I have a special, awesome announcement for you guys….

My friend KT and I bought an extra copy of Animal Crossing to create a new VILLAGER CYCLING TOWN! :)

My new town is going to become a reset/time travel town, to give you guys the dream villagers and event items that you want!!

We are mature, and named our town “my ass" and the first character’s name is "cheeks.” So, when you finally get your dream villager, you get to come to my ass to meet cheeks (lol immature hooray!)

A few rules & guidelines:

  • I will not be taking reservations, unless we trade villagers, or we come to an agreement on other terms.
  • Some will be announced by when they are in boxes, and it will be a first come, first serve basis.
  • Some will be given away in giveaways
  • I (usually) will not publicly announce what villagers I have until they are ready to go and are in boxes. I don’t want to reserve because that gets confusing and hectic :x 
  • If you are in DESPERATE NEED of a dream villager, you can message me and we might be able to work something out.
  • All villager cycling posts will be tagged with #villagercycle


Rodeo is moving out of my cycling town. First person to message me gets him for free! :)

Rodeo is a lazy bull. Comes with original shirt and house (I think. I don’t talk to the villagers in my cycling town :/)

I’ll be keeping him in boxes overnight, the offer still stands for whoever messages me first. I check messages in the morning if I don’t get any before I go to sleep

To see other villagers I give away for free, trade, and hold giveaways for, please visit this page and follow the tag #villagercycle !


currently cycling.

follow the tag #villagercycle :)

most villagers will be available for 5 minutes.. i’m doing this quickly.

first person to message gets the villager.

for more info see <3