village of the dead


I saw her, once.

She passed through our village, through fields littered with dead soldiers after her forces overwhelmed the nation of Dumor. Her other Elites followed and then rows of white-robed Inquisitors, wielding the white-and-silver banners of the White Wolf. Where they went, the sky dimmed and the ground cracked  —the clouds gathered behind the army as if a creature alive, black and churning in fury.

 As if the goddess of Death herself had come.    

No but I actually think there’s really something up with Jaune

At the start of the volume, we see a glimpse of his newfound cynical attitude: at first, he’s completely ordinary, until after Shione village, the first major loss for them in Volume 4. After that, they talk about the next village, and Jaune goes “if it’s even there”. This was kind of justified, considering they’ve encountered villages being attacked or dead villages before-

But it gets worse. When we next see them in Tipping Point, Jaune brushes Ren off in Oniyuri with “let’s go, this place gives me the creeps”. Now this was strange- Jaune’s always been empathetic, he helps Ruby, Cardin and Pyrrha up through volumes 1-3 and tries to comfort Pyrrha when she’s stressed over the Maidens. Jaune being so cold towards Ren’s grief was kind of… off-putting. And, finally, we see him in A Much Needed Talk really showing just how cynical he’s gotten. 

He’s analytical. The first time he calls Qrow out, he’s shut down when Qrow tells him he was there when Pyrrha agreed to be the Fall Maiden.However, the next time Jaune does it Qrow can’t think of anything to defend himself. Jaune recognised the reasons why Qrow didn’t make his presence known- Jaune’s thinking tactics, Jaune’s thinking cynically. Qrow even seems bothered by this- Qrow makes a point of saying he was protecting all of them, as if trying to get Jaune to warm up to him. Jaune doesn’t feel sorry for Qrow in the slightest.

Honestly? For the first time since Volume 1, I’m really intrigued as to where they’re going with Jaune. Miles did say that Jaune wouldn’t be the same goofball he was, and throughout the volume they’ve been slowly building that idea up until they made it clear in this episode. And with Tyrian’s interest in Jaune to throw into the mix… I am fucking EXCITED. 

Week 4

Monday January 23rd — Friday January 27th

  • Monday: Written by Julie Parsons
  • Tuesday: Written by Paul Roundell
  • Wednesday: no episode
  • Thursday: Written by Owen Lloyd Fox / Sam Doland de Vaux
  • Friday: Written by Karin Young

Monday January 23rd

  • Romance isn’t dead in the village as Robron reunite (Inside Soap)
  • As Aaron reveals his hearing date, Robert vows to stand by him. (What’s On TV)
  • Robert tells Aaron that he wants them to be together no matter what happens. (TV Times)

Tuesday January 24th

  • Aaron apologises to Finn about how he reacted with Kasim… (Inside Soap)
Hold the phone...

You guys remember Paralogue 3 from Awakening, right?

The one where you have to try to protect those unarmed villagers from the Risen?

It was a bit of a pain in the butt, but nothing wildly difficult and not terribly memorable either. Well, putting it into the context of today, this chapter is slightly prophetic, if not freakishly coincidental… 

Let’s start with the villagers you’re trying to protect. These guys are running for their lives from monsters who are trying to kill them, and the people holed up in the village have barred their gates and refused to let them in. They all break for the southwest corner of the map, and some of them might get killed along the way. At first, this seems like something your typical brain-dead NPC would do, but the village isn’t an option for them and they’re terrified…

Of course, the people in the safe village are all too happy to accept help from you, but…

Is it me, or does all of this sound familiar?

