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Ivar x deaf!Reader

There is simply not enough Ivar fluff out there to satisfy my thirst

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You played with the daisies you had picked up, starting to braid them together carefully as you laid in your lover’s lap. Ivar sighed, shaking his head while smiling and playing with your soft hair. He couldn’t help but stare at you - you looked so beautiful when you were relaxed. “Y/N” he muttered softly, but quickly caught himself as he realized you weren’t looking at him. He often forgot of your condition. You were born deaf, but you soon learned to read lips. From a young age you were excluded from most child games, as you couldn’t orientate yourself as well as the others, and the other kids did not have the patience to talk slowly enough for you to understand. That’s how you found yourself often sitting beside Ivar, the crippled boy who stared longingly at his running brothers. Your friendship seemed to have no choice but blossom, and turn into something more beautiful. You relied on each other, understood and loved each other in a way no one could. He was your ears, always on the lookout and keeping you safe.

You smiled at the memory, clenching the daisies you were holding closer to your chest. You couldn’t help but remember your first kiss. An alarm rang through Kattegat, while you were alone in your house, preparing a meal for your mother. You didn’t hear anything, and naturally you were not aware that your village was under attack. You had jumped when you felt a hand suddenly grab your ankle, shaking it violently enough for you to drop the egg you were holding. Panicked, you turned around quickly, ready to defend yourself when you saw Ivar. His face was red and his eyes were wild – large and filled with panic. 

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I was just thinking about Shikamaru and how all he wanted was a stress free life and now he’s constantly stressing over everyone. Like “kakashi why aren’t you relaxing at the hot springs you’re retired” “so people in town are questioning our ninja police investigating we gotta do some pr management on that” “boruto is fucking up so much shit seriously go home and hug ur kids naruto” “I’m sorry Temari you’re right about everything plz feed me” “shikadai please keep in being a good kid and don’t be stupid like Boruto and his dad” “NARUTO IDGAF IF SASUKE IS IN THE NEXT VILLAGE OVER OUR VILLAGE IS LITERALLY UNDER ATTACK RN WE NEED YOU”

“Oh okay wut super badass hokage thing u need me to do? I’ll fukkin wreck this shit gonna go all out. SHITS BOUT TO GET REA-”

Then Kakashi steps in “Naruto shut up and go help Sakura”

And naruto does.

Which makes Shikamaru look over at Kakashi like “yeah ok I see y ur not at the hot spring. Naruto is insane. Thank u lord 6th”

Sorry I went into a freaking rant but all I’m trying to say is Shikamaru is a hero for dealing with all this shit.

Naruto RP Mission Starters

Rank D. Finding someone’s lost/run-away pet.

Rank D. Carrying and distributing water/food/supplies around workers/farmers and giving first-aid help if needed.

Rank D. Taking a violent dog for a walk.

Rank D. Taking care of a garden.

Rank D. Taking care for on old person.

Rank D. Baby-sitting/kids watching.

Rank D. Helping duties at a temple.

Rank D. Gathering herbs.

Rank D. Gathering food/water supply.

Rank D. Delivering mail inside the village or nearby places (within the land).

C rank. Delivering mail in a long distance or to another country.

C rank. Escorting a single person from x to y. Protection from bandits.

C rank. Catching a wild animal that’s destroying supplies/scaring people/attacking people/attacking livestock/a run-away ninja animal.

C rank. Guard duty in the village for a day.

C rank. Guard duty at the gates of the village.

C rank. Be a squad leader for a day to a 3-man academy students team.

C rank. Carrying out a drill.

C rank. Being a teacher at the academy for a day.

B rank. Espionage.

B rank. Investigation.

B rank. Tracking someone down.

B rank. Taking out a single person/ninja.

B rank. Guarding/transporting a group of people.

B rank. The village is under attack. Secure villagers to safety.

B rank. Head of security for a big event.

B rank. Delivering an important message where something more valuable is at stake.

B rank. Catching bandits or minor shinobi/hunting down lesser missing-nin.

B rank. Transporting a dangerous criminal to a prison.

B rank. Guarding a scroll with secret/forbidden techniques.

A rank. Leading a platoon to assault an enemy force.

A rank. Engaging enemy forces/ambushing enemy forces.

A rank. Infiltrating an enemy village in order to gather information for the long-run or shortly in order to get hands on something valuable.

A rank. Stealing a horbidden technique/weapon/treasure.

A rank. Eliminating an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Guarding an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Hunting down a notorious missing-nin.

A rank. Gather information on a dangerous subject that should remain in secracy.

S rank. Wiping out a whole organisation/mass murder.

S rank. Destroying a village.

S rank. Taking out an S-class criminal.

S rank. Disposing of an authoritative shinobi (examples: kage, village hero, someone of great value to a village)

S rank. Bounty-hunting.

S rank. Designing a forbidden technique in secrecy for a village to use against other villages.

S rank. Hunting down bijuu.



So MC is from a clan called Mitsuba. Her village is was?) under attack. There is a distressed pink-haired character named Kaede then these four shinobis offer her to come with them!

Sakuya serves Nobunaga
Sasuke serves Shingen
Hanzo serves Ieyasu
Genya serves Masamune



Jack and Ashi: Violence as Self-Annihilation

As anyone who has been reading my blog lately can probably guess, I’ve been loving the new season of Samurai Jack. In a media culture saturated with mediocre and/or outright bad reboots and remakes, Season Five of Samurai Jack retains everything fans loved about the first four seasons, while the TV-14 rating allows for storytelling opportunities that weren’t available when it was a Y-7 show, and yet feel like a natural extension of the original.

