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We made WWII Cap and SSR Peggy Carter QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Free for any star-spangled folks to use.

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I remember a few years ago some of my friends at the time and I all drew our favorite villagers from Animal Crossing and I wanted to sort of take a second swing at that since my favorite villager has changed since then.

Keaton’s such a babe~ (he probably wiped out like 2 seconds later though)



Hello everyone! 

So after updating, I was super confused about which amiibos are compatiable with the new Welcome Amiibo update and what each one can do, so here is a *hopefully helpful breakdown of each type of amiibo and how to use it in the new update!

Regular Animal Crossing Villager Amiibo Cards (Series 1-4)

  • Regular villager amiibo cards are all of the cards you get in a regular amiibo pack (series 1-4) excluding the sparkly “special” NPC card. (So not including Isabelle, Tom Nook, KK Slider, etc). These are your typical villagers (Marshal, Rosie, Fauna, Julain, etc).
  • You can scan these into your game using a new NPC, Wisp! Wisp is unlocked at random at least one day after you update your game.
  • Using Wisp in your mayor’s home, you can tap an amiibo card to the screen.
  • You CAN ask the villager to move in.
  • If you have 10 villagers, they will offer to kick someone out for you! (yay!)
  • You CANNOT ask them to visit the campground. Unfortunately, the hundreds of previous amiibo cards do not have caravans designed for  the characters and cannot utilize the new campground. 

NEW Welcome Amiibo Cards (Released December 2)

  • Nintendo is releasing 50 NEW amiibo cards in December called Welcome Amiibo! These cards are DIFFERENT from the series 1-4 cards.
  • These cards are horizontal and each villager comes with their own unique caravan!
  • You CAN invite them to visit your campground!
  • At the campground, you can purchase their exclusive content, including things not available via the Nookling stores, using meow poitns.
  • You CAN invite them to move into your town!
  • These characters include villagers from older Animal Crossing games, as well as some crossover characters with other Nintendo games, such as Legend of Zelda and Splatoon.
  • There will be special Sanrio crossover cards released, as well (EEE!)
  • You may see some promotional images of people using these cards, but they will not be on sale in the United States until December 2nd. I’m sorry, I’m unsure about the release date in other regions!

Special Non-Playable Character Amiibo Cards

  • Special NPC amiibo cards (the sparkly *special* card you receive in each amiibo pack) such as Isabelle, Tom Nook, KK Slider, etc, can also be scanned in using Wisp!
  • They CANNOT move in to your town.
  • They may offer you a special item, such as their picture.
  • You CANNOT invite them to the campground, therefore you cannot purchase their exclusive items via amiibo card + Wisp.

Special Non-Playable Character Amiibo Figures

  • So there is a HUGE difference between the NPC cards and figures. Though you can scan the cards and interact with them via wisp, having the figure will allow you to invite them to the campground and access their exclusive items and purchase them with meow points.
  • For instance, I received a Lottie amiibo card when I purchased HHD, thus I didn’t feel the obligation to purchase her amiibo figure. But if I want her to visit my campground so I can purchase her exclusive items, I need to run out and get the figure. Which I may or may not have just done.
  • They CAN be invited to your campground, where you can purchase items.
  • They CANNOT move into your town.

I hope this helps you out! There is  A LOT of new content with the update and plenty to learn. If you have any questions about the update, feel free to message me and I can try my best to help! Happy crossing!! 

AC Drawing Challenge

I see so many of these things going around for Pokemon and other games, and I was thinking, does Animal Crossing have one? And if not, WHY not?

So here you go guys! I think I MIGHT be doing this :D

  • Day 1 - Draw one of your dreamies
  • Day 2 - Draw your mayor
  • Day 3 - Draw a side character
  • Day 4 - Draw your favourite Peppy villager
  • Day 5 - Draw your favourite Smug villager
  • Day 6 - Draw your favourite Jock villager
  • Day 7 - Draw your favourite Snooty Villager
  • Day 8 - Draw your favourite Uchi villager
  • Day 9 - Draw your favourite Cranky villager
  • Day 10 - Draw your favourite Normal villager
  • Day 11 - Draw an NPC
  • Day 12 - Draw an Event Character [Pave, Jingle, etc]
  • Day 13 - Draw Isabelle
  • Day 14 - Draw your mayor in the style of Wild World’s human characters
  • Day 15 - Draw a made-up villager!
  • Day 16 - Draw a new species of villager
  • Day 17 - Draw a villager who was taken out of New Leaf
  • Day 18 - Draw a location in your town 
  • Day 19 - Draw your town fruit
  • Day 20 - Draw a villager you dislike
  • Day 21 - Draw a gijinka [human version] of your favourite villager
  • Day 22 - Draw an NPC from previous [Wild World, City Folk, etc] games
  • Day 23 - Draw yourself as a villager
  • Day 24 - Draw your least favourite NPC
  • Day 25 - Draw your favourite villager species
  • Day 26 - Draw your LEAST favourite villager species
  • Day 27 - Group drawing! Draw all your CURRENT villagers
  • Day 28 - Draw any bug from Animal Crossing
  • Day 29 - Draw your favourite furniture item from in-game
  • Day 30 - Draw your town tree in its current state.