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Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village since classes are over ^q^) 

I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


QR Codes of the Day

Decided to do a random mix of elegance. Added a villager hoodie in for good measure.  Show what you’re made of.

Diana Hoodie
Nothing brings up spirit like showing a villager you care like wearing something that resemble them.

Butterfly Painting
Now you can make your friends jealous and street passers too when they see this. They will scratch their heads trying to figure out if this is furniture or not.

Tea Dance Rose
Now a queen needs to wear a beautiful dress to show the town how awesome you are.

So I had some time to draw some more Battle Ready Baggins. This time, its inspired by a movie - for those of you who’ve seen ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, you remember the drinking challenge in the mountains with ol’ Harrison Ford’s love interest? Yup, that kind of scenario. 

“It was shortly after Bilbo almost faced death at the small village celebration that he found himself once again at another local tavern drinking far too much than his little hobbit body should. 

However, this wasn’t for fun - this was a challenge. 

Let’s backtrack for a moment - that next morning at the small village after the celebration; Bilbo, despite the hangover, had gotten up early to beat Thorin and his company out of the village. 

Bilbo really cared for Thorin and for the dwarves, he really did. But there was a quest he had to make and it was something he had to make alone. His trust in the dwarf king was quite minuscule, however it was more that he didn’t want to endanger Thorin and the company rather then his trust. 

This was going to be dangerous then the journey to Erebor. 

So, mounting his horse, Bilbo made a dash out of the village as fast as he could. He felt quite smug, snickering to himself and quietly speaking, “Silly dwarf.” He continued to make his merry way down the path towards the next settlement, pulling out his pipe for a smoke as he rode his horse. 

It wasn’t till a few hours late that he realized that he was being followed. He took off to hide and surprise his followers by hiding up in a tree, Sting ready in his hand. Though when his stalkers came into view, he grounded his teeth with a curse. 

Thorin couldn’t help the grin on his face when he looked up to the tree. Blasted Wizard, Gandalf had tipped them off.   

Bilbo kept his distance as Thorin and company followed. When they had finally reached the next settlement - a much larger town by a wide river - Bilbo made his way to the local tavern the minute he found his lodging. 

All he wanted was his quiet time, he wanted to be left alone. No dwarves, no Wizards, and no Elves. 

Not today - Thorin had entered the tavern with the company, though he made his way to the bar. Bilbo was ignoring him, smoking his pipe and running a figure around the rim of his small cup of ale.


A large bottle of hard liquor had been placed in front of him and Bilbo looked up to see Thorin to sit at the table across from him. Before he could object, Thorin presented a challenge. 

“I know you tire of our presence, so I’m willing to make a deal,” he tapped his finger on the table, “Actually - a wager.” 

Bilbo quirked an eyebrow, nodding for Thorin to go on. 

“If you can outdrink me before this bottle is empty, then I will leave you be and return to Erebor.”

Bilbo smirked, though before he could say anything, Thorin continued, “However-” 

“If you lose, you must sign a contract stating we - the Company of Thorin Oakenshield - are to accompany you to Mordor until that blasted trinket is thrown into the fire.” 

Bilbo was silent as he mulled over the details. Thorin had extended a hand, “Do we have a deal?”

The hobbit looked down to the larger hand, then smirked, “Deal.”

And that is how he found himself, one single shot glass away from possibly winning this blasted wager. 

Oh he tried to find ways to prevent himself from seeing double, using his swift hobbit reflexes to ‘accidentally’ spill his drink and switch it out with water from his leather canteen, or causing a distraction by spreading insults around the bar to raise a bar fight. In other words - Bilbo Baggins was trying to cheat. And why wouldn’t he? There weren’t exactly any rules to HOW the liquor was suppose to leave the bottle. He was simple trying to save himself the time. 

That is until Legolas had caught him AND Thorin cheating. Apparently Thorin was using his nephews took switch out the drinks with their own distractions - the boys were good with that of course. Legolas had promoted himself to moderator, so now they were both left no choice but to actually DRINK this hard liquor sitting between them. 

The bottle was tall, and so it was at least fifteen or so shots later that got him to this point. He was starring at the shot glass, forcing himself out of sheer will to raise the glass in his hands. He brought it to his lips, tipped his head back, and the burning liquid ran down his throat. 

When slamming the glass down top first onto the table, he promptly put his hands on his hips and gave his best, albeit goofy grin. 

The dwarves - Thorin, Fili, Kili, and Bofur were just starring at him, a mix of bewilderment and concern on their faces. Legolas had a hand to his mouth, eyeing Bilbo with a rather worried looked on his face. Gandalf however was curious.

“Did he really finish it?” Bofur asked.

“I think that was the last shot,” Fili said, a smile growing on his face, “Well done Bilbo!”