The emotional touchstones of the new season have thus far been Jack, as is only fitting, and Ashi, one of the Daughters of Aku, and by Episode XCV, the only surviving daughter of Aku. The Daughters, Ashi especially, have been set up as parallels and foils for Jack in terms of their upbringing and their ‘purpose’ in life. In particular, the show explores a running theme through the both of them: violence as the annihilation of the self.

[CN/TW: Discussions of abuse and indoctrination]

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The Masterpost: Sasusaku

Here, dear readers, is where I try to make life easier for all of you (and myself)! Below is a list of my SS prompts with extremely brief summaries of each of them. (My personal favorites are in bold)

Those Who Go Back on Their Words - Sasuke wants Sakura to stop overworking herself. Post war. 

The Best Man - Sakura can’t come to terms with Sasuke’s death.

What to Expect - Sasuke doesn’t want kids and Sakura has to tell him she’s pregnant. 

Meeting Expectations - Sakura goes into labor. Sequel to the above.

The Things We Do - Sasuke comes home from a mission sick. 

An Assumption - In which Sakura isn’t a virgin. 

The Uchiha Plan - The Uchiha clan doesn’t start plotting their coup until Sasuke is 16. Chapter two and three (still in progress). Kind pf AU-ish. 

A Culinary Confession - Sasuke is concerned b/c Sakura is losing weight.

Under the Sun - genin!Konoha 12 at the beach. 

Treason - A viral contagion takes over the shinobi world and only Sakura has the cure. Semi-AU. Team Hebi included.

Sakura’s Complaints - Sakura wants to get married. Now! 

Drawing Conclusions - In which Sakura is a better artist than Sai. 

Of Failed Schemes and Second Goals - Sakura and Karin meet.

Snoring - Sasuke takes care of Sakura. (Major fluff!)

Lights - In which Sakura really needs her own apartment.

Oxygen - Sakura is pregnant, and she wants to go out.

Lovers Quarrel - Sasuke does not want to meet Sakura’s parents.

Misspent Youth - Sakura dies during the war. Sasuke gives her the goodbye she deserves. 

The Struggle to Keep Our Pants On - In which Sakura questions Sasuke’s choice of attire. 

Only You - (Genin SS) In which Sakura protects Sasuke from fangirls and annoyance in general.

Ninja’s Night Out! - After the war, the shinobi go clubbing.

Special Training - (Genin SS) In which they have a sparring session. 

The Fear - Another story in the Treason verse. 

A Tale of Domesticity - In which Sasuke stays home with the kids.

Sweetheart - Campfire stories with team Taka. 

The Haruno Curse - In which Sakura freaks out about the wedding. 

Shadows and Suns - Sakura’s rage. 

Phases of the Moon - Sasuke’s doubt. 

Rules of Parenthood - Sakura and their twins wait up for Sasuke. 

Dose of Envy - (Genin) They meet Sasuke’s childhood friend on a mission.

The Uchiha Blood  - Sakura is pregnant with their fourth child and the village is under attack. 

Spoken For - Sasuke realizes the extent to which Sakura is desired by other men. 

Strands of the Past - Sasuke has to explain the FOD to his daughter. 

About Love - Valentines Day fic 

In Which the Truth Went Untold - What if Konoha got to Sasuke before Tobi did? 

Hot Water and Bad Roomates - Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura go on a mission together. 

The Girl from Konohagakure - Sequel to Sweetheart. Team Taka meets Sakura…and they have questions. 

A Reversal of Roles - This time it would be him begging her to stay.

On the Subjectivity of Pain - (Genin) In which Sakura gets the curse mark instead of Sasuke

Things She Didn’t Need to Know - Their daughter is kidnapped by people who hold a grudge against Sasuke. 

The Runaways  - In which Sakura travels the world with Sasuke. 

A Necessity - Sakura explains the story of her and Sasuke to their daughters. 

A Christmas conversation between Link and Pit
  • Pit: Link! Link! I made a gingerbread house today!
  • Link: *doesn't see said house anywhere* ...Where is it?
  • Pit: I ate it!
  • Link: ...what about the gingerbread men?
  • Pit: The Gingerbread Village was under attack by a giant carnivorous angel. There were no survivors.
  • Link: ...

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Why do you like Erika, Sugar?

So this was a topic that came up during the stream I did last night and I wanted to write it out since I couldn’t really go into depth on why I like her so much in the middle of playing.

Spoilers n stuff under the cut.

I also acknowledge I got really carried away but I like to cite things.

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MC almost sacrifices herself to save her Ayakashi - EITM Request!

So I got a request for a head canon where MC almost sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend from the lovely @bad-wolf-moment

Here we go!

