villain maleficent


The Disney Villainess collection by Hayden Williams


              The Ladies of Shipwrecked Present: Vintage Disney Villains!

We had so much fun on our Gotham Sirens shoot earlier this year that we wanted to do it again, only this time embodying our very favorite evil Disney ladies. Thanks again to our resident photographer/photo editor David Cater and his lovely wife Genevieve Swords for helping us bring Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent to life in this way! Who shall we vintage-ify next? Only time will tell, you poor, unfortunate souls!

The Zodiac Signs as Disney Villains

Aries: Captain Hook

Taurus: Cruella De Vil

Gemini: King Candy

Cancer: Lots-o’-Huggin’-Bear

Leo: Gaston

Virgo: Lady Tremaine

Libra: Shan Yu

Scorpio: Maleficent

Sagittarius: Hades

Capricorn: Clayton

Aquarius: Ratcliffe

Pisces: Jafar


Fast passes, anyone? After finishing the second set of my “Standby Me” series I thought I’d have a little fun and make one large wallpaper-ish spread with both the good girls and the bad girls mixed. I also really enjoyed seeing how the two differed especially in color palette so I made another with a vertical layout. Hope you enjoy them!