Zalipie, Poland. Images © Stuart Spicer.

Tradition of painting the walls has been going on here at least for over a century - the colorful paintings were “discovered” by local ethnographers at the end of 19th century.

Nowadays Zalipie is well-known by its nickname “Painted Village” (Pol. “Malowana Wieś”), and its inhabitants still maintain the tradition of painting. The colorful flowers decorate not only the houses, but also local barns, stables, hutches, wells, fences, bridges and many other details of the rural landscape.

Strange names of spanish villages

I’m going to write the name in the spanish, the province and the meaning in english.

  • Matanzas (León): Slaughter.
  • Matagordas (Almería): Fat girls killer.
  • Tortura (Alava): Torture.
  • La Degollada (Santa Cruz de Tenerife): The Beheaded.
  • Triste (Huesca): Sad.
  • Peligros (Granada): Dangers.
  • Villapene (Jaén): Penis village.
  • Berga (Barcelona): Dick
  • Cabeza de vaca (Badajoz): Head of cow
  • Parderrubias (Ourense): Pair of blondes.
  • Adiós (Navarra): Goodbye.
  • Los infiernos (Murcia): Hells.
  • Guasa (Huesca): Sense of humour.
  • Cenicero (Logroño): Ashtray
  • Alcantarilla (Murica): Sewer
  • Puente Tocinos (Murcia): Bacon Bridge.
  • Guarromán (Jaén): Filthy man
Rebels lose 20 villages in northern Aleppo in less than 14 days

Meanwhile, Kurdish commanders have stated that they intend to capture the entire Turkish-Syrian border than runs across northern Aleppo.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of pro-government troops on the northern Aleppo front are Syrian; however, Shiite fighters have suffered heavy casualties as more than 50 of them have died in northern Aleppo during the past ten days alone.
On the 1st of February, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a largescale offensive from Aleppo city towards the government-held enclave of Nubl and al-Zahraa.
Due to advances of the SAA and Kurds, insurgents in northern Aleppo have been split from their comrades of the influential Islamist Jaish al-Fateh coalition in Idlib further south.
Nevertheless, if the SAA continues to advance as the current rate of expansion, they are likely to close the final supply line to the militant-held suburbs of Aleppo city in the near future.