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Had my own headcanon prediction a while back about stain sacrificing himself for deku , and all the stain fanboys in the league of villains see this and decide to join deku , making a anti-hero team for him

All this will probably not happen but it would still be fun to see deku leading his own Suicide Squad with Villains like toga, twice, Spinner , and dabi

Teen Titans back together in Teen Titans #14.

That was a great issue, not gonna lie. Wally’s return to the team and the awesome teamwork between everyone to save the city from a tidal wave were amazing. The moment when Wally and Damian reconcile was probably the most touching in the series so far. And for a bonus we had pretty cool Emiko, on whom Damian might have a crush, some sad/ominous(?) tease with Tim Drake….and Onomatopeia. A villain who picks up machine gun and shoots while it makes “budda budda budda” noises, while he calmly says “budda budda budda”.

This issue really makes it that much more poignant to me this book should be bi-weekly - that way we would have gotten this much earlier before the book started to be as polarizing as it is now. I just hope it didn’t lose all the fans goodwill in order to play this longer arc.

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How can one write or what makes an effective and interesting villain? Any tips? Also, huge supporter of your blog! Stay well!

Thank you! I’m still figuring out where to draw the line between my personal time and this blog, so I appreciate your concern for me :)

For your question…

Look at them as an “antagonist” instead of a villain.

Yes, I’m getting nitpicky with terminology, but a ‘villain’ typically refers to an evil person whereas an ‘antagonist’ just means someone who opposes the protagonist. You can have a non-evil antagonist really easily, and they often make for better stories because you can’t hide behind the excuse of “the person is bad and that’s why they’re being fought”.

Make them an actual threat to the protagonist.

The most effective villains create real tension by actually being able to affect the story, and the protagonist, in a real way. Sure, you can write a good story about some far-off evil king and the journey to take him down, but the strength of that story isn’t going to come from the king. Have the antagonist actually cause problems, create consequences for the plot, and push the protagonist beyond their comfort zone.

Give them a good reason to be the ‘villain’.

“Because they’re evil” isn’t a good reason. They need a history that explains why they chose the path they chose and it needs to actually make sense within your world. They need motivation to be in the position they’re in and why they’re opposing the protagonist. 

Connect them to the protagonist. 

If the conflict is personal, then the protagonist is really going to care and that’s naturally going to translate into interest for the reader. It also means you’re more likely to explore who the antagonist is, make their motivation clear, and integrate them into the story in a way that gives them actual presence.

Be vigilant for any plot convenience, coincidences, or ‘forced actions’.

An antagonist that is known to truly work hard is going to look more effective than someone who just appears when things start going poorly. Their actions need to have clear effects and consequences for other characters, typically negative ones, and need to have a reason to be an action in the first place. I’ve seen a few too many antagonists whose motivation isn’t clearly explained, so I can’t feel them to be a threat because I don’t know why they’re a threat. Someone who just “shows up” isn’t increasing tension or interest, they’re just a tool for the protagonist to snark at and leave. 

Good luck with your antagonist!

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What would your ideal season of Arrow be like?


Like that’s the short answer, obviously, but the lack of consistency is my biggest pet peeve. And I mean that in every way. Respect for the established history of the characters and show is key (aka Felicity remains allergic to nuts). Actions should be dictated by characters, not by the desired outcome of the writers, as often feels the case. Emotional beats need to be scattered throughout. Action, fighting, danger, plot… all of that needs to come back to personal connections on a regular basis. I care more about what’s happening to a character if I see how it’s effecting the people around them and how they interact. 

I’m all for a big bad who arcs across the season, but it seems that they frequently rely on a name and a mask to carry them through rather than making the villain have depth (exceptions being Prometheus, to a point, and - back in season two, anyhow - Slade). I strongly prefer when the show is grounded in reality, too. Damian Darhk’s powers were a big miss, IMO, and his character felt like a cliche from start to finish (in spite of fantastic acting).  

This is where things are gonna get more negative. I wanna emphasize this is my opinion and where I’m at with the show right now. Some people are surely going to disagree with me about most of the points on here. I don’t really care to debate them. But it ties in directly to the question I was asked and this is how I see things right now. 

There remains for me, at this point, a cringe factor with the show that harkens back to the influence of Kreisberg and Guggenheim - and yes I am painting them with the same brush because of a litany of comments made by Guggenheim (compiled by @geneeste). There are strokes of good fortune (an IT girl) and some brilliant characters (Felicity) with tremendous actors (EBR, Amell, Ramsey) who keep me engaged with tangible chemistry (OTA). However, too frequently there are serious issues brushed across that are swept under the rug. Gun violence. Nyssa and Oliver’s forced marriage. Felicity’s paralysis. Ray (definitely, absolutely, no matter what Guggenheim says) stalking Felicity. The reintroduction of Felicity’s father to her life and revelation it was her mother who forced him out. The erasure of Baby Sara. All of the massive amounts of psychological trauma inflicted on Thea by Malcolm…

The list could go on forever, but all of these elements are things that they glazed over and brushed aside rather than dealing with in a realistic way. While the list could surely include more, the ones that came to mind immediately all had to do with problems faced by women. And I think it’s evident at this point that women are not something the EPs care about or even understand. It’s left these character consistently short-changed and that’s significantly impacted my enjoyment (and viewership) of the show. 

