village deli



looking to trade these animal crossing new leaf amiibo cards for any other cards.

from left to right:

Deli 035, Flurry 067, Molly 099, Shrunk 312, Penelope 327, Simon 396 and Twiggy 399.

these are all of the duplicate cards i own but i will also trade other cards that i have, just message with your offer!

i’m mainly looking for Cookie 137, Beau 167, Daisy 258, Marshal 264, Skye 272, Merengue 285, Maple 294, Chrissy 300, Lolly 333, Zucker 364.

but if you offer someone i don’t have, i’ll probably accept! 

thanks :)

(must be willing to send to Canada)

Desert Island Escape Powers

I haven’t played w every character yet so I might be missing some powers but this is the bulk of the,:

Chef de jour: can opt to cook food rations instead of search on a given day. Good for if your team uncovers no food, so put them last. Only moves 3 spaces. I’ve found hamsters and squirrels have this power most often.

Lone wolf: makes camp alone, doesn’t pick up materials or medicine. Can move a lot of spaces and doesn’t have to back track to make camp. Good for scouting out ahead if one raft item is super far from your party but again, they won’t gather item materials so its frustrating. Wolves and tigers have this, I’ve found.

Hearty traveler: moves 6 spaces, but eats a lot of rations. Not a bad teammate to have. Horses have this ability most often.

Swimmer: can move 6 spaces, but only over water. For maps with small islands, they’re crucial. However, every step they take on land will reduce the amount of moves they have left, so you have to make camp next to the water everyday or risk wasting this teammate. Frogs, ducks and penguins typically use this.

Sniff em out: can detect materials and food in adjacent spaces. Doesn’t move a lot of spaces but honestly the trade off is worth it. Keeps you from wasting moves on spaces with things you don’t need. Dogs obviously have this most often.

Fish finder: can fish without a rod, and goes directly to a fishing space without using up a move. Obviously great for gathering food. Cats have this power most often

Whimsy: has a 50/50 chance of either moving 7 spaces or none on any given day, based on the results of a spinner. Honestly not worth it imo. Koalas usually have this, EDIT: and someone commented that at least one Kangaroo does, so this might be their power as well.

Gimme gimmie: travel long distances, but will sometimes snack on rations they gather if it’s their favorite. They’re also able to recover from injuries without medicine, so it’s a trade off. I’ve found pigs and anteaters have this.

Soft footed: can sneak past enemy creatures. Great to have in enemy-heavy areas. Deer have this most often.

First aid: detects medicine in adjacent spaces, and can treat injuries using food rations. Good to have. Sheep and goats will have this, usually.

Fearless: can destroy rocks, allowing you to trespass them. Crucial for maps with rocks that you’d have to move a lot to get around. Also more likely to win battles against enemies. Lions have this, though others might as well EDIT: in fact 2 people commented that elephants also use fearless.

Honey hunter: detect honey in adjacent spaces, and moves to those spaces without using a move. More likely to chase bees off without a net. Good for getting food but can be troublesome when they fail and waste medicine or have to rest the next day. Bears and Cubs use this.

Sleepy: move 3 spaces, unless you let them sleep instead of search on a given day. The next day they’ll move 7 spaces. Bunnies use this.

Headlong charge: can only move in one direction, and charges through all the spaces, gathering food and material as they go. They will stop at enemy spaces and are more likely to win fights even without a slingshot. Kind of cool depending on the map. I’ve only played 1 bull who has had this ability.

Tunnel digger: can either move 3 spaces or dig a tunnel to travel as far as you have map visibility. However, the further away the desired space is, the less likely they are to succeed, based on the results of a spinner. Can also detect adjacent pits. Mice use this power.

Dexterity: can opt to make a tool instead of searching. I imagine this is good if you have a hearty traveler, who can gather a ton of material before going back to camp. Put this one in the middle. Random lazy villagers will have this (Deli and Zucker are the ones I found so far).

Fly: can fly over all obstacles to land however many moves away. Pretty cool, but you can’t land less than the allotted number of moves away, so if there’s something right next to them, they can’t get it, they have to land somewhere else. If you’ve opted not to have a fearless villager, use this power to fly over the rocks and make camp there so get everyone around.

I think I got them all, let me know if I missed any!

EDIT1: thank you @pastrie-crossing, @big-city-crossing and @princessofbadassery for helpful comments!

Labyrinth-themed Animal Crossing: New Leaf dream town!
Happy 29th anniversary, Labyrinth!

DA: 4100-5606-8152

(If you visit my dream address: I’d absolutely love to see photos! I track the tag #librariancrossing.)

Mayor: Jareth

Town tune: As the World Falls Down

Native fruit: Peaches

Neighbors: Sarah, Toby, and Hoggle

Goblin is based on the cult classic 1986 film, “Labyrinth,” starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. It is my all-time favorite film. Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King, was my first crush! I’ve done my best to fill the town’s exterior and interiors with as many detailed references to the film as I could.

All of Goblin’s patterns are original, and made by me. (The tumblr sign idea is from Petal-Parasol, and the sand path pattern is inspired by this one.)

Goblin’s villagers are: Apple, Beau, Deli, Flurry, Mallary, Muffy, Roscoe, Shep, and Tammi.

Past villagers: The only past Goblin villagers of note are Nana, whom I adopted out to Alpine Series, and Camofrog, whom I adopted out to Lollibeepop. There is a basket of bananas in the Labyrinth, just past the Bog of Eternal Stench, that marks where Nana’s house once stood.