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HTTYD 3 drabble: Berk: The Forever Home of Dragons

“This… is Berk. Once the home of the largest species of dragons, as well as the Alpha and only known living Night Fury. But that was ten years ago. Now… the dragons have left, and Berk is once again the village it was fifteen years ago. Home to only Vikings and livestock. Why? Because a chief and alpha had to make the hardest choice of their lives, for the better of their people. A chief, protects his own. And protecting… sometimes has hard consequences.”

While Hiccup narrates this, the camera travels through Berk, where only people and animals can be seen. No dragons, only traces of them. all of the dragons building are still there- the hanger and everything. Hiccup refused to get rid of them- they were the only things that reminded him of the dragons- and more specifically Toothless. Even though it caused pain to see them as a reminder, it also brought comfort.

Then the camera goes towards the landscape around Berk, towards a cliff that overhangs the ocean. There, Hiccup sits alone. Staring off into the distance where the dragons had disappeared all those years ago, and hadn’t been seen since. In his hands, he held Toothless’s saddle, the manual one that Hiccup had needed to help control. He fingers the worn leather sadly, a small sigh of longing escaping him.

Astrid steps up behind him, setting a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. Hiccup lifts a hand and places it on top of hers, his gaze still on the horizon. She steps forward and sits down beside him, her eyes also falling towards the horizon. She looks back at her thirty-year-old husband and chief, noting the bit of scruff on his chin, indicating that he’d forgotten to shave that morning.

After a while the two stand up and head back towards the village, where Hiccup is met by his two children, Stoick the second and Lili. The two children wish to go on a walk to the cove, which Hiccup visited often these days. So Hiccup and Astrid took their children to the worn path and began he trek to Raven’s Point. Stoick asks his father for a story: a story about the dragons and how they left. Hiccup sighed and nodded, picking up Stoick in his arms before beginning…

…Hiccup and his family have reached the cove by the time he finishes the story, and they’re all sitting on the ground by the small lake. Hiccup lifts his head and smiles sadly at his family, but Astrid’s eyes are wide and the kids are looking slightly afraid. Hiccup stares at them in confusion f or several seconds before he turns and looks at what they’re gaping at. He gasps in shock, feeling light-headed. There, standing on that rock where Hiccup had met Toothless for the second time, was a black Night Fury. The dragon stared at them before grinning gummily and jumping down, rushing over to Hiccup before colliding with him, pushing him to the ground. Hiccup stares at the dragon in shock, before he breaks down in a mixture of tears and laughing, hugging the dragon back tightly while burying his head into Toothless’s neck. “You came back, bud.” Hiccup whispers, but pauses when he hears another Night Fury shriek come from the rock formation. He looks up and sees yet another Night Fury step forward, followed by two minnie Nigh Fury’s. Not only that, but a Nadder that looked dizzily similar to Stormfly had landed not far from the rock, near the pond. Silence fell for a moment before Astrid shrieked and stood up, dumping Stoick on the ground in her mad haste to get to her dragon. Stormfly runs forward and the two meet in a fierce hug, Astrid crying fervently.

Hiccup stood up and hugged Toothless again, only then realizing how much bigger Toothless had grown. He was about a foot taller, and his wing span was also longer. Hiccup opened his eyes and looked down Toothless’s back, noticing the automatic tailfin still attached to Toothless’s tail. It had been surgically placed in, so that it wouldn’t come off and Toothless could wear it without fear of it falling apart.

Hiccup pulls away, his hands holding onto Toothless’s head. He smiles through the tears, while Toothless grins back at him, the dragon’s butt wagging back and forth in his joy, much like a dog would do. Hiccup hugs him again- tighter this time. He never wanted to let go, for fear that his dragon would fly off again and never return.

But finally Hiccup pulls back, as had Astrid from Stormfly. Toothless turned around and cooed towards the other Night Fury’s, who cautiously crawled down the rock and towards the humans. Hiccup steps forward and holds out a hand slowly to the dragons. The large Night Fury hesitates, but the younger ones immediately bump their heads into his palm. Toothless steps closer to Hiccup, his tail wrapping around his human. The other Night Fury looks from Toothless to Hiccup before stepping forward and also placing its head into Hiccup’s palm. The chief smiles happily, then looks at Toothless for an explanation.

“A family.” Astrid whispers from behind him. “He has a family, Hiccup!”

Hiccup stares at them in awe, before turning to look back at Toothless. Toothless is staring at Stoick and Lili wondrously, looking back at Hiccup in curiosity.

Hiccup smiled and held out a hand, motioning for Stoick and Lili to step closer. “These are my kids, Toothless. And Astrid’s my wife now.”