Miyabi - Why?
That was the only question that Miyabi could formulate in his mind as he watched over your unconscious form…his hands clenched tightly as his knuckles slowly paled.  
It had been a routine visit to the Mononoke village. Nothing out of the ordinary should have happened.
The kitsune clan leader was silent as his mind repeated the events over and over, like a torturous broken record.
Everything had been just as it always was…after travelling into the Mononoke village, the Clan Heads split off to attend to their official duties. While Miyabi had told you that you could join him, you had declined, opting to visit Miyabi’s Grandfather and explore the village for a while, citing that it was too beautiful a day to stay inside.
While working with some of the members of his clan at the castle, Miyabi had been interrupted by Chikage bursting into the room, his wings causing a force that had the others struggling to keep steady.
‘Miyabi! The village is under attack at the south-east entrance!’
As his eyes widened at the realisation that you were still in the village alone, Miyabi wasted no time in following the Tengu out into battle.
As many of the Kitsune tribe hid away in fear, Miyabi ran into the centre of the fight, determined to find you. He knew you wouldn’t just stand by.
Casting his kitsunebi into the throng of attackers, Miyabi was soon level with the other Clan Heads.
It was only as Miyabi was distracted by a bold ayakashi, that another sought to kill him from behind.
As the Kitsune turned his head, he could only catch a glimpse of your long hair as you threw yourself in front of him, taking the brunt of the magic that had been cast towards him.
As you collapsed to the ground, the other Clan Heads were quickly overwhelmed in their shock, until Miyabi let out a roar of unrestrained anger.
Unleashing his kitsunebi in a way that had never been seen by the Clan Heads, Miyabi released a blast of flames that encircled them, killing every enemy within sight as he dropped to his knees and pulled your lifeless body against him.
Samon had been hard at work in his attempts to heal you. While you had survived your brush with death, you had yet to regain consciousness and were still weak from the attack.

Joined by Isao, Miyabi’s Grandfather kept a silent vigil while the other Clan Heads assisted in helping any other injured Ayakashi.
As he watched over you, his hand found it’s way over yours, his eyes never leaving yours for a moment.
‘When will she wake up?’
Jumping slightly at Miyabi’s sudden question, Samon looked back to you as he removed his hands.
‘I can’t say…I’ve done all I can…’
Miyabi didn’t know how long he had been sat there at your side. He ignored the suggestions that he get some sleep and allow another one of the clan heads to watch over you.
As Miyabi gripped your hand silently, willing you to wake up, he promised himself that he would  never let you doubt his love for you. He would go to the ends of the earth for your smile.
Just as he trailed his hand through your hair, he felt a light movement in his hand.
Breathing your name, Miyabi gently squeezed your hand, feeling the same motion in response as your eyes began to open weakly.
‘Hey…’ Miyabi whispered, his voice tender as your eyes slowly met his.
‘You’re safe…I’m so glad…’ you muttered, your voice weak as Miyabi felt a pain in his chest. How could you still worry about others at a time like this?
Taking you into his arms Miyabi cradled you close, refusing to let you go as he whispered his love for you repeatedly. He would never let you get in harms way again.

Yukinojo - As the moon shone brightly over the shrine, you were already asleep, feeling perfectly contented in the warmth of Yukinojo’s embrace.
With your head resting against his bare chest, Yukinojo’s hands were against your lower back and in your hair, holding you close as you both slept peacefully.
It hadn’t seemed different from any other night. It was only as a large crash sounded along with the smashing of windows that you bolted upright in bed, an expression of fear on your face as Yukinojo quickly put his arms around you protectively.
Quickly changing his form, Yukinojo encouraged you to stay in the room while he went out to see what was happening.
Pulling on some clothes, you knew you couldn’t sit around as you ran down the hall after the other Clan Heads and discovered them enthralled in a fight.
You didn’t recognise their foes as any Ayakashi that you had seen before, but you knew whoever they were, they were strong.
Casting red flames towards the Clan Heads, Yukinojo was caught in the crossfire before Chikage could extinguish them with the power of his wings.
‘Yukinojo!’ you screamed, throwing yourself in front of him and shielding him with your body.
‘The girl…’
As the other Clan Heads rushed at their enemy, one managed to slip through the cracks, though his plan to kill Yukinojo was all but useless as you defended your weakened boyfriend.
You were terrified but unmoving. You wouldn’t let them get at Yukinojo, though you only caught a glimpse of silver before you felt a sharp pain in your abdomen.
Letting out a choked breath as you fell forwards onto your knees, you felt yourself being supported from behind as everything suddenly went below freezing.
‘You dared touch her…’
Feeling your vision slowly begin to blur amid the pain, you were vaguely aware of the body that collapsed before you. You could tell that the other Clan Heads were around you, but no matter how much you tried, you couldn’t speak.
Finally succumbing to the darkness, you drifted out of consciousness, unaware of what would happen to you.
‘Samon, do something!’ Yukinojo demanded.
‘Miyabi, go and get all the herbs and medicines now,’ Samon called out, dropping down beside your unconscious form as he began to work around the wound.
‘We have to do this carefully. If we remove the blade too soon, I won’t be able to heal her fast enough.’
‘Yukinojo, you need to reign it in. You’re going to make her freeze,’ Shinra encouraged, prompting the Yukibito to relinquish his anger as the temperature in the room began to steadily rise.
As Samon worked hard to heal the depth of your wounds, Yukinojo couldn’t help the blame that welled within his chest.
He could barely feel the pain from his own wounds as he prayed for you to wake up. To look at him and smile as you always did.
With Chikage assisting in removing the blade at Samon’s instruction, Miyabi had returned with the herbs, doing as Samon instructed without argument. It was a rare occurrence for the Clan Heads to work together like this, but where you were concerned, they were completely serious.
Lying you flat so that they could work more easily, Yukinojo refused to let go of your hand as he watched over your pale features.
Feeling the cold tears that trailed down his cheeks as he held your hand, Yukinojo had hardly realised that he was shaking until Kyoga rested a hand on his shoulder.
‘She’ll be okay. She’s strong,’ Kyoga assured him.
‘I…can’t lose her…’
‘You won’t.’
While it was a long process, Samon was finally satisfied as he bound the remnants of your wound, with Yukinojo helping to lift you so that Samon could wrap the bandages around your stomach.
As the hours passed, Yukinojo stayed by your side, waiting for you to awaken as he reluctantly allowed Samon to look at his wounds.
‘She’ll worry if you don’t let me tend to you,’ Samon reasoned, getting through to the Clan Head as he finally consented.
By the time the first light of morning started to show, Yukinojo thought of all the things he would say to you when you woke up, but the moments your eyes started to flutter, all of that disappeared.
Seeing the tears that streamed down his face, you reached up a shaky hand to Yukinojo’s cheek.
‘Yuki…nojo…don’t cry…’
‘I can’t help it…I’m so grateful that you are safe…I never…wanted to be alone again…not without you…’ he whispered, his voice trembling as you tried to sit up.
Reaching for you in an instant, Yukinojo carefully assisted you, not wanting you to push yourself when you wrapped your arms around him.
‘I love you…I love you so much,’ he breathed, enveloping you in his arms as you rested your head in the crook of his neck.
‘I love you too…’ you returned, pressing a chaste kiss to his neck as you rested against him.
‘I won’t ever leave you…I promise…’ you muttered, your voice quiet, though Yukinojo heard every word.
You both fell asleep that way, in each others arms, with Yukinojo thanking the gods that you were safe.  

