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Madonna Polaroids by Richard Corman, 1983.

In June 1983, 24 year old Madonna was rising on the club charts with singles Everybody and Burning Up. Photographer Richard Corman captured pre-fame Madonna at home one month before the release of her debut album. At the time she was living on East 4th Street between Avenue A and B.


Request: hi love! i’m so sorry to bother you as i’m sure you have tons of things you’re working on. but when you’re taking requests (idk if you are right now) can you write something where kylo is interested in the reader but she’s kinda skeptical about going out with him and the knights of ren take it upon themselves to be his wingmen? like almost every time the reader turns a corner, one of them are there with great stories about the commander to try to get her to warm up to him? thank you angel!

A/N: I love writing kylo in these kinda fits bc I make him so damn dry and blatant but its funny and yeah thank you anon for this request! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.6K+

It was pretty obvious that the commander was infatuated with you; you didn’t have to be Force sensitive to tell, Kylo just didn’t know how to hide it. The man was always staring at you from behind his helmet whenever you walked by or were in the same room as him. He didn’t know what being discreet meant.

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Nerd!Uchiha became the police so Tobirama would stop getting complaints about their policing. Uchiha are very serious about safety for obvious reasons. Yell help anywhere in the village and they pop up like meerkats. The first time an old man fell and broke a hip 30 Uchiha came running like Lassie "why wasn't there a safety railing?!" Midmission: "HALT! Random weapons check." " you can't do that! I'M captain!" "WEAPONS CHECK!! Now!" The bar was moved twice: no fights within 50 ft of "..."!

That’s hilarious omg. xD

What I want to see in the next Animal Crossing!

        Okay, so ever since the talk of the switch I have been ever so hopeful of an Animal Crossing title for it, and not just a crappy spinoff, either. Especially after the release of the switch I feel like this is something very likely to happen, given the villager icons you can choose from on the switch profiles and other hints. Anyways, here are what I feel like would be some entertaining additions to the next Animal Crossing title. This is a looooong list so pls bear with me.