Toothless sniffs at Stoick, making the small boy flinch in fear. Hiccup smiled and took Stoick’s hand, showing him how to hold it out. Stoick did so slowly at first, but then he smiled happily when Toothless licked it and began to coo happily. The small Night Furies came up and began nudging at Lili and Stoick, making the children laugh and giggle before picking up the small dragons. Astrid smiles and comes to stand beside Hiccup, Stormfly close by her side. Astrid had one hand on Stormfly’s head, the other going to wrap around Hiccup’s shoulders, hugging him happily.

Squawking, roaring, and the sound of flapping wings can be heard from above. Hiccup, Astrid, and the kids stare up at the sky in wonder and shock. There were hundreds of dragons- hundreds- flying in the direction of Berk. Hiccup’s eye found Cloudjumper among them, as well as SkullCrusher, Grump, Hookfang, Barch, Meatlug, and all the other dragons that had once lived on Berk- plus others. Hiccup looked to Astrid, who looked back at him with an overjoyed smile on her face.

Toothless had returned, the other dragons had returned. It was like a wonderful dream come true, but Hiccup knew that the dragon standing before him was very much real.

Hiccup then turned back to Toothless, hugging him again.

“This… is Berk.” The camera zooms in on the island, showing the hanger where dragons were once again inhabiting. “Yes, dragons once didn’t inhabit this island- for ten years they were absent.” The camera goes through the village, showing dragons perched on top of buildings while others were looking around for their owners. It shows the original “gang” each reacquainting with their dragons, Fishleg’s with tears and laughs, while Snotlout just walks up in shock before hugging Hoofkang fiercely. The twins start shouting words of joy before attacking their dragon, and before long the two and dragon are rolling about on the ground. Valka hugs Cloudjumper without any words, only tears, while Grump just simply lands on top of an unsuspecting Gobber, effectively smushing the large man in a bone crushing hug.

“But they returned.” Camera then shows Hiccup stepping out from the forge, holding Toothless’s old saddle in his hands. Toothless jumps up and down in excitement, moving closer while Hiccup begins to strap it on.

“And with an unspoken promise to never leave.” Camera then shows Hiccup climbing onto Toothless’s back, zooming out to show Astrid on top of Stormfly. Hiccup smiles at Toothless, who grins back before he pushes his foot in the pedal, the now manual tailfin adjusting position.

Toothless jumps into the air, Hiccup whooping in joy. Stormfly and Astrid join them, and soon Valka does as well, (Stoick and Lili in her lap). The “gang” swoop up and join as they go, but before long Toothless and Hiccup began to pick up speed.

“yes. This is the Berk as we know it, and always will. The forever home… of dragons.”

Hiccup and Toothless fly up onto the large mountain stack over Berk, Toothless letting out a fierce roar while Hiccup just stared at his village, a smile of complete contentment and joy on his face.

The End.

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Going off that Chip being in town when the curse strikes, imagine if he had befriended Belle, and he decides to be "tough like the men" and join her when she goes to rescue Maurice . . .

“But none of the men are tough enough to follow me, Chip.”

“Then I’ll be tough like the girls. The milliner’s daughters are pretty fierce, aren’t they?”

Belle tries to keep a smile from twitching across her face. “I can’t deny that.”

“So am I coming or not?”

Chip’s face stares up at her, wide and bright and solemn. Belle feels sorry for the motherless boy—he runs wild through the village, perching on fences and crawling through the meadows, always watching and looking and searching for something he cannot find. When she first came to Villeneuve, she had bonded with him over loneliness. Chip had no playmates; she had only books; both had mums they couldn’t remember.

“I don’t want you to lose your father too,” says Chip, quietly. He sounds fragile.

That does it. Belle grabs his hands—they’re so cold, all the time, it’s like they’re always looking for something hot to hold—and pushes him up onto Philippe. “Hold tight to the reins, and tuck your feet under mine. I don’t want you falling off. And I ride fast.”

She ignores his little wriggle of excitement. She grabs the reins—leaps onto the horse—and they’re plunging off through Villeneuve, the gathering darkness around them cold and strange. It’s June, it shouldn’t feel like winter—and Chip has never been this far into the dark forest before—

Philippe flies so quickly they cannot catch their breath. Until, that is, it’s hanging in front of them: steam in the cold, bitter air.

There’s a palace in front of them, a palace filled with cold.

“I should have packed a coat,” says Chip. He’s shivering as he slides off the horse. Belle gives him her cloak, and he bunches the fabric between his hands and under his chin.

“Do you know where we are, Chip?” He’s lived here longer than she has.

“N-no.” But these gardens look good for sledding in.

“Stay behind me, all right?” Belle reaches for a stick and prods open the door. Chip reaches for a smaller stick, and prods Belle.

