Im starting to pick up ACNL again, heard there’s an update coming soon! Unfortunately I lost some of my favorite villagers like Rosie, Beau, and Zell :( At least I still have Fauna, Prince and one of my original 5 Bam. If you have lots of bells sitting around id gladly take em off your hands ^_^ Im also looking to move in Stitches, Lolly, and Maple so please let me know if you have em moving out or something :D


Rejected Poké Balls in Super Smash Bros, Vol. 1

Update: Click here to see Volume 2!

There could be so many of these, and it was really difficult for me to choose which Pokémon to include! I’d love to hear your suggestions for rejected Poké Ball Pokémon in Smash - if you have any ideas, send them my way, as I could definitely do another volume!

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Rejected Poké Balls in Super Smash Bros, Vol. 2

Missed Volume 1? Click here! Poor Isabelle…

Credit for helping to inspire these ideas goes to necrozombiet-37, finallucario, TriforceZard and 360NoSoap from Twitter, and some kind anons! Thank you so much to everybody who sent in ideas - there really were some fantastic ones - and I’m planning to use some of them in the future!

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Animal Crossing Fishalot falls makes its way to be the 10th (wow!) demake so to mark the occasion, I doubled the mockup screens!
So head on down to Fishalot Falls, remember to stop into Resetti’s bait shop to get the bait you need for that next lunker you’ll be reeling in! If in the need for a nice spot of tea, pop into the Tea Junction where Sue or Chong will brew you up a pot right away. With that in hand, fish, fish and fish! Fish and use those fish to catch more fish, or catch some insects to attract in the trickier ones!

Animal Crossing Fishalot falls is for the villager who is less happy home designer, and more the happy fisher. 

Also here’s to the next 10 demakes! =]

As with any pixel art posted to tumblr, remember to keep clicking until those pixels are perfect and the image is at its biggest!

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