Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time – an abandoned fishing village being reclaimed by nature. These photos by Tang Yuhong, a creative photographer based in Nanning, take us into this lost village on the beautiful archipelago.


New painting in the Zelda Open World series! This is what I think Kakariko Village could look. It probably won’t be like this in the game, but I think it’d be cool if they did it - since running on those rooftops and scaling the buildings would be so much fun :D 

Prints here: (


*cue the trumpets* ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

Finally finished the first place prize for the art giveaway I held!
toritimer‘s super cute mayor and Marcel! (with a mini Walker in the background!)

Thank you for your patience!! I poured my heart out on this one!


“The East Village …was just exploding. All kinds of new things were starting. In music, it was the punk and new wave scenes. There was a migration of artists from all over America to New York. It was completely wild. And we controlled it ourselves.” - Keith Haring 

(Rolling Stone Magazine, 1989)