The two walk into the cold, empty palace. There is no fire in the grate. There is no sound in the halls.

And then they hear two sounds, from two totally different directions, and the two part ways without thinking twice.

Belle, up the stairs, sees a glimmering light and thinks Papa!

Chip, in the dining room, hears something clink and rattle and tut and thinks—and stumbles—and, and what is the word?!

There’s a hot teapot on the table. Chip cups his hands around it.

He’s never quite the same.

Daily Travel Photo : Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

Photograph by Adam Burton, JAI/Corbis

It wasn’t until a tunnel was built in 2004 that the residents of Gásadalur had an easy path to and from their home. At the time, the village—perched above this iconic waterfall on Denmark’s Faroe Islands—had all of 16 residents. Now that the village is accessible by car, and not just via an arduous hike or horseback ride, that number has risen to 18 residents.

Imagine you have been chosen as a human sacrifice.

There used to be a lucrative gem mine under the mountain your village perches at the edge of, but it was picked clean some years ago and your once-prosperous mining town has diminished considerably. Legend tells that there is a Trickster God living on the mountain. The older generation say a blood offering will win his favour.

You have never been well-liked in the village. You were caught, as a teenager, kissing the minister’s son. He told everyone that you forced yourself on him and you’ve been branded a harlot ever since. Had you been included in the decision-making process it would have not surprised you to have been chosen. As it is you don’t know what’s happening when they come for you in the middle of the night. Unseen hands in the dark cover your mouth and bind your arms and legs. They drag you to the local shrine where fires have been lit and a feast of lavish fruits and meats have been laid out.

You are redressed in a plain white robe and sat, legs folded beneath you and arms still bound behind your back, on a stone pedestal. You can hear excited murmuring around you, everyone is so sure that this will work. You bitterly tell yourself that at least you won’t have to put up with these people any more.

The boy who kissed you so innocently all those years ago has since taken up his father’s position, and when the moment comes it is he that approaches you with the knife. With one hand he grabs a handful of your hair, tugging your head back to expose your throat. With the other he brings the knife closer, and closer.

And then stops.

There’s a hand on his arm, stopping him. Someone is there that no-one noticed until now. Someone with copper eyes and a jagged toothy smile.

There’s a sensation in the air, the atmosphere is charged like the calm before a thunder storm. While there’s nothing physically inhuman about the stranger it would be impossible to mistake him for one of you. Somehow you just knowthat the being before you has power beyond comprehension and is older than the land itself.

He announces that since your life is being sacrificed it must belong to him. He says that he will be the one to decide what happens to it.

The minister’s boy drops the knife and scurries away like he’s been burnt. The Trickster takes his place behind you, one hand curved gently around your neck and the other slides under your robe to paw at your chest. While making a show of groping you he whispers in your ear that you have a choice to make. He can take your life in the spirit that it was offered with the promise that you will feel no pain in this world or the next. Or you could offer up your body along with your life, and you could live out your days as a priest at a temple dedicated to him. You nod, subtly. You want to live. He steps away immediately and rounds on the villagers with a grin on his face like a wolf worrying sheep.

He spreads his arms wide theatrically and proclaims that if wealth was what they wanted then they have come to the right god. Then he snaps his fingers and you black out.

When you come to it is daytime, and you don’t recognise your surroundings. You’re in some kind of open temple, a sloping roof held aloft by white marble pillars and no walls separating you from the view which is incredible. To the east; the sea. You must be on the other side of the mountain. You notice you’re wearing a different set of robes, more elaborate with fine stitching and laced with golden embroidery.

You don’t turn when you feel a heavy presence behind you, and fingers caress lightly over your cheek. Your new god makes love to you almost gently. He explains your new duties even while he’s still plowing you from behind. Your body belongs to him; is an extension of him. Any pilgrim who wishes to pay homage may do so. Any fruit of such unions are his. He won’t make personal appearances unless something draws his interest. He doesn’t leave immediately when he spends inside of you. He turns you over, twines your fingers, and lowers his mouth over your crotch until you find your own release. Then he takes you again.

You weren’t entirely sure what to expect but pilgrims do come. Most want to make deals, almost none are interesting enough for the fickle deity to show his face. It doesn’t take long for word to spread about your reason for being there and many wish to indulge. You spread your legs for any who ask it, mainly men though some women too, and it doesn’t take long for you to figure out what was meant by ‘fruit’.

Your first pregnancy is the hardest. You don’t know what to expect and it scares you when you realise your child isn’t human. Your belly grows alarmingly quickly, showing noticeably within only a few short weeks. You worry what will happen if you keep growing at that rate but before you even reach the size of a full normal pregnancy your water breaks.

