The Infernal Revenue Service wishes to remind you:
  • Necromancers can count raised dead as dependents only after they have been re-awoken for more than a calendar year.
  • Killer robot technicians able to reduce emissions by 20% will receive a significant tax credit (amount received based on pollution reduction tonnage)
  • Treasure acquired on an adventuring campaign is taxable, so be sure to save any receipts for pillaging expenses to maximize your villainous expense deductions.

anonymous asked:

I'm a little tight on budget so I'd like to know your opinion: Lava pit or Shark tank?

Oh, lava pit for sure.

Here is the deal with lava: you need access to a source (so build wisely) and ventilation (unless you are undead). The latter can be powered by the lava itself – if you build wisely, much or all of your operations can be powered by the lava.

Sharks are gorgeous. They are effective. But they also need lots and lots and lots of room, and a constant source of food. Sure you say “I’ll just throw invaders in” but they don’t come on schedule, and then you will be sitting up at night worrying, “Are the sharks hungry? Are they getting the correct balance of nutrients?”

This doesn’t even include shark treats and toys.

You go into Petsharksmart and say “I just need a bag of fish-kibble because the heroes aren’t eating their vitamins” (all angry mental tone) and you walk out with a $100,000 bill and several deliveries of gigantic chew toys and…


…go with the lava pit while budgets are tight.

Recently asked

I was asked recently “What is our purpose?” and it really got me to thinking. The answer is, simply, we are to make the Netherworld a better place.

Make the ghosts comfortable, the monsters cozy, the hags happy, the darkness secure and safe.

Some villains want to end the world (this is fine), others want to take over (good to have goals).

But for Evil Supply Co.? We want to make the Netherworld a better place for every wretched, vile thing – alive, undead, or something else entirely. Feels like a solid way to run a company.

Thanks for being a part of the continual mission of excellence in evil.