Samon - It was strange how unsettled Samon felt when he had awoken that morning. You were safely enveloped in his arms, sleeping peacefully.
But as Samon looked out to the grey skies, he couldn’t help the feelings of unease that gripped him.
Looking down at the sound of your sleepy voice, Samon smiled kindly as he leant down to kiss you.
‘Good morning,’ he breathed, seeing the faint blush that touched your cheeks.
‘I’d better get ready…’ you remarked, glancing to the clock as Samon reluctantly let you go.
Even as he was preparing breakfast that morning, Samon couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong as he glanced out to the grey skies.
He hadn’t realised just how right he was.
Following work, you had been surprised to find that Samon wasn’t awaiting you as planned.
Calling him with no luck, you couldn’t help but feel worried as you quickly headed home yourself, the feeling of dread setting in as you reached the shrine.
Calling out your boyfriends name as you looked around, everything felt too quiet as you headed for the house.
Walking in and heading through to the dining area, you had rounded the corner to find the Ayakashi bound, Samon shouting to you to watch out as a sharp blow struck the back of your head.
By the time you regained consciousness, you realised that you were not tied up like the others as you quickly moved to Samon’s side.
Looking over his injuries, you glanced back to the Ayakashi who were holding the Clan Heads captive as he sneered at you.
‘What do you want?!’
‘What do we want? Your precious Ayakashi is going to suffer. The matter of how he suffers however, is solely up to you. We have no need for the other Clan Heads, but they would only get in the way…’
‘Samon has done nothing to you!’
‘He is responsible for the downfall of our Clan!’ the Ayakashi snapped, the fury in his eyes making you flinch as you moved yourself in front of Samon.
‘Your downfall was not the work of the Zashiki-Warashi. Your downfall was by your own hands.’
Raising his hand, Samon suddenly gasped out in pain as the ropes binding him tightened.
‘You talk big for a group of Ayakashi that have to restrain us in order to get your own way,’ Miyabi spat.
‘Why don’t you act like real men and fight us?’
Though it was clear Miyabi’s taunts fell on deaf ears as the Ayakashi inched towards you.
‘Make the choice. Who will die? You or your beloved Samon?’
As your eyes widened, you reached back to intwine your hand with Samon’s as he yelled out not to listen to them.
‘Don’t…Don’t answer them,’ he implored you, though you knew by the injuries inflicted on the other clan heads that these Ayakashi were completely serious.
‘…Take me. If you promise to leave Samon and the others alone, I won’t resist you.’
Looking triumphant as they withdrew a series of long blades, your eyes widened as your body began to tremble.
‘No! Don’t touch her!’
Getting to your feet to face your fate, you told Samon how much you loved him, fighting back the tears as you stared at the Ayakashi before you.
‘Aren’t you going to beg us little girl?’
‘I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction,’ you stated defiantly, seeing the sword raised as the Ayakashi smirked at you.
Dropping to your knees at the will of their magic, your hands suddenly moved behind your back, restrained and unable to move as you looked up in fear at your captors.
‘No! Enough!’ Samon yelled, breaking from his binds and casting the Ayakashi back with his own powers, his anger fuelling them as he sent the enemies flying into the wall opposite.
With their defence down, the other Clan Heads also managed to break free and formed a shield around you.
‘You will never harm her,’ Samon spat, his voice laced with fury as he stood over you protectively.
With their powers unrestricted, the enemy Ayakashi were soon disposed of, though you had lost the strength to stand as everything you had been holding back came flooding out in tears.
‘Are you okay?’ Samon asked with worry as he knelt down before you, taking your hands in his.
‘I was so afraid that they’d hurt you…’ you admitted, unable to stop the tears that slipped down your cheeks as Samon enveloped you in his arms.
He would never allow anyone to scare you like that again as he silently vowed to protect you.

