village coffee shop

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you knew the language, and had the money, to move into a small flat somewhere in Europe and just walk around the town and read and go to coffee shops and restaurants during the day, and meet new people and drink in pubs at night?

conradricamora: It’s #nationalcoffeeday and #HTGAWM day! What’s your go-to coffee drink? Mine: iced americano with whipped cream. ☕️. I have a long love affair with coffee and the places and people that serve it. I created a student run coffeehouse with my friend Tanya when I was an undergrad minoring in business at @queensuniv. And one of my best friends in Charlotte owned Dilworth Coffeehouse where I worked for 3 years.  My dream is to one day live above a coffee shop that I own/work at in the west village in NYC. We will serve a baked good called “puppyknuckles”. Our take on the bear claw. It’s a work in progress. ❤️