So my ideal season, I suppose, would be one with Beth Schwartz and Sarah Tarkoff at the helm along with Wendy Mericle. It would balance an empathetic, grounded villain with emotionally bonded characters who act in ways that always feel true to who they are and follows through on the impact of trials that the characters undergo. 

That’s a season of Arrow that I’d surely love to see. 

Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne had a really good match, and I enjoyed it largely due to the contrasting characters. Gargano as the never-say-die hero against the cold hearted, calculated villain that is Dunne is a story that makes for a long-term feud. Hopefully this isn’t the final time they square off.

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It'll be interesting to see the reunion between Eclipsa and Meteora. Does Eclipsa even know she's alive? How has Meteora lived this long? And is Meteora the pawn in some grand scheming "Evil" Master Plan, or are we to find out that all the "Villains" are just people who think they're the good guys trying to make the world work for them? Interesting stuff for a TV show.

We don’t even know if Eclipsa was a good mother to Meteora. Sure, there was a nursery and dolls and all that, but so far it seems like Eclipsa’s main character point is “selfishness”, I wonder if love and motherhood are what allowed her to see the importance in having ties and responsibilities, when you really care about them, or if on the contrary she still acted the same as always - and this might lead to grudge on Meteora’s side.

Meet Hunter. He’s all brawn and very little brain with a heart of 24k fools gold. A jock and star football player he knows he gets by on his looks and athleticism, so yeah he’s cocky about it. In his senior year of high school he’s just looking to graduate with a football scholarship cause he knows he’s not getting in anywhere for his test scores. He can be shallow and a dick at times, keeping up appearances for the cliques but he’s not a villain, just happens to make bad choices and say really dumb shit. Maybe he’s soft and sweet like a marshmallow under there, or maybe it’s just all moron, someone come find out <3

“Bad guys don’t deserve to be redeemed” is a boring plot mindset and it’s cancelled forever.

Show me bad guys that think it’s too late to turn their life around, and then turn it around. Show me bad guys that think they’ll never be loved because of the things they’ve done and then give them love and support that makes them feel like it’s worth it to change. Show me bad guys who are bitter, hold grudges, lash out at people, and then make them realize that this Isn’t Working and want more out of their life. Show me bad guys that ask the good guys for help!!

The “villain gets what’s coming to him and is never seen or heard from again” trope is old and played. I want to hear from them again. I want them to ask the good guys to drive them to their first therapy appointment. I want them to struggle through apologies, not because they’re too proud to say “I’m sorry” bc tbh that trope can die too, but because they can’t find the words to make things better and it makes it feel pointless to try.

Make it hard! Make it hurt! Make them question who they are and if change is possible and make them find out that they can be more than the destructive thoughts and behavior they’ve adapted! Make them learn that having bad thoughts doesn’t make you a bad person, and you can choose which thoughts and desires you entertain and act upon. Let the choice to ignore bad thoughts and focus on positive ones become easier over time. And let them feel proud of themselves for it!

Real people struggle with these issues every day and right now the social message is that if you fuck up, you’re scum and you deserve to suffer and you’ll never be more than scum. Real people need to know that you can’t undo the damage of things you’ve done, but you can be better in the future. Real people need to know that you’re not pigeonholed into being a Bad Guy for the rest of your life because you’re a Bad Guy right now.

Nobody “deserves” to be redeemed, it isn’t about “deserving” redemption, it’s about working your ass off not to keep hurting people because you can.

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)
Villanos | Cartoon Network
0:00 La percepción del Mal 00:59 Helado de Miedo 01:12 Más grande, más malo 02:11 Chirrido 02:26 Horriblemente pesado 03:24 Vistiendo la Maldad 03:37 Segurid...

HEY Y’ALL Cartoon Network put up all 10 episodes of Villainous (in Spanish) on their YouTube! Please go to the source and watch it on YouTube and not through Tumblr’s video player so that they can see people like it and that it has support!!! ;w;

There are versions up on YouTube with subtitles (I’ve watched them so I can know what they’re saying (because I do not speak Spanish aheh,,)), but please share the version from Cartoon Network!! Show your friends! Share it!! I’m really invested in this show right now and I want to see it do well!!