Shinra - When Shinra had gone to the Mononoke village with the other Clan Heads, it had made him happy to be able to bring you with him. Normally you would have to work, but you had managed to take some time off.
Interlacing your fingers with his, you felt a little embarrassed, but you were outweighed by the happiness you felt at being by his side.
Normally you would have reached the Mononoke village by the time the sun was setting, but you couldn’t help but feel uneasy as the skies seemed to cloud over.
Squeezing Shinra’s hand a little, your boyfriend seemed to pick up on your concerns as he pulled you closer.
‘We should be there soon,’ he remarked.
‘Yeah, though this change in weather is unexpected,’ Chikage mumbled. ‘It had better not even think about raining..’
While you were trying to reassure yourself that you were close to the village, you were suddenly startled as smoke began to drift across your paths, making you stop as it wove around you, it’s tendrils creating a thick fog that blocked your way.
‘W-What is this?’
‘This is the work of an Ayakashi…’ Shinra murmured, putting his arm around your waist and pulling you close as he and the others assumed their full Ayakashi forms.
‘Stay close.’
Though as you heard a distant rumbling, you had been about to ask Shinra if this was his power when you felt the ground begin to tremble beneath you.
Struggling to hold onto your footing, you were all suddenly caught in the middle of a blast that sent you flying across the meadow you had been crossing.
Feeling your back slam into one of the large trees on it’s edge, you realised that Shinra was nowhere to be seen.
‘Shinra? Shinra?!’ you called out when something grabbed you, making you scream as you were hurled across the meadow again, landing roughly on the ground as you looked beside you to see Miyabi and Chikage getting to their feet.
‘What is this?’
Looking up to the Ayakashi that loomed over you, Chikage quickly used his wings to create a powerful wind that forced the enemy back while Miyabi commanded his Kitsunebi.
Though it was only as you searched around for Shinra that you heard a strong rumble of thunder.
‘It’s a Chimi…they don’t typically linger in the Ayakashi world. They target humans,’ Chikage remarked in surprise, making your blood run cold as you realised that you were it’s target.
Though as Shinra appeared, getting in it’s way, the Chimi attacked ruthlessly, determined to get to you and your power as Shinra felt it’s claws dig into his chest, swiping through the skin as though it was nothing and forcing Shinra to his knees in agony.
Running from the other Clan Heads, you covered Shinra’s body with your own, determined to keep him safe as the Chimi took advantage of your vulnerable position and dragged it’s claws down your back, seeking to kill you as you protected your beloved Oni.
Letting out a gasp of pain as you fell forwards, Shinra pushed himself off the ground as he commanded his powers, bringing down a bolt of lightning so powerful that the Chimi was destroyed instantly, bringing light back into the meadow as the other Clan Heads ran to you.
As they tried to help you stand, you cried out in agonising pain as blood seeped from your deep wounds.
‘We have to get her to the village, now!’
With Shinra too weak to carry you, Kyoga wrapped you in his arms and lifted you easily, with Miyabi supporting Shinra as they got you to the Village.
Having lost consciousness on the way, you were immediately taken to be treated.
With Shinra forced to have his own wounds tended too, he was unable to go to you straight away, much to his frustration, though Kyoga insisted that Samon was taking good care of you.
‘I should be there when she wakes up.’
‘You will be, if you stop getting so worked up and let them take care of your wounds.’
‘She could have died because of me,’ Shinra responded, running a hand through his hair as he winced in pain.
‘She did what you would have done for her,’ Kyoga remarked, trying to reassure him.
By the time Shinra was shown to your room, you were already resting, with Samon giving Shinra a sympathetic smile.
‘I apologise that I wasn’t able to tend to your wounds myself, but my clan are very proficient.’
‘She’s more important. Will she be okay?’
‘Yes. I can’t tell whether or not the wounds on her back will scar, but I’ve done everything I can.’
‘Has she woken up yet?’
‘No…she’s been unconscious the whole time. Though it may have been for the best. I’ve given her something for the pain.’
‘Thanks Samon,’ Shinra responded appreciatively, coming to sit beside you as Samon left you both alone.
Brushing a hand over your cheek, Shinra tried to blink back the tears, though being alone, it was only getting harder as he talked to you.
‘Why did you do that? Why would you put yourself at risk for me? I never wanted this…’
Realising just how much you loved him, Shinra couldn’t hold back the tears when your eyes began to open slowly.
Taking you carefully in his arms, Shinra helped you to sit up as you embraced him.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ you whispered.
‘You scared me half to death…I was worried about you…’
Feeling his hot tears on your skin, you held him closer as you apologised quietly.
‘I love you…’
‘I love you too…I always have,’ he whispered, refusing to let you go.