“To think! We had our doubts!” Kili declared.

Thorin sat in silence, inwardly regretting this whole decision. He could see that Bilbo was grinning, though he had the distinct feeling that something was wrong. 

Bilbo gave a hiccup and promptly fell off the chair. 

The dwarves panicked - 

“Oh Mahal we killed him!” Kili cried.

Thorin rose from his chair to tend to Bilbo, Bofur and Fili went to the bar to grab some water, and Kili was just panicking. Before the hobbit lost consciousness, he felt himself being carefully lifted from the ground.


The next morning came slowly to Bilbo as he opened his eyes to the sun shinning on his face. He groaned, feeling his whole body swaying as saw the trees pass by. Wait - trees?

Bilbo lifted his head up from the comfy fur he had been resting on and found that it was the fur of Thorin’s coat. And Thorin was in front of him, riding on his pony - or rather he was riding with Thorin on his pony. 

Bilbo looked back, seeing Fili and Kili on their ponies and leading his horse behind them. Kili waved, “Good morning Bilbo!” and all Bilbo could do was blink in confusion. 

He looked back to Thorin, gripping onto his coat again when he felt the dizziness cross over his vision. “Why am I here?” he rasped out, “I won that bloody wager.” 

“Not exactly,” Thorin looked over his shoulder to the hobbit. He leaned over to the pouch by Bilbo’s leg, and pulled out the empty liquor bottle, “You didn’t finish the bottle.” 

And true enough, there was just a bit left within the glass. It would be just enough for Thorin to have a taste. Bilbo had indeed lost the wager. 

“I’ll be requiring your signature on the contract when we reach a resting spot,” Thorin spoke, almost sounding smug, “In the meantime, get some rest.” 

Bilbo only groaned, his head collapsing onto the fur coat. 



“Stop the horse.”

“It’s not a horse, it is a pony. And no, I will not.”

“Please stop the PONY.

A sigh, “Why?”

“Because if you don’t want me to puke all over that majestic fur coat of yours - Oh KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN - then you’ll stop the bloody pony or you’ll be King under the VOMIT!” ”

Oof. That was long.

And thank you @ickaimp for the lovely idea of hobbits and dwarves cheating at a drinking game. Also the vomit part too in the dialogue. :)

Stay tuned.

Legacy (Post-Kings Rising)

They found the child in a border village, cared for by a kind but overwhelmed nursemaid who was relieved to have someone take responsibility for her charge.

“You want to make sure he’s well cared for,” Laurent said, the sentence almost a question, his body held tense and uncertain as he watched Damen lift the baby from his cradle.

“Of course.” Damen settled the baby in his arms, and gave him his fingertip to hold; it looked enormous and very dark in the tiny, lighter hand. He knew he was smiling foolishly; how could anyone do differently? The baby was too darling, curly-haired and dark-eyed, sleepy and trusting in his arms.

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I had a dream last night that nintendo announced a new game called Animal Crossing Village Idiot which was set in a more medieval setting. You played as a duke or duchess and had to take care of your villagers and stuff. The village was very big and it included a farm area which pretty much grew and was cared for by the villagers but if you cared for it it grew twice as fast. The game was an mmo and you could barter with people and craft things.

They also introduced new animals. There was a new penguin based off of Ice Climbers, a couple new dogs that were pretty much Scrappy and Scooby Doo, a white rabbit and a Dinah from alice in wonderland, and one was just bowser in fancy clothes. I think bowser might have been eligible to marry??

Anyway I would play this game if it were real. :l


Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader was seen not only as the Chosen One but also as a god or various mythical creatures (angry ghost on Tatooine, Ghost Hand on Nelvaan or the one to slay three snake kill Jedi & Sith and bring chaos)

afirewiel  asked:

What are your thoughts on Frank Churchill?

He does not deserve poor Jane Fairfax but then there’s an interesting parallel between himself and his father if she is to die a year or two after they are married as Austen has said. If he’s going to be in the neighbourhood, better that he gets along with everyone in Highbury, and he’s a clever and amusing sort of person, but ultimately very self-absorbed and spoiled. Emma herself is self-absorbed and spoiled, but she does not knowingly hurt others to protect herself. (Yes she messes with Harriet and Robert Martin, but she barely knows Harriet and knows even less of Robert Martin at that point, and honestly believes she’s helping out a friend by persuading Harriet to refuse him.)

Only under Frank’s influence does she do things she ought to know better about–cruelly mocking Miss Bates. A theme of Emma is examining how, when one lives all one’s life in a small town or village like Highbury, how careful one must be to strive to get along with everybody, by being kind and mindful of others. The main interlopers from more urbane places–Mrs. Elton and Frank Churchill–disrupt Highbury life by their dogged determination to cling to their own self-centered habits and superiority. Emma is a snob, there is no doubt, but she eventually tempers it with the knowledge of where she is, and her place in Highbury society, and how she must grow up and be an example to others of neighbourly consideration, without walking all over everybody else’s feelings.

