More Smash emblem… 

 Samus as a Knight. I give her the spear because she have long distance attack

Wii Fit Trainer as a Dancer …. She’ll keep everyone on the battle field healthy and fit.

Villager …. I could’ve made him a villager but he has an axe, so Journeyman.  

other Super Smash Emblem design :

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Fishing in ACNL
  • fish shadow is tiny: probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge: probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge and has a shark fin: still probably a sea bass somehow
  • fish shadow is in a river: sea bass
  • fish shadow is in a pond: sea bass
  • new villager: sea bass
  • your character: sea bass
  • tom nook: sea bass in eyeliner
  • isabelle: sea bass in a cardigan
  • fish shadow is sea bass sized: moray eel