Eh, it’s food for thought…

We are finally finishing the quest the original party was sent on: return the herbs to cure the plague destroying Josephine the now-dead NPC's home village
  • DM: The door opens to reveal a gnome.
  • Amun: Are you familiar with the good lady Josephine?
  • Gnome NPC: Yes, she's my daughter. Is she back?
  • Whole party: Oh, shit.
  • Me: I casually step behind Symu.
  • Gnome NPC: Orden, there you are! Where are the herbs? Where is my daughter?
  • Me: We all start coughing awkwardly.
  • Holgar: How about the weather, huh? Less sandy than normal, eh?
  • Amun: It is with much regret that I must inform you that your wonderful, beautiful and... generous daughter, succumbed to the illness for which she entered on her quest for.
  • Me: You're such an ass.
  • Gnome: That's impossible. It only affects the youth.
  • *silence*
  • Me: You fucked up.
  • Nira-jin: Didn't see that coming, did you?
  • Symu: It mutated!
  • Nira-jin: Yeah, it's a new strain, uh-
  • Amun, talking over them: She was young and beautiful, maybe the disease thought she was younger, I do not know... Amun does not know these things!
  • *Whole party heckles Amun in the background*
  • Amun, pointedly ignoring us: But is with much gladness and pride that we, her friends and, and, business partners-
  • Symu: *cackles*
  • Amun, still ignoring us: -have completed her quest in her honor.
  • Todd: I'm seeing bard as your next player class.
  • Gnome: Where is her body?
  • *Whole party starts laughing again*
  • Me: Did we leave it behind?
  • Todd: It is with much more regret-
  • Bobby: We buried her.
  • Me: I mean, yeah, we left her underground-
  • DM: You left her buried under a pile of drow.
  • Me: Technically, she's still underground!
  • Amun, to Gnome NPC: We were far underground, and the journey was long-
  • Todd: I kick you.
  • Amun: -and dangerous. We had but a short time to commiserate among ourselves and give her a proper burial... as we were hoping was only proper with her own customs.
  • Holgar, brightly: But we got your herbs!

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It's been 3 years since the last dinof video,,,,my crops are dead,,,the village is burning,,,,everyone's dying

dan videos give me the freaks

poetry as alienation

in a
vacant boudoir
where she wrote
of palpitations for
an imaginary kiss

i write
of fevers
and sottish
female fiends …

inside a forest
of moors and moons
anxious and seditious
where withdrawal symptoms
mutate me between nouns and verbs

of hermeneutics
speaks to me in
plastic proverbs …


the rabble
at the edge
of every town
converses with
the gloom in the
the pocket of this
inebriated asylum …

here i write
of silent totems
ancient with words
whispered in the wind

the village
on the east
of this island
laughs like the
instruments of
dead ghosts and
romanticized poets.

this is where she spurs the winds
to and fro, forward and backwards
and out
of the traffic
of living things …

her words
carry me along
loopholes of mental
anguish and pathos …

where everything
becomes singular
of haunting
words and verbs …
dark and incoherent …
scattering aimlessly on
pages littered with blood …
fractured and rich with toxins.

my tragic life lurks somewhere
between her poetry and my sanity

i write too …

but …
it becomes so wretched
to feel her literary mannerisms
copulate into the fabric of my being
and the landscape becomes an exile …

paints its own fury
crawling upon the
poetry of our despair.

NieR: Automata


I was looking in the tag and even though it’s like 90% 2B’s ass (I don’t mind people can post what they want). I have seen some people say the game is really sad, and yeah it has its moments for sure but did any of you even get the true ending? Everyone lives A2, 9S, and 2B. Yeah YorHa is gone and all the androids are dead, yeah Pascal has lost his village and yeah humanity is completely wiped out but the machine network is gone. A2, 2B and 9S are free to live their lives the way they want. Yes as the pods have said things could walk down that same road as it did before but there’s also a chance for something new, something better. That’s what’s important, Yoko Taro said it would have a happy ending, and it did, not a cookie cutter one but one that matters.

Honestly for me the worst part is Pascal, that makes my heart break. I think it was stupid of him to reset his memories. Life is pain, and it’ll kick your ass but that’s part of what makes it great is that you get back up and try again. I love NieR: Automata. I am so happy to see it be a critical success, I hope it’s a commercial success too.

Which Witch

Salem, February 1692, mass hysteria sweeps through a small Puritan village as the local girls start suffering fits and strange behavior.  The villagers are quick to blame it on a witch, the devil’s servant, and the hunt to rid their village of the monster begins.  By May 1693, twenty five people were dead, nineteen hanged, five (including two infants) dead from the conditions in prison, and one crushed to death in a failed effort to gain a confession.  Dozens more had been accused and languished in prison for months before they were pardoned.  All for a group of girls who wanted to act out.