Kyoga - When news reached the Clan Heads that the Mononoke Village was under attack, you had gone with them in an instant to the Village in order to assist.
With Chikage flying on ahead, the others were in full Ayakashi form as they rushed for the Mononoke Village.
Insisting on helping, Kyoga had been reluctant at first, though he eventually agreed to let you go and assist with getting the children to safety.
Once you arrived however, everything was in chaos, with the Clans all fighting side by side, it was almost daunting to see such power being cast between them against their enemies.
As the Clan Heads went to report with their respective clans, Kyoga took a moment before leaving you.
‘Be careful. Don’t stay out here any longer than necessary. Get back to the castle as soon as possible.’
Nodding, Kyoga kissed you deeply, holding onto you for a second before going to join with the fight.
Not waiting around, you had gone deep into the village, assisting with members of the Okami clan as well as the other clans in helping to get the vulnerable to safety.
As you ran with a young member of the kitsune clan, you handed him to one of the Okami clan members by the entrance of the castle.
It was only as you ran back towards a housing area that you hadn’t yet covered that you found the majority of the Clan Heads in a fierce fight.
As Kyoga flung one of the enemies from his back, another lunged for Miyabi, though the Kitsune made quick work of them. It was only as you saw another running in that you realised Kyoga hadn’t seen the incoming attack.
Acting on impulse, you intercepted the enemies attack, taking the full force of the magic he cast as you were thrown back by the sheer force into a nearby home.
As the others covered Kyoga, he ran to you, calling out your name, but to no avail.
Picking you up in his arms, Kyoga wasted no time in getting you to the castle where Samon was assisting others who were wounded.
Looking up, his eyes widened at the sight of your unconscious body.
As the members of the clans helped to clear space for you, Kyoga laid you down, allowing Samon to examine your wounds as he quickly instructed members of his own clan to get everything that he needed.
‘She’s going to be okay, right?’
‘Judging by the magic used, she may have just saved your life,’ one of the Zashiki-Warashi elders remarked.
‘This magic would have killed you. It would seem that they are using magic to specifically target each of our clans.’
‘We will take care of her, go, help our people,’ he continued, though Kyoga remained frozen in place.
‘Kyoga, this kind of magic was powerful, it’ll take time to heal her. There is nothing you can do for now.’
Taking Samon’s words, Kyoga finally left the castle, evoking his fury on the enemy in a way that the clan heads had never witnessed before.
Within another hour, the battle was over, with the enemy well and truly defeated. As the other Clan Heads assisted the injured ayakashi to the castle, Kyoga wasted no time in running on ahead, determined to see you.
By the time the other clan heads got to the room that you and Kyoga usually frequented at the castle, you were just starting to come around, finding everyone around you.
‘Everyone’s okay…? Thank goodness…’ you breathed, looking relieved. It was so like you to fret over everyone but yourself.
‘Don’t push yourself. You deflected some very dangerous magic. You’ll be okay, but you must rest,’ Samon insisted, though you felt a warm hand tracing your cheek.
‘Thank you…you saved my life…’ he muttered, taking your hand in his as you smiled at him softly.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’
Leaning down to kiss you tenderly, you didn’t mind that the others were there as Kyoga leant his forehead against yours.
‘You truly were incredible out there tonight.’
‘Yes, you assisted all of our clans in their time of need. From all of us on behalf of our clans, we would like to thank you,’ Yukinojo added, the Clan Heads bowing to you simultaneously, much to your surprise.
‘We are truly blessed,’ Samon agreed.
By the time you were left alone with Kyoga, you were immediately wrapped in his warm embrace.
‘I love you…I am so grateful to the gods that you are safe,’ he whispered, holding you close as he expressed his thanks to you for protecting him.

Chikage - It was just like any other day off, you had been sat on the veranda watching Chikage teach Koten while the other Clan Heads came and went as they pleased.
It was a pleasant afternoon. The sun was shining and the light breeze created by the lesson that Chikage was teaching was refreshing.
Catching Chikage’s eye as he observed Koten’s progress, your warm smile seemed to distract him for a moment.
‘Ahem…yes, anyway,’ he continued, clearing his throat and turning away from the young tengu to hide his blush.
Giggling softly to yourself, you got up to go and make them a drink and some lunch.
Though while you were in the kitchen, chatting with Samon, he suddenly tensed, looking outside the room.
‘Somethings wrong. One of my charms is down,’ Samon remarked, heading out into the living room when you heard shouts from the garden.
Dropping the plate in your hands, you ran outside to find Chikage protecting Koten from an Ayakashi that appeared to be a half woman and half snake.
‘What is this…’
‘A nure-onna…’ Chikage murmured in surprise.
As it’s glowing eyes regarded Chikage warily, her tail thrashed menacingly as you called Koten to you.
‘Get inside,’ you encouraged, pulling him behind you, though he stayed close by. As the nure-onna suddenly lunged for Chikage, he tried to send her back with an attack of wind, but got caught by the end of her tail, sending him into the wooden post closest to you.
Attempting to pacify the ayakashi with a charm, Samon was also struck hard, sending him into the pond as the ayakashi reverted her eyes back to Chikage.
Calling out to your friend as you helping Chikage to stand, the tengu quickly pushed himself in front of you, attacking the nure-onna with Samon’s assistance and knocking her out. Or so they thought.
‘Are you both okay?’ you asked in concern.
‘Yeah…those ayakashi are pretty rare to come across…they’re incredibly volatile,’ Chikage remarked.
‘It was strong enough to break through my charms,’ Samon responded, though it was only then that you heard a shrieking coming from the nure-onna.
Acting on instinct, you threw yourself in front of Chikage as you were hit, the force of it sending you into a nearby tree as you were suddenly seized in the coils of it’s tail.
Hearing Chikage yell out your name, you were rendered unconscious by the impact, with the nure-onna tightening it’s grasp in an attempt to crush and kill you.
Running to the nure-onna, Chikage unleashed his full fury, using his war fan to slice through the nure-onna’s tail as it screeched in agony.
As you fell to the ground, the ayakashi vanished, as Chikage took you into his arms and carried you inside.
Having heard the commotion, the other Clan Heads had arrived, looking shocked at your beaten form as Chikage implored Samon to help you.
‘M-Master? Is…Is she going to be okay?’
‘She’ll be fine Koten, she has to be,’ he responded, his voice determined, though his eyes betrayed the emotion he felt.
‘Hey, Koten, how about we go and get some ice cream?’ Yukinojo offered kindly.
Taking the young tengu’s hand, Yukinojo gently took him from the room as Samon began to look over your wounds.
As evening fell, Chikage had moved you to your room and was watching over you as you slept.
Having healed your wounds to the best of his abilities, Samon had given you something to help you with the pain, which also allowed you to sleep through some of it.
As you began to stir, Chikage gently took your hand as he asked you how you were feeling.
‘I’m okay…did it hurt you…?’
’No, you protected me…’ Chikage responded, though it was clear that he was feeling conflicted as you propped yourself up against your pillows.
‘I was scared…of losing you…’ he admitted, averting your gaze, though it was clear to see how pained his expression was.
‘I’m sorry…I just…I didn’t think. I wanted to keep you safe,’ you responded, though Chikage shook his head as he leant over to kiss you softly.
‘Don’t apologise. I’m just grateful that you’re okay…and thank you…for worrying about me,’ he remarked, a fierce blush touching his cheeks as he looked into your eyes.
‘I love you…’
Enveloping you in his arms, you felt an indescribable warmth as you hugged your beloved ayakashi back.
‘I love you too…’
Settling down with you in his arms, Chikage finally gave in to the overwhelming exhaustion he felt and slept, knowing that you were safe in his arms, exactly where you belonged.

