villain queen

everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever

I was so lost in waiting for the prints to arrive I totally forgot to actually post this ???? I wanted to make at least one JoJo print for my very first con so I squeezed this during inktober like a madman -also yes this will be available as a print online too after the con so keep your eyes peeled after November 20,  I’ll make a post here and on twitter 👀👀

tbh all the AUs where all the JoJo villains live in Kira’s house are the best AUs

On one hand killing off Toffee that easily would be seen as “anti-climatic” or “Too soon” and we still have another season after this one, and he was so far the best villain and will be difficult to top, but on the other hand that was the most epic and most fitting way to kill him off.


The Disney Villainess collection by Hayden Williams