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Hey a story idea that probably has been thought of 10000 times before me:

After Hawkmoth unleashes a new super villain on Paris, Chat Noir comes across a little red kwami while dashing around the city. He knows he needs to reunite Tikki with Ladybug, but has no idea how to do it without knowing who she is! This is Adrien’s chance to find out Ladybug’s true identity, but will he take it? Tikki does her best to conceal her holder’s identity while giving Chat Noir clues about where they might find Ladybug.

Titles(Convergence!AU hero/villain)
  • Villain!Genos: This is going to be too confusing, we have to go by different names
  • Hero!Genos: What would you suggest?
  • Villain!Genos: You'll be Roomba and I'll be Shop Vac
  • Hero!Genos: Why those names?
  • Villain!Genos: Because you wander around the house cleaning, are fairly quiet and I bet you'd get stuck under the couch a lot
  • Hero!Genos: ....And what about yours?
  • Villain!Genos: Hm? Oh, because I'm loud, have stronger suction and can work in wet conditions *eyebrow wiggle*
  • Villain!Saitama: *from the kitchen* GENOS!
  • Hero!Genos: I'm afraid he goes by Shop Vac now
  • random person: omg! bucky barnes is a villain, i wish captain america kills him
  • me: :+) (internal screaming)
  • random person:
  • me:
  • random person:
  • me: :+)
  • police: so can you tell me exactly what happened?
  • me: idk i guess they just fell off the building or something


Miraculous Ladybug - Nightmare (Villain AMV)

Here it is!! 

I love this song so much and I thought it fit perfectly and I just had to do it. It’s been a while since I edited something so here it is, please enjoy, and give it a reblog :)

Inspired by this post

  • Principal Nedzu: I am pleased to announce that this year U.A.’s casualty rates are at an all time low.
  • [cheers from the students]
  • Principal Nedzu: Still the highest of any other school but we're working on that.
I see so much similarity between these 2 situations...

Here you have a shy Nino that can’t handle Marinette’s cuteness

and then a Nino waving way too gladly at Marinette, looking at her like “oh my goodness, there she is my cutiepie”

You could easily say that guy has a crush on that girl, right? Well, this is the interesting part…

A shy Adrien that can’t handle Marinette’s awesomeness.

And here he stands, looking and greeting Marinette so cheerfully.

So…do you see the similarity? So it means that…

Doomed Words(Villain!AU)
  • Genos: *wrestling with Rover* you're goin' down you hairy beast!!
  • Sonic: *sitting and reading* heh heh, there's a comment Saitama will never hear
  • *Genos and Rover freeze and stare at Sonic*
  • Sonic: ....he's right behind me, isn't he?
  • Saitama: *looms behind Sonic cracking his knuckle*
  • Genos: *hugs Rover*Nooo you should stay right there totally unguarded, Sonic....unrelated question, what color flowers do you want at your funeral?
  • Sonic: ...Fuck.