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During the Tu'la Attack

Aphmau: We gotta go back for Aaron even if we don’t know exactly where he is and the village is under attack at the moment.


Stoick and Valka’s stories parallel each other very closely, actually.

Stoick was the leader of a village under attack. He was raised to believe that dragons were monsters and fought to save his people. He was stubborn and thought dragons were the enemy.

Valka was the human leader in a group of injured and abused dragons. She came to believe that Vikings were monsters and fought to protect the dragons. She was stubborn and thought Vikings were the enemy.

They both fought for the safety and well being of the ones they loved.

And it took Hiccup intervening to show Stoick and Valka that they were both wrong about dragons and Vikings.

A Debt Repaid

TILE: A Debt Repaid 

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter One of Two

AUTHOR: atotalnerd

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a young woman living in a small village, in a realm at war, where Loki is fighting alongside Thor. Loki is gravely injured and taken to your village for help.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Descriptive injuries, so stay clear if you can’t really handle that kind of thing.  

You could feel the ground around you shake with every impact that was made by the forces outside of the house. Your village was under attack, in the middle of an ongoing war in your realm. Weeks- Months-Years, you couldn’t tell which by now and the memory of peace seemed like a far away dream by now. You didn’t know what the opposing side wanted, but you knew that the Asgardian soldiers were on your side and fighting to regain peace for your realm.

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The Wildling of Fangorn Forest

Written and based on this imagine by the Wildling herself;

Run!”. “Run!” she cried. The tears trembled down the woman’s face as she fell to the floor within the hut. Shrieks, cries and collapsing dwellings close by deafened me. A terror filled my soul.  
The small village was under attack by an orc pack; warg scouts, creatures of evil.  The people whom inhabited it were merely innocent hunters and gatherers in the mountains.  

The man in the hut kissed and cupped my cheek and looked into my eyes. “Love, stay safe. Run away from here. Be quick and stay hidden, go Eastward. Don’t look back, you understand?”.
I put my hand on his and nodded.  Behind him, a young boy pat my forehead caringly.  Both picked up a weapon of steel and quickly rushed out the door to defend the home.

The woman had ripped a necklace from her neck; a pair of carved raven feet on one side and a runic symbol on the other. She grasped my hands and put the pendant in them, closing them firmly. “Remember our love, little one. We will love you forever and always,” she wept, tears falling from her eyes. She cuddled me tightly and kissed me. She gently nudged me away then removed a dagger from her pocket. “Forever and always, little one. Run!”. That was the last time I ever saw them.

I remember the blistering heat on my skin and smell of the smoke from the burning fires. I chose my escape through a break in the thatched wall.  The shrieks and cries still echoed throughout as I scurried away from the desolated village. Quick and unseen, I got to the top of a peak above the ruins.  I took one last glance at what was once a quaint village with people whom I’d grown with.  I just ran, ran away from what once was, into the unknown.

Lost. Not knowing where I was headed.  As a child, I had not been to many places, even the very few times I went out to gather berries. This was not a familiar path to me.  A heavy feeling of loss and worthlessness over-shadowed me as I looked around the stranger lands.  Tears streamed down my face as I ran fast and helplessly without direction. Still clasping onto my given trinket, thoughts of those people filled my mind amongst dreaded notions of their doomed fate.

It was near nightfall and I came by a very dark forest. Exhausted, I dropped to the ground, physically spent, near the roots of a gnarly tree. My body ached from being on the run all day and my thirst was unquenchable.  My stomach hurt from both pains of hunger and sadness. With no possessions, my existence seemed futile. I had nothing left; but pain, sorrow and a feeling of anguish in which I had never felt before. Consoled only by the trinket the loving woman gave to me.  

Lying down, I fiddled with it constantly, deeply eying the engravings, which were strange to me.  The use of the raven and runic symbol gave me reason to believe that it must have been made with magic spoken of in folklore; a spellbound piece. But, how would that woman have come by this and why did she give it to me? If only I could ask her… My eyes were sore and closing, so sleep took chance and it had taken hold of me.

*Crack* *grumble*. My body stiffened as I heard these strange noises in the night. The smell of the moist, dense leaf litter filled my nose and the sounds of the whistling wind in the trees echoed in my ears. These strange noises alarmed me.  I felt the ground beneath me shake.  Scared, I stood up and dusted the damp earth off my rag-like clothing.  I looked to where the gnarly tree was where I laid… but it was not there.  My gut sank and I turned around slowly to see the gnarly tree standing tall, blinking with eyes glistening in the moonlight.