You’re not the least bit surprised that the birth isn’t ‘interesting’ enough for the Trickster to deign you with his presence. Pushing a new life out alone isn’t pleasant but you are strong enough to keep it together. You are fairly startled to realise you’ve birthed a fully grown rabbit. Once you’ve cleaned and dried it’s fur it seems content to lop around the temple. Some of the more canny pilgrims bring it carrots.

Your second child is a coyote. The third initially comes out as an egg, which hatches into a raven.

Hoping to earn favour visitors to the temple redouble their efforts to knock you up. Some will hang around for days trying over and over to be sure. You spend very little time empty. The menagerie grows. Some of your children don’t stray very far, others disappear and reappear seemingly on a whim.

Eventually you hear word of your home village. It seems the villagers all vanished overnight leaving no trace. It was discovered soon after that the mine wasn’t depleted after all, it was full to bursting with rubies; red as blood.


Lenua, Turaga of Air

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Theme: Mutual One-Way Street

Like the wind above Akota Nui, the Le-Akotan are fleeting, yet omnipresent, in nature. They drift across the land, seeking fulfillment before their passing. As such, they may be found in virtually all parts of Akota Nui- living all manner of lifestyles. The largest settlement of Le-Akotan is that of Le'kainga, a large village perched upon Ga'maunga Peak. It is here Lenua resides.

Lenua tends to the young Le-Akotan, helping them prepare for their journey of self-fulfillment. The beginning of this journey is christened by the Ceremony of the South Wind during which the young matoran leap from the side of the mountain and glide off to parts unknown. While Lenua takes satisfaction in training the young matoran, she is haunted by an indiscernible emptiness. It was upon meeting the young matriarch Galia that she had discovered what she truly yearned for.

Gale Katanas

Twin swords wielded by Lenua, the Turaga of Air. With these blades, Lenua dances across the sky with an elegance never before seen. The composition of the blades is unclear, for it appears to be a peculiar fusion of metal and crystal. Perhaps this strange alloy lends Lenua her control over wind?

Bonus: Air Katanas

Relics which predate even the Ancients. Legend tells of a warrior who once ruled the skies with these blades.

Lenua’s Gift

“This relic has been passed down through my family for countless generations. As the edge of its blade flows through the air, so does the wind flow between the mountains- and the river through the plains. We are alike, both fleeting- destined to move on from this world- to be replaced by another of our kind. You once told me not mourn our future passing, but seize life before it drifts away. This is my life.”

Puentedey (Burgos, Spain) is a little village perched on an amazing natural bridge carved by the river Nela. The village lies on the rocks topped by a Romanesque church and the palace of Porres. We can also find the typical traditional architecture of Las Merindades area. | Picture by Javier Herrero.


High above the abandoned village courtyard, Qrow sat perched on the edge of what used to be a water mill. It was situated on the upper-level of the village, since it was split into two districts. The watermill sat at the very mouth of the river that burst forth from the mountainous rock face behind them. At one point, it would’ve been a source of energy for the village. But now, the wooden structure was broken and cracked, and the riverbed all but completely dried up.

In the courtyard, there was activity. Qrow’s eyes swept from one side of the village beneath him to the next. Flashes of bright red, puffs of pink and crackling sounds of electricity, followed by a constant stream of bullets, all playing a part in the crescendo below. Ruby, Nora, Ren, characteristically carrying out the fight against the Grimm while the fourth danced around the fringes of the battlefield, shouting.

After taking in the skirmish down below, Qrow finally turned his gaze towards his company who sat a few feet to his right. Crimson eyes narrowed into near slits as he read her facial expression before his head turned forward again. To the untrained eye, he would look to be spectating the battle beneath him. But his eyes were raised and he watched the walls of the village, waiting for something he knew to inevitably appear.

His left hand reached into his coat, and he withdrew his flask.

“Maybe you should head down there.” He said, dryly. Qrow twisted the cap open and rose the flask to his lips. But, before taking a drink, he spoke again.

“They probably know YOU well, if you asked them nicely enough they’d leave us alone.” He snorted and gave her a sidelong glance, then he drank.


Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux by Gwenn GERMAIN 

Translated into English “Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies” is a 2D full-length animated film trailer that its creator 21 year old French animation student Gwenn Germain has stated is inspired by Hayao Miyazaki, Jean Girault and Syd Mead and took 5 months to create single handedly.  The plot follows a young boy who lives in a village perched on a giant tree that falls in the depths of the forest where he meets two Aboriginal strange that will help him return home. The videos audio track is “Hanna bi” by Joe Hisaishi. 

See Gwenn Germain’s vimeo channel here.