  • Way way WAYYYYYY more slots to hold patterns like in HHD, like I am so amazed HHD was the first AC title to have this.
  • The ability to place PWPs wherever they will fit, also like the placement used in HHD.
  • Get a notification from Isabelle when you start the game that informs you of a new villager wanting to move in, you can then choose the location of their house so it doesn’t interfere with paths or anything.
  • I think it would be really cool to be able to edit the layout of our town as an alternate option to filtering through random ones. Similar to the acnl editor, but in the initial startup of the game. Choosing where streams, ponds, beaches, buildings, etc. are instead of having to settle on one.
  • Be able to choose your native fruit.
  • Similar to HHD, you can unlock special items from encountering certain villagers and they can be placed in your catalogue. Like how some have the sloppy series, etc.
  • A bigger campsite, like the RV one that was introduced in Welcome Amiibo, but has tents as well as more RVs that are not just specials. Like, have 2 RVs there that rotate everyday, one being a special character and the other just a normal villager, and of course spaces available for use with amiibo cards.
  • MORE THAN 1 PWP A DAY. I get SO MAD having to time travel just because I want more than one streetlight in my town.
  • Also, NO MORE RANDOM PWPS!!!!!! I played for YEARS with only a couple of suggestions from my villagers, I never was even suggested the police station!!!!!!! If we have to unlock them based on time played or town status or pay bells to unlock them, sure, that’s cool, BUT NO MORE RELYING ON SUGGESTIONS!!!!
  • Shops have way more items available to purchase, and on top of a bigger in-store selection, I think it would be cool to have kind of like a revolving catalogue where you can order things (like maybe have whole series in there or something) that also changes everyday along with the store’s inventory.
  • LARGER MAIN STREET!!!! I thought the town in HHD was a really good size for a main street for the next AC title. Also, the ability to choose the exteriors of the buildings on main street like in HHD.
  • More specialization of the shops on main street. Like, instead of just having the typical ones we have had for AGES maybe introduce some new ones, like a pet store (more on this later) or a restaurant like what there is to choose from in HHD
  • Possibly link your HHD catalogue with the new AC title? That way you have items unlocked and it gives you a little head start on items you can choose from.
  • BE ABLE TO DESIGN PANTS!!!!! Maybe there is a reason this isn’t a thing yet that I am completely ignorant about, but I WANT TO DESIGN SOME DAMN PANTS!!!! There are hardly any to choose from in the game so I am blown away that this hasn’t become a feature yet in all of the AC titles. Also, being able to design shoes and socks would be cool, too. But if anything, pls just let us design some pants.
  • Ability to have pets!!! So we can have some uninvited cockroaches roaming around but lord forbid I have a cute lil kitten or puppy??? You have no idea how much I loved the little hamster cage, but it can only do so much. I think it would be neat to get rid of the cockroaches and be able to purchase animals from a pet store on main street that can roam around in one (or all) room(s) and if you leave the game unattended for a length of time, you would come back to PEE in your FLOOR and you would have to clean it instead of stomping on cockroaches.
  • Either pick from different sets or create your own set of beginning villagers with amiibo cards for when you start up a new town. More often than not, my villagers starting out are all uggos.
  • Be able to automatically access your bank account without having to go to an ABD. Like maybe we have a device similar to our TPC that acts kinda like a smartphone or something and we have an “app” for our bank that we can use.
  • This device could also let us talk to villagers like the HHD phone or order items or talk to other players online if we have their FCs.
  • Be able to choose the town hall and train station exteriors during the startup of the game instead of having to wait and get a perfect town rating in order to do so.
  • MORE CUTE FURNITURE SETS!!! Idk about you but I loved the sloppy series and alpine series and I wish there were more cute pale series to choose from, like maybe have a whole pastel series that goes with the pastel table introduced in HHD.
  • More expensive home expansions, but they also expand faster. This doesn’t have to be the replacement for the current situation, but just to have as an option I think would be cool.
  • Be able to design furniture with Cyrus not just remodel it. Like we could start with a base item, but redesign it using something similar to what we use to design clothes and patterns. AND we could create QR codes for these like we would be able to for outfits and stuff.
  • A “global store” where people could post items they don’t want anymore kind of like an online flea market that we could access by either going to Re-Tail or on the TPC device. People could also sell their designed items on here if they didn’t want to do QR codes.
  • Train Station allows you to travel to ANY town with gates open and accepting random visitors. Kind of like how club tortimer pairs you up with random people on the island, you could go to a random town. No FCs necessary and it would be a fun way to make more friends to play with in the future!