With another crack and grumble, it moved towards me. In awe, I gawked at the unusual being as it seemed to observe me. I wanted to run but I was frozen in my stead. I did not know what to expect. With the look of confusion on its face, it grumbled once again with what seemed to be words; “Don’t be hasty, little orc!” it said long-windedly.
Still frozen, I fumbled with my words; “I-I’m not an o-orc, oh tree. I, uh, I have run for miles and I am l-lost.”.
It grumbled again. “I am no tree, I am an Ent. Treebeard some call me.  Lost, you say? You are in Fangorn, little wildling. You are safe here”.

The initial feeling of fright faded away and a sense of calm took its place.  The Ent had lowered his arm, picked me up and placed me on his branchy back.  Slowly but surely, he began to walk around the dark forest in search of the others of his kind, gently grumbling away as he told me tales and sang songs.

The Ents were shepherds of the forest and have walked Middle Earth for a very long time. Treebeard is said to be the oldest creature that ever lived. He spoke of the Entwives, Entings and their way of life. The Ents also had a hatred for orcs, in which I shared the mutual disdain. I told him of my misfortune and he empathised and spoke to me of his.  
Finally, reaching the other end of the forest, we were surrounded by more of his kind.  

Day by day, the tree-herders observed me and watched me grow. As the days passed, so did months, and then years. Not only was I growing into a young woman, but our fondness for each other had grown also.  Although I was very different and was often called “Wildling”, we entwined as a family. I drank the enchanted waters of Fangorn, which helped me grow and aided me to understand and speak the difficult language of the Ents. Very little is pronounceable with the human tongue. I hunted and gathered with the skill and knowledge passed unto me, though most I feel was instinct and self-taught.

With this newfound family of mine, I often reflect looking into my heart and soul from the heartache, hatred and helplessness that I had endured as a young child. I still carry the strong presence of hatred of the orcs and their kind, though the memories of life before that turmoil seem to fade away over time.

I have discovered purpose, the love of a family and a new way of living. Only faint fragments and memories linger in my mind.  All that is left of my past is the spellbound trinket, a mystery in which another journey of discovery awaits.

I am not and never will be the same person as whom I once was. Terror has given birth to a new spirit and soul. I have explored new ways of life and unearthed the secrets of the forest. From the moment the Ents found me, it was a new existence. This is the dawn of the new age; the time of the Ents has come and I will stand by their side to whatever end that may be.  I… I am The Wildling of Fangorn Forest.

Written by Sage Michael




RBA's "Hometown"

So im going out on a limb here, but I think its pretty possible that Reiner and Bertholdt cant go back to their hometown, because theres no hometown to go back to. When Reiner and Bert are talking to Eren about their home, Bert says that he woke up one day and his village was under attack by titans. And later that day, Reiner says that his hometown is in ruins.

Now, most people chalk this up to them just creating a story to tell Eren so they wont blow their cover. But I don’t think so. They look too disturbed and upset to be just faking. I think their hometown outside the walls really DID get destroyed and is now in ruins. Im assuming that their village is not the only village out there, and so im sure the survivors of the titan attack went to seek refuge in another town.

This is the whole reason RBA’s goal was to wipe out humanity. These people lived in the safety of huge walls. Safe from the titans for a hundred years. Those outside the walls were able to avoid the titans for the most part, most likely taking advantage of their titan shifting abilities. But once their village was destroyed, they realized they couldn’t push their luck forever. The group of villages banded together and sent people to attack the walls. Bert and Reiner were from the same village, and Annie came from another. They knew that if this plan was to work, and they were going to have to go all or nothing. They couldn’t just walk up and demand to be let in. And they couldn’t kill just one district and take it. Because then humanity inside the walls would retaliate and kick them out or kill them. No they had to eliminate everyone. Kill everyone within the walls. This was the only way to ensure the safety of everyone. However, we know that the plan to eliminate humanity within the walls changed when they found out Eren had titan powers and most likely possessed the coordinate. We can even see Reiner tell Eren.

With the coordinate, they woudnt need the walls, and they wouldn’t need to kill everyone inside. They could have the power to keep the titans at bay by themselves and everyone would be safe and everything could go back to the way it is. That’s the only way Reiner Bert and Annie could return to their hometown.

The Dragon's Mark (closed rp with titanshiftingbrat)

There is a legend… A story telling of a mighty dragon with scales as dark as night and eyes as bright as a knight’s sword. He goes by many names… Including the Strongest Dragon alive. He’s name however, is Leviathan or Levi… He is said to protect weary travels and oppressed villages under attack…. Most people believe that he is nothing but a myth… An old fairy tale for parents to tell their children but there’s only very few people that actually know of Levi’s existences.

Henry’s Adventure

This lovely manip was made by the talented and amazing @starscythe. To see the high res version, go here

This was a mistake.

His heart beats in his chest, he can hear his pulse in his ears.

He’d learned about this in school. Fight or flight, Grandma had called it. Fight or flight, and he doesn’t know which one to pick yet, a million things racing through his head, and dang it, maybe he should have listened to Mom.

He’d wanted to go with them, despite what Mom had wanted (mothers had wanted). Ma couldn’t really say what she’d wanted before they left; she’d conked out, tucked into one of those fancier beds at Camelot.

It’s the Darkness that’s making her so tired, he can feel it, can see it. He may just be a kid, but he’s not 10 years old anymore. He sees things now. Notices them when his family thinks he doesn’t.

But he knew in his heart, he was supposed to go with them.

But right now, with the fear in Mom’s eyes, and the horror on Robin’s face, he wonders if he did the right thing by pushing to come with them.

Oh man. This was a really bad idea.

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