!’

Todoroki grimaced as Momo applied pressure to his wound. Blood spilled out between her fingers, dripping onto the concrete floor. Civilians emerged from the ash and smoke, like a swarm of bees escaping the destruction of their hive. Following the Queen Bee – in this case, Midoriya and the others – they made their way towards safety, ignoring the injured hero as they scurried past.

‘I can’t use my quirk,’ he gasped. ‘That bastard touched me.’

‘Don’t worry about that. The others will take him out and everything will go back to the way it was.’ Momo could sense the distress in his eyes. ‘Just focus on your breathing. Your quirk is of no use to you in this state, anyway.’

Explosions signalled the approach of yet more villains – or the approach of one pissed off Bakugou – either way, it wasn’t safe for Todoroki here. Certainly not without his quirk. 

‘Listen, we don’t have much time,’ Momo urged. ‘I need to stop the bleeding long enough for us to escape.’

Todoroki’s gaze flicked to hers in an instant. ‘It’s just a cut,’ he insisted. ‘I’m fine!’

Frustrated, Momo exhaled a long breath and started the tedious yet clumsy process of unbuttoning her shirt. None of the students had access to their uniforms, nor did they have time to change into them. This was the real deal – a spontaneous villain takeover. A plain old shirt was all she could do.

Todoroki glanced away, showing hints of embarrassment, but said nothing as she proceeded to wrap her shirt around his bleeding thigh and secure it by knotting the sleeves. Tightening the temporary bind, she fixed him with hard eyes.

‘Can you stand?’

‘Wait,’ he muttered. 

‘We don’t have time to–

‘My jacket,’ he paused to shrug it from his shoulders, ‘take it.’

Not in any mood to protest, Momo slid her arms into the sleeves of his jacket and pulled it closed around herself. Then, rising to her feet, she cast about for signs of movement before extending a hand to help him up. Todoroki struggled to his feet and the two of them began their clumsy descent from the scene.

‘Lend me your weight,’ she insisted. ‘We’ll never make it down this slope if you don’t let me help you.’

He complied, leaning himself against her as they hurried through the chaos. Momo spotted fellow classmates in the dip of the slope, and the two made their way back to safety. 

It was hours later that Momo visited Todoroki in the infirmary. He was waiting to be patched up, apparently. The regular old-fashioned way. She’d heard it said that the pain in his leg was punishment for the way he handled the fight. That is to say, for running off on his own. 

Sidling up to the bed, Momo placed his jacket – freshly cleaned and neatly folded – on a chair at his bedside. Todoroki acknowledged the gesture with a simple nod. She’d learned the hard way that he’d avoid speaking if he could. Maybe it was easier for him that way. Or maybe he didn’t know how to voice the proper thanks because he’d never had to before.

‘How’s your leg?’ she asked, glancing at his bandaged thigh. 


‘Well, that’s good.’

‘How are the others?’ he deflected.

‘They’re fine. The villains were taken into custody.’ Momo glanced at his jacket on the chair. ‘Your quirk should have returned to you by now.’

Had he intended to cauterise the wound, she wondered? Or did he simply feel lost without his quirk to fall back on? Either way, she’d never forget the look of emptiness in his eyes. Or the glimmer of desperation as he leaned his injured body against hers. 

‘I guess Bakugou got pretty beat up,’ she said. ‘Self-inflicted, they’re saying. Took down a building with his quirk and got caught in the rubble. If I hadn’t been so worried I might have laughed at the irony.’

Todoroki didn’t seem to hear her. He was staring at her change of attire. Or, rather, at the heart-shaped logo on her shirt. Though she couldn’t be sure, Momo thought his cheeks turned the faintest shade of pink. 

‘What is it?’ she asked. ‘Were you worried?’

‘Why didn’t you just create one?’ he asked.

Momo blinked. ‘What?’

‘A bandage,’ he said. ‘You could have created one.’

Momo’s face heated. ‘W-what?’ He was right. She could have. ‘I…’

Her mind raced back to the moment. To the flash of panic that coursed through her. She hadn’t even thought of that. Of using her quirk. In that single moment, as time dragged on and his face contorted in pain, all she’d thought about was helping him. A twinge of embarrassment warmed her cheeks. Her arms lifted to cover her chest. 

‘I’ve seen the medical books in your bag,’ he said. ‘I know you know how to make them. Why didn’t you?’

‘I wasn’t thinking,’ she admitted. ‘In the heat of the moment, I just wanted to save you.’

Todoroki stifled a laugh. ‘That’s pretty heroic of you.’

Momo glanced away from him. ‘Yeah, well, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’

Todoroki fixed her with a hard stare. ‘Next time, I’ll be the one to save you.’

Momo hooked a strand of hair behind her ear. 'How about neither of us needs saving next time, okay?’

Todoroki cleared his throat. ‘Sounds good.’