  • Also, with having people visit your town, you should be able to select the level of access they have to it. You should have a little menu while there are people visiting that shows  who all is in the town and also what level of access they have. This can be adjusted at any time and there would be about 3 levels:
    • Restricted: Can only WALK around and talk to villagers and observe the items in your town. (how each visitor would start out)
    • Intermediate: Can buy, pick up, do anything in your town, but a notification will pop up on your screen anytime they want to do something and you will have to approve their action.
    • Unrestricted: Can do anything (like how it is now) without needing approval.
  • When having visitors in your town, you can also see them on your town map in real time like you see yourself. Instead of little people icons, though, they should be like numbers based on who got there first, #1, and so on. I feel like they would make it easier to tell who is who. But who even knows if we will have a map like the one we’re used to with the switch. I feel like the Wii-U might have been better in the whole dual screen aspect of the game.
  • We can also choose to see villagers on the map in real time.
  • Have other parts of town that we can access. Like maybe there is a little hill that leads up to the neighborhood where all the “special” characters live and stuff like that.
  • Ability to work at more shops than just the cafe. Have the jobs be more like mini games though.
  • Ability to demolish or move home without destroying your town.
  • When selecting “give me something” from an amiibo villager, their catalogue should pop up so you can choose what item you want.
  • MORE SANRIO ITEMS!!!!!!! The sanrio sets are so dang cute I love them!!!! Either collab with sanrio some more or make some more items that going along with the cutesy themes they have! Or maybe some san-x related items, like bring in rilakkuma etc.
  • A music shop!!! I think KK should have his own little record store where he performs during the day and it closes at night when he goes to the club B)
  • Able Sisters have a section in their shop for QR codes from all over the world via internet. If not connected, then it could just be empty or maybe you could only access it by talking to mabel or sabel or smth.
  • A Hotel!! This could be where people who are visiting your dream address start out, they could go to sleep there too and start a new day or something.
  • Possibly upload your HHD buildings to your town to replace the ones on main street.
  • This whole “smartphone”/TPC replacement thing:
    • Cell phone: call and talk to your own villagers and amiibo villagers
    • Email?: maybe. Could replace mailbox for letters only, not deliveries.
    • Initiatives can still be viewed on this
    • Timmy and Tommy “online” catalogue
    • Online Flea Market from players all over.
    • Bank Account: can access everything you’d be able to at an ABD
    • Music: could change background music to a KK song if one so chose
  • Can contract out Leif for a sum of bells to landscape your town. Select from some different colors, themes, flowers, if you are not very talented in the ways of landscaping.
  • Can get paths from Nook’s homes! It would be cool if Nintendo made some paths that actually matched up with the grass and stuff that you could purchase from Nook.
  • Where multiple face items like glasses, bandages, binkie so long as they don’t interfere with each others’ placements.
  • Be able to wear accessories over “makeup” I think our miis would look really cute with some of the accessories in the game!
  • Be able to hold more than one mii mask at a time.
  • Be able to start the game by choosing the villager’s appearance like in HHD, no more random appearances based on weird questions
  • Instead of just a couple exterior house choices, there should be more in a catalogue at Nook’s, but some are only available after you have upgraded your house x amount of times.
  • Furniture collections with more items. Rooms that are upgraded are really big and it kinda sucks when some series only have like 10 items in them.
  • Be able to see what an item is while it’s in our pockets!!!! I hate having to go home and display it in my home to see what it is and whether or not I want to keep it.
  • ALPACA VILLAGERS!!!!!!! So many of the special characters are so cute I wish we could have regular villagers that are that cute who are able to move into our town. Also walruses like wendell would be really cute.
  • Ability to access the time from within the game, maybe with like a special clock or something similar to the way we can have a fortunes told to us through the lovely phone, but only that phone.
  • Access to our storage room and regular inventory when we are in the “room editing” mode. It would save so much time if we didn’t have to exit out of it every time we needed a new item.
  • More villagers in the town!!! Like maybe 14 or 15
  • Kick out unwanted villagers at the town hall and accept requests of certain ones wanting to move in. Like see which villager it is and either accept them and pick a spot for their house or deny them.
  • Able to change camera angle for more diverse screenshots like HHD
  • A town hall with a room that is able to be reserved for events that you can set up, like harvest festival dinners, toy day party, bday parties, etc. And with these events all the villagers have to show up. You can also decorate the room with items from your catalogue or choose from different pre-made themes.

