village fountain

(Ponca, Arkansas)

Imagine a life where we could come together in a community as if we only saw each other as family.
Imagine if our practice was to transcend our thoughts of judgement and instead found joy into sharing our gifts to the people in our community and even to the world.
Imagine instead of having a job, we felt honored to contribute into growing food, building houses for others, being there to heal whatever type of healing they needed, even if was only just holding space for them and listening with an open heart.
Imagine after the sun went down, we gathered. We gathered as family under the night sky around a fire sharing stories about the new earth we live on. We dance with each other in joy.
We laugh for the fun of it.
Imagine traveling the world, and everywhere you went there was a community that would accept you in open arms and was eager to get to know you.
I realize now, that we are at that crossroad.
And we must make our own individual choice to create towards this vision.
The way life on earth is going is no longer sustainable. It is not an opinion, it’s a mere fact proven by many fields.
We must not be ignorant to what is before us but yet be open to receive guidance on how to make earth flourish once more.
I want an earth for my children to walk upon. And for my children’s children. For every one to enjoy it as they please.

Shit Fountain, 2004, Jerzy S. Kenar

Chicago based sculptor Jerzy Kenar created the public art piece, located at 1001 N Wolcott at Augusta in the East Village neighborhood, in response to those in his neighborhood who refused to pick up after their dogs. 

Arguably his most recognizable piece (lol), Kenar has created many other public art installations all over the city. Learn more about him here:

If you decide to visit Shit Fountain, please be respectful, as it does sit outside the artist’s home.