In modern day, witches still capture the imagination of the public.  From the Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz) to Hermione (Harry Potter), witches run the gamut between good and evil.  Magic and mysticism can open a world of possibilities for your writing.  The amazing world of fantasy opens a whole new level of creation and innovation to add to your writing.  But witches and magic aren’t limited only to the world of fantasy.  Modern day witches and wiccans still exist and practice to this day.

Wicca or Witch

While many books use the two terms interchangeably, there is actually a difference between Wicca and witchcraft.  Witchcraft is the practice of using and directing natural and individual energy in order to manifest one’s desires.  Wicca is a religion that was originally developed in the early 20th century and introduced to the public by Gerald Gardner in 1954.  While Wicca draws things from ancient religions, such as Celtic paganism, into their belief system, it is still considered a modern religion.  Another difference is that Wiccan’s generally follow the Wiccan Rede, “if ye harm none, do as ye will”.  Other witches do not necessarily follow this rule.

The other difference between Wicca and witchcraft is that Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is simply the practice of magic.  A witch is someone (male, female, or neither) who practices magic.  Not all Wiccans are witches and certainly not all witches are Wiccan. Many modern day witches practice various other religions along with their witchcraft.  While most follow a form of paganism, from Irish to Norse, there are agnostic witches and even Christian witches.  Witchcraft doesn’t revolve around one specific religion. Rather, it draws upon the witch’s specific religion to create the power need for the spells to work.

Wicca as a religion draws from old pagan religions and is a polytheistic religion, worshiping a central God and Goddess.  While the deities take different forms depending on the branch of Wicca,  the God and Goddess are generally earth or nature deities and represent the duality of nature and the cycle of life.  Wiccan religion follows the Wheel of the Year, which includes eight Sabbaths (holidays) and follows the life cycle of the Goddess and God.  Starting with Yule (December 21st), the Goddess gives birth to the God.  By the first of February, Imbolc, the Goddess has recovered from giving birth and the God is a strapping young man.  As spring blossoms on March 21st, so does the Wiccan Sabbath of Ostara.  Now the God and Goddess are equal, both in power and in form.  On April 30th, Beltane, the God has fallen in love with the Goddess and they join in union for the first time.  This culminates during Litha, also known as Midsummer on June 21st.  The first harvest, August 1st, is known as Lughnasadh, marks the wane of the God as the new God grows in the womb of the Goddess.  Mabon is on September 21st and is the completion of the harvests and the God wanes even more.  The Wheel of the Year ends on Samhain, also known as Halloween, which falls upon October 31st, and marks the death of the God.  But as the year is a wheel, he shall be born again on the next Yule.

Spells and Incantations

Modern day witchcraft has a whole slew of resources to pull from when writing the magic system for your story.  Next time you go to a bookstore (or shop online) swing by the new age religion section and look at what’s .  From spell books to herbals, the pagan community has a wide variety of resources to draw from to create your magic system. These books offer a different view into the natural world than most people have, allowing you to expand your horizons even further.


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I was re-reading To The Pure and I was wondering. All the Knights of Ren have a call sign (shrapnel, dead master, bell, feet, blood and village, to put it short), except for Kylo. What do you think Kylo's call sign would be? And Hux's if he had/has one?

The Knights do have a call sign for Kylo, but perhaps I was being too subtle for my own good when I introduced it! This is Hux’s vision at the end of Chp 1: 

The knights were showing him white sand lit by an orange sun, the arid, barren vista suddenly overtaken by a black storm cloud, its pregnant body flashing with sheet lightning.

Then later in Chp 2:

They showed him the black, rolling storm cloud. Hux thought this image meant Ren. Ren in action somewhere: his huge, tattered form only ever elegant in combat. 

Hux is a very verbal person, so it’s in his nature to try and ‘translate’ all the images into words (he treats images like ‘shrapnel-embedded-in-a-wall’ as if they are proper nouns). He doesn’t do this for Kylo because he (Kylo) already has a name/title, but I guess if he did it would be ‘storm-cloud-overtaking-a-desert’ or something like that. The call sign was meant to denote Ren’s reckless energy and also the sense of him being an overwhelmingly destructive force of nature. 

Hux’s call sign is ‘void-where-a-planet-once-was’, for obvious reasons!