villain maleficent


Fast passes, anyone? After finishing the second set of my “Standby Me” series I thought I’d have a little fun and make one large wallpaper-ish spread with both the good girls and the bad girls mixed. I also really enjoyed seeing how the two differed especially in color palette so I made another with a vertical layout. Hope you enjoy them!

Oh boy what is this trash! Sometimes you just gotta draw two of your favorite villain designs, but you can’t decide what so you default to angry unexpected cuddles. Speaking of unexpected, because of the new fabulous brushes, this only took roughly 5 hours to illustrate. It was very therapeutic and enjoyable. Character styles were heavily referenced from their respective movies. Lady Tremaine / Maleficent ⓒ Disney!

Villains with a heart - Maleficent

she was the daughter of the spinner, a simple girl with simple needs that talked to flowers
the woods were her home, the crows her family and she danced in summer meadows, one upon a time
until a prince came along who promised a dance for a kiss, a kingdom for a night
when she woke up to his absence the next morning, he had not only burned her faith to ashes but her body as well and when she rose, she swore to breath fire into the world that had treated her with so much darkness