So as you can see this list is long as heck. Feel free to add to it and let me know what you think,  I always love seeing ideas and talking about Animal Crossing with people!!!!!!!!!!


“Pop Cou·ture"✨
Creative Director: Bristeves

Personal Styling: Bristeves

Male Model / Styling: Steven Young

Photography by Rob Simmons 

Behind The Styling

I based the concept behind this shoot around Black fashion today. It’s well known that Black fashion / music / culture heavily influences American Popular Culture. And what’s one of the biggest components of our generation’s way of finding new unique pieces of style?…. THRIFTING. For all those in denial, thrifting was ‘the thing’ before Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” made it socially acceptable to go out wearing someone’s granny’s clothes. Thrifting is my primary way of going about a wardrobe change, and this reflects the ‘black renaissance’ youth in its creativity. Thrifting just shows how creative our generation really is, our ability to take pieces and combine them together to make an influential style full of patterns and one-of-a-kind pieces.

I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite male trendsetters Steven Young  collab on this shoot with me. We both wanted to show creativity / style in the power of layering. An added shirt around the waist or a coat on top of another can speak volumes about your style. I’m not afraid of wearing oversize clothes or a weird one piece, as long as you can own it; do it. I’m all about stepping outside of the comfort zone with styles. Oversize fits are in and they’re comfy, please embrace it. Prints on prints is a YES, saying no to that $2 Tommy Hilfiger shirt is a NO. And the best part about being pro thrift is that it’s inexpensive! So if you see vision in a particular piece that isn’t all the way how you want it to be… cut it, sow it with something else and make your own clothes how you see fit. Me being a college kid myself, I can appreciate getting unique pieces in my closet (30+ pieces at a time) rather than going broke (for only 2 name brand). 9 times out of 10 you can find high end name brands in a thrift store or very similar pieces to something you’d pay an arm-and-a-leg for in a high end store.

My message? Be creative, be bold and thrift your heart out. Creativity is what makes you unique. Fashion in a nutshell to me is putting something together that no one has ever seen before. You’re not born with style but it can surely be learned over time. Each outfit is unique, and luckily today it is affordable. Express yourself. 

*Outfit pieces available at Value Village in Silver Springs, MD.

TalesFromRetail: Shoplifter encounter

Hello fellow retailers and everyone else. I’d like to share something that happened the other night. Pardon my formatting etc

End of the night at the local 12k pop ‘village’ store I work until this man comes in while I’m daydreaming behind the till. I immediately recognised his face and the clothes he wears (the same ones for a month or two) when I saw who came in as he comes in every other evening for the past few months and unsuccessfully tries to steal little meal items or snacks that aren’t even worth £1. Me and my co-workers have confronted him quite a few times in the past months & gotten the stuff back from him (he just puts the items into his coat). The other key thing is that he never ever tried to take anything worth more than a £1 or £2. Anyway, back to now. I have a screen in front of me and the controls for all the store cameras that I can go through (it’s not a big store). Just before he reached the meal section I clicked the microphone’s button a few times to make a sound throughout the store to let my manager know that something dodgy is happening in the store (it’s a thing we do when there’s dodgy people in the store, someone’s shoplifting or anything else that shouldn’t be happening is happening or is about to happen). My manager popped out through the staff door which is actually just by the meals section and the man just walked past the meals and left the store. Everything is back to normal.

5 minutes pass and it’s 20 minutes to closing. Same man comes in and goes back to the meal section. I do not call for any help this time as he hasn’t taken anything yet but I’m following him on the screen. He takes a premade burger and just tucks it into his coat thinking no one can see him. I press the microphone to get managers attention and go to the man myself. I told him to give it back but he keeps saying he didn’t take anything. He even lifted his shirt up to prove it.. But sadly I could hear the plastic packet from burger making a noise and I just told him to get it out. He had no choice as me and my manager basically surrounded him. He put it back and just tried to leave while mumbling something. Now, I have no idea what got into me. Maybe the fact that he always goes for these tiny food items just to survive(?) but I just said: “If you’re so desperate I’ll buy it for you.” He turned back to us and his face completely changed and you could see he looked really hopeless and a tiny bit embarrassed. He looked genuinely sad. He said he’s homeless and is really hungry as he hasn’t had any food in a few days. I know shoplifting is terrible etc but I felt so so bad when he said those words about being homeless & really hungry. I went to the reduced section (the food items are fine just close to expiry date) and got him a few sandwiches & other bits that were worth 50 pence each and spent no more than £3 on him. He was so thankful and you could see him get quite emotional. He thanked for the food and said he won’t steal from this shop anymore.

It’s been more than a day since the event took place but I’m still genuinely upset and affected by this encounter. I just feel bad for him and everyone else who has to go through stuff like he does. Did I do the right thing by buying the food for a shoplifter? Will he still try to steal from our store?

I do feel good (in a way) about it. Even if he is a druggie or a drunk, he still got a meal to eat that night.

Thank you for reading this.

By: Rycka7