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In The Wee Free Men, the village has a tradition of burying a shepherd with a piece of wool on his shroud, so that the recording angel will excuse him all those times during lambing when he failed to attend church — because a good shepherd should know that the sheep come first. I didn’t make that up. They used to do that in a village two miles from where I live. What I particularly liked about it was the implicit loyalist arrangement with God. Americans, I think, sometimes get puzzled by people in Ireland who call themselves loyalists yet would apparently up arms against the forces of the crown. But a loyalist arrangement is a dynamic accord. It doesn’t mean we will be blindly loyal to you. It means we will be loyal to you if you are loyal to us. If you act the way we think a king should act, you can be our king. And it seemed to me that these humble people of the village, putting their little piece of wool on the shroud, were saying, “If you are the God we think you are, you will understand. And if you are not the God we think you are, to Hell with you.” So much of Discworld has come from odd serendipitous discoveries like that.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Straight from the Heart, via the Groin” (collected in A Slip of the Keyboard)

R/ylo: I just feel uncomfortable supporting a love story between Finn and Rey because he lied to her and she forgave him to easily. Finn is just the worst he needs to stop lying. I love him, but….

Same R/ylo: I can’t wait for Rey to forgive Kylo for hunting her down in a forest, knocking her out and kidnapping her against her will so he could torture her about the location of a map to murder Luke Skywalker, mentally tortured her, killed her father figure in front of her eyes, hunted her and her best friend, almost killed her best friend, almost killed her, stood by while his fascist organization killed billions, ordered the massacre of an entire village, murdered two unarmed men, murdered a school full of his fellow students and children, tortured Poe….because he’s never lied to her! I can’t wait for their cute Skywalker babies. My poor wibble Ben Solo that has never done anything wrong ever. 

Antis: …..this is racist. 

R/ylos I mean Neutrals: You antis are so hateful. Ship and let ship.




2001 vs. 2014

(bottom picture by yours truly)

It’s pretty amazing to see how much more developed Nintendo’s characters have become, so I thought a good way to demonstrate this evolution would be to harken back to one of the GameCube’s most treasured titles, Super Smash Bros. Melee!

The decision to replace the late Nana and Popo with Lucas and Villager came from these two reasons:

1) Lucas was meant to debut in the Smash series in Melee (replacing Ness), but Ness returned due to the delay of Mother 3

2) Animal Crossing was first introduced on the GameCube

I figured Pichu was best left as an empty space.

Anyways, enjoy this edit! If you want to use it, I would greatly appreciate credit :)

EDIT 3/8/2016

Good news to those who wanted a high-definition version of this photo! This version can be found here:

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The new Cipher promo cards for Alm and Celica give us our first look at a few character redesigns (and one new character) in Shadows of Valentia!

On Am’s card right by his arm we see Tobin who weve gotten a good look at in other trailers, and on the far right of the card is probably our first look at the new character Effi, who before now has only been seen as a map sprite.  She looks to be wearing a simple dress reflecting her villager class. The other two characters, the one obscured by the “E” and the one on the far left are most likely Grey and Kliff as they are the other starting villagers, but I dont know which is which. The one under the E is giving off Jakob vibes and the right one almost looks like a Sacaean from the Elibe games. 

On Celica’s card on the far left is most likely the cleric Genny who in the original had a simple cleric girl design and looks to be a similar design philosophy here, and to her right is clearly Mae (the pink pigtails give her away) and she looks mostly the same as in Gaiden except now she is much bustier with what looks like maybe a boob belt similar to Camilla? Its difficult to say exactly.  And of course to the right is Boey with his radical new design we have already seen the official art of. 


Toi Mutsuo

In May 1938, 21-year-old Toi Mutsuo was severely depressed and suffered from tuberculosis, which at the time was an incurable and terminal illness. He lived in the small village of Kaio, on the outskirts of Okayama in Japan. Mutsuo’s parents died when he was very young, forcing him to be brought up by his grandmother. His depression began when local women started to reject his advances because of his suffering of tuberculosis. Before the massacre, Mutsuo wrote suicide notes that implied the reason for his actions was the pain of rejection by his peers.

In the early hours of May 21st, 1938, Mutsuo used an axe to kill his grandmother via decapitation. He then proceeded to cut the electricity line to the village and strapped two torches to his head, before systematically moving from house to house and killing anyone he found inside. He used a shotgun for most of the killings, though he also made use of the axe and a katana. Before the sun came up, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with the shotgun, but not before he’d taken the lives of 30 innocent people. At this point in history, the massacre perpetrated by Mutsuo was the worst ever to be committed by an individual.


Okay, so. Let’s think about Danny Williams for a second here. This is a man who is constantly complaining about Steve putting him in harms way and blames Steve for every injury he has gotten since meeting Steve “tis but a flesh wound” McGarrett.

Now, let’s talk about the Danny Williams we see when Steve is in danger or even just plans on going somewhere dangerous.
THIS Danny is the Danny that will go to North freaking Korea b/c Steve hasn’t called him in like two hours and “that’s not like him, I know somethings wrong.”
THIS Danny goes to North Korea knowing that there’s a more than likely change that:
●Steve is dead already
●They will all die horribly
●Some of them will die horribly
●Danny himself could die
●He will never see Grace again
THIS Danny goes with Steve to Cambodia to check out a grave site. For literally no reason that is explained in the show, Danny goes to CAMBODIA with Steve to hike (Which he hates) through forests (Which he hates) to find a dead body that might or might not have something to do with Steve’s mother (who I seriously think Danny dislikes b/c of how she treats Steve).
THIS Danny also goes to AFGHANISTAN for no other reason than to stand there and tell a guy in charge that Steve is alive b/c “trust me, I know Steve, he’s alive. I know it.” Seriously, he doesn’t even participate in the mission to save Steve! He stands there like a worried family member (wife, lbr) and watches as Steve is rescued b/c for some reason he can’t do that in Hawaii. Probably so he’d be right there when Steve is brought back so Steve won’t be alone. Even though Cath is literally two villages over. I mean… !!!!
THIS Danny will be the death of me, and possibly himself with how much risks he takes to his person every time Steve asks/needs him to.

the girl is a tree in the forest, a tree in
the woods & she grows papayas & she
feeds a village of a hundred & two people.
and after they have picked her fruits bare,
they take her flowers & leave them to wilt
in wicker baskets & cracked vases

the girl is a mountain & she keeps the
world from spinning out of order, into
chaos, into the abyss, into nothingness,
while the city below her comes undone
at the seams, all but the wailing baby.

the girl is the moon & she keeps violent
oceans at calm & the world doesn’t flood
over & drown everything that keeps her
light a glow. and the fisherman in the
yellow hat, he & his wife are still alive.

                  but in reality,

the girl sits in the corner of the room,
silently, & slits her wrists open one by
one. and from them burst a fall of honey,
gold & tooth achingly sweet, to feed
everyone she loves.

—  in which a girl bleeds honey, by Nicole Moon