KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic completed on 4 hours of sleep. Now to eat or nap before sound check? I’m gonna go with sleep. Then bouncing on stage for 3 hours again tonight! #kcrw #moby #villagestudios (at The Village Recording Studios)

The Pixies are in Los Angeles at The Village Studios!

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today wondering what to do, a post came in notifying me of a broadcasting session happening near Santa Monica. Next thing you know I am in a restaurant called Javan scoping out the activity across the street. In a 3-story high brick building, the legendary music group named the Pixies are setting up to get work done. They recently played a set at Coachella and are now inspired to start playing with some new sounds at The Village Studios. 

On the sidewalk against the wall outside lie equipment boxes with the band’s name on them that are used as smoking seats for members of the crew. Cars float in and out of the parking lots nearby, most likely filled with various influential people from the music industry. Security is pretty relaxed even though there is a lot going on; with one ‘guard’ outside acting as a valet for anyone who comes in. With the door wide open, guitar rhythms echo into the area where all the commotion is. 

Exploring the surrounding block opens up an opportunity to get inside. Hearing a guy on a cell phone speaking another language sparks some curiosity. Listening to what he says and what is said to him leads me to think that he is the manager of the band. Just then a black Mercedes pulls up. A man in a grey suit opens up the car door with plastic white bags of audio merchandise in hand. He looks a little lost, which allows me to follow him in without getting noticed. I take my phone out, snap a few pictures of the silver and gold records, and causally walk out passed the pink flowers that line the entrance. On the way out, I introduce myself to a nice man named Frankie.  He lets me know that it is cool that I stopped by and that I (and everyone else) should look forward to what comes out of this studio experience. So keep a look out folks! The Pixies are in town and are ready to shake things up. 


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Article written at Indie Desk Co-Working Space

Article written by Matt Terndrup @industrychanger