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So, after answering the request for Villain!Deku and reading headcanons by @bnha-villianous-imagines for Villain!Deku (Which by the way, you guys should totally check out), I got really inspired to write out some headcanons of my own! Maybe I’ll even write a fic based off these headcanons? Idk, but I just really loved the concept, so here it is! 


Villain!Midoriya Izuku

  • With how much Izuku wanted to become a hero, to me, it’s not surprising that he’d become a villain. Those desires of his had ultimately led to him going down the wrong path, much like being on a balance beam.
  • First and foremost, one of the key factors that led him to become a villain would be the constant bullying and jeering from Katsuki. Midoriya may be timid and reserved, yes, but there has gotta be a point where too much is really, too much.
  • Personally, I think his sense of rationality was like a wire. Though his desires to become a hero like All Might was strong, but being constantly told by people that he will never make it, has resulted in that wire to fray.
  • We all know that a fraying wire is dangerous, and by that point, Izuku has already had several villainous notions running through his head, but he tries his best not to think of them, much less act on them.
  • The breaking point was when All Might broke the truth to him, where someone quirkless wouldn’t be able to become a hero.
  • In his head, he wipes away any thought of becoming a hero, and began to despise and loathe heroes and aspiring heros alike.
  • “Heroes are never there when you need them, are they? This is why I loathe and despise them, they are, after all, just hypocrites, merely serving to upkeep appearances.”
  • Midoriya is very resourceful, so he would know about the existence of the League of Villains. He wouldn’t join them immediately, but as more news articles on heroes saving the day kept surfacing, his thirst to take action was just growing stronger.
  • He re-watches the videos of All Might saving civilians, and the only thought that crosses his mind was, “God, how I wish I could take him down. Symbol of Peace, at my mercy?”
  • Instead of joining U.A as he originally intended, he would enter a normal highschool, but his collection of various quirks and its disadvantages would expand. One thing to note, however, is the two quirks circled in an angry red. One for all and Explosion.
  • At this point, he has established the fact that he has two people he wants to kick off their high horses. Bakugou Katsuki, and All Might. It would bring him immense pleasure to take down these two. His personality would suffer as well. He would definitely be crazier, cockier and extremely teasing.
  • His mom would come to realize that Izuku had changed, and had strangely, not spoken of All Might recently. It’s around the time when she realized something was wrong, that Izuku took the plunge and joined the League of Villains.
  • Though, Izuku didn’t like Shigaraki Tomura. In a sense, villain!Izuku resembled Stain a great deal.
  • Naturally, his notebook full of different heroes quirks and weaknesses would come in handy. So when the opportunity to attack USJ presented itself, he took up the offer eagerly.
  • Unfortunately, All Might wasn’t present at USJ like he expected, but Bakugou was. And boy, was he excited to meet his arch nemesis.
  • “Hey, Kacchan~ Cat’s got your tongue? Aren’t you glad to see an old friend?”

I just want everyone to know that if I ever say Christian media is bad,

1) I’m specifically complaining about the modern publishing category, so anything which predates that category or which was presented as belonging to a different category suitable for general audiences isn’t Real Christian Fiction. Narnia is not really a counter-example even if you like it, and LotR definitely isn’t

2) veggie tales is exempted from all of my criticism. I forget to say this because I always assume it’s obvious, but veggie tales is legitimately fun children’s entertainment that is equally engaging and equally appropriate for young children and for adults. it is not “good, for christian media”, it has transcended the normal limits of the category, and indeed the normal limits of children’s media in general, and become something legitimately beautiful. the vegetable children have done nothing wrong, ever, in their lives, do not slander them in my presence

3) adventures in odyssey is not exempted from all of my criticism, but my aunt and uncle refused to let their 12-year-old and 9-year-old sons listen to it because it was “too dark”, so apparently I have to go to bat for it and admit that it’s actually pretty well-written most of the time

4) 321 penguins isn’t that good, but the kids are not hallucinating. the penguins are aliens that occasionally take control of the penguin figurines. yes i will die on this hill

5) Bibleman was kind of artistically terrible, but it was funny and made on a budget that I am pretty sure consisted of $52 and a snowcone, so the early episodes get the same sort of pass that you give to star trek for its terribleness. the newer episodes where new!bibleman receives direct divine aid do not get a pass, those are actually genuinely terrible

6) Frank Peretti isn’t a counter-example. during any given rant about christian media there is like an 85% chance that I am at some point specifically complaining about something that happened in a Frank Peretti novel

7) “those are eggs? we thought those were ping-pong balls” seriously guys every episode of veggie tales was a cinematic masterpiece

Okay you know what? I’m gonna pitch a show to Cartoon Network because I gotta save my childhood and they can’t keep airing TTG all the time (no offense to anyone who likes it but omg not even Spongebob’s show airs that much!) because I wanna make a show so appealing, so interesting, so unique, so popular that they’ll have no choice but to have some variety!

One idea I have is called What A Convenience, about a laid-back yet cynical 22 year old who decides to get a summer job at a convenience store and suddenly starts having adventurous, colorful and zany dreams with heavy focus on a regular customer at the store; they also have some unique chemistry with their boss, who is basically a long-haired, albino hippy lady in a business suit who wishes to see a beloved family member again (I can see people dubbing her: “albino mom”).

Another is called Spice, which is a variety show a-la Animaniacs or KaBlam! consisting of shorts about superheroines and magical girls and as it progresses, the heroines and their stories have quite a connection with each other.

Tell me what you think.

some villainous concepts/headcanons:

  • Black Hat is a master of all things classical and occult but modern technology is mostly lost on him and he doesn’t care, if you handed him a smartphone he might eat it
  • Dr Flug has an infinite amount of paper bags so that if you remove one you find another and another onwards indefinitely, he can sometimes be found cutting the eye holes out of spares
  • Demencia knew and fell for Black Hat before he knew she even existed
  • Black Hat sometimes shouts random accusatory statements when surprised to play it off like he’s offended and not caught off guard, I.E. “HOW DARE YOU ENTER HERE UNINVITED”
  • Demencia’s job is bodyguard/guard dog, her obsession with BH assures she will fight to protect him or at the very least unwittingly notify him of a potential threat
  • Dr. Flug is a normal human evil-intern-turned-one-man-product-development-department with a family who still wants to see him for the holidays and pester him about his job and his love life
  • Black Hat hoards random nonsense spooky/twisted Victorian things, like taxidermied animals stood up like people and fencing each other or broken chandeliers
  • Dr. Flug can get motion sick, potentially due to his partially obscured vision (paper bag + goggles)
  • Black Hat talks in his sleep but only in horrifying otherworldly tongues of the dark whisperer
  • Black Hat is never seen without a hat, preferably black.
  • Dr Flug finds every possible opportunity to retaliate against BH’s torment in quiet and humble ways that won’t get his butt kicked, such as “he asked for 4 ice cubes but I gave him FIVE!! MWAHAHHAHA! HIS DRINK WILL BE ALL WATERY!” 
  • Black Hat does not require mortal sustenance but sometimes eats/drinks just because he can
  • Demencia is closer to chaotic neutral than true evil but let’s just let her have this
  • Black Hat takes offense to implications that he doesn’t understand something and will not ask for help; “OF COURSE I KNOW HOW TO EAT AN EGG” *swallows the raw egg whole*

anonymous asked:

what's a supercorp fanfic concept that's never been done that you'd like to see written?

Well, this is pretty specific, but…

A half funny half angsty slowburn fic with Lena as a villain (alter ego and all) and Supergirl as her arch nemesis. She then meets Kara Danvers during an interview for Catco, and they become instant… “friends”. 

Slowly, begrudgingly, Lena finds her heart softening because of Kara.

Meanwhile, Kara begins to suspect that her new friend is hiding something terrible from her. And yet, still, she finds herself opening up to her.

Fighting their feelings by day, fighting each other by night.

You’ve seen friends to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, and even frenemies to lovers. Now try… simultaneous friends and enemies to lovers?