Augusta Elton and Frank Churchill are both examples of What Not to Do.


“That is Nanaki. Yeah, when a past so complicated that you can’t even label it as difficult, sad, or lonely takes on material form, it becomes Nanaki.” ~ Reiji, Mayoiga | Episode 10


Before Peter Pan became Peter Pan he was Malcolm the drunk, and before that he was Malcolm the little brother.

He had an older sister, she took care of him when their parents abandoned them in the woods. She navigated them to a near by village. She took care of him, she sacrificed everything she possibly could for him. She made sure he ate every night, even if she didn’t.

But winter was coming soon, and they would need shelter and she had a choice to make. Stay together and freeze, or put him in a orphanage while she found some shelter for herself elsewhere. No orphanage would take someone as old as she was.

It hurt her to leave him, he could tell by how hard she hugged him before he walk into the building.

He didn’t know what had happened to her, and he always hated that. So when he became Pan the first thing he did was go back to find her.

What he found broke his heart.

She was old and grey, sitting outside the bakery, begging.

She deserved better than this, hell she deserved the world.

‘(Y/N)?’ he called, careful not to scare her.

‘How do you know my name Boy?’ she asked.

‘Look at me (Y/N), don’t you recognize me?’ he said as he pulled her up to her feet.

She look at him for a long while before her eyes widened.

‘Malcolm!’ she gasped before pulling him into a hug, he was careful not to hug her too tightly.

‘This isn’t possible. It’s been almost forty years, you should be-’

‘Older. I know but I found a place, a magical land where you will never age, where you stay young forever. I’ve been practicing magic, I can make you young again, take you to Neverland and we can be together forever.’ Peter said.

‘Yes, I don’t care where it is, or if I live forever or if I die tomorrow, as long as we are together. I left you once and I will never do that again.’

Peter took her hand and conjured up the potion that would make her young again.

‘Just drink this and you’ll be seventeen again.’ he said as he gave her the vial.

‘What all is in this?’ she asked.

‘Don’t ask.’ he smiled.

With no hesitation she downed the potion.

‘Ugh, that was gross.’ she said.

‘Yeah but it works fast.’ Pan smiled, turning her around so (Y/N) could see her new reflection in the bakery window.

‘Woah, been a LONG time since I’ve seen that face.’ she said as she rubbed her face.

‘No time for sitting around sis, lets go home.’ he said as he took her hand.

‘Home, haven’t had one of those in years.’ she said as she squeezed her brother’s hand.

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I feel like the writers are so messed up with their Robert characterisation. One makes him pure evil, the next a loveable flirt, the next a perfect family man, then a cheat, then a scared kid who wants to be better. Like who is the real RJS? I need to know. Are there like five of them? Maybe that's the big twist. There are five identical brothers all called Robert and they all live simultaneous lives in Emmerdale village

Shit, be careful!!! ITV may take you out if you leak stuff before they should come out!!!!

anonymous asked:

sometimes i just get really emotional because Robert literally would've stayed in that car and die with Aaron? Like, Robert Sugden the boy the whole village thought only cared for himself, would die for the man he loved? I just get so emotional about Robert because he gives off this loner vibe and confident but really he struggles so much with self hatred and trying his best and i ! just! love! robert ! sugden!


god this. regularly makes me /incredibly/ emotional. like. yes. to everything you said. :’’’’’’’{

Pink Like Cherry Blossoms RP


The world was strange, especially being around humans. Her father told her that humans weren’t all bad, but they wouldn’t be so accepting at first. Her mother said that demons wouldn’t be accepting either. So where did she belong? A human father, and a demon wolf mother and she was half of each. Something that wasn’t accepted. Otherwise, life was seemingly normal out in the woods not too far from the remnants of Mount Hakurei. Humans found their home, and killed her parents, leaving her an orphan. Wandering for many days, an old lady found her. At first, the half-breed was scared, thinking she would be next. But she took her to her village and took care of her. Kaede…a human…an older woman was kind towards her. The girl was in her care for a month and she became strong once again.

“Amy..there will be friends coming sometime today. Would ye like to stick around to meet them?” She asked, preparing stew. The girl’s fluffy brown wolf ears twitched as she adjusted her new kimono behind the curtain.

“…Friends..of yours..?” She asked. Her voice was soft and kind. The girl was not much taller than Kaede, noticing that the kimono was a little long. She tied it up, it ending right at her knees. It was light pink with pretty cherry blossoms on it. Her long brown hair reached the middle of her back, a pink flower adorning her hair. Her eyes were golden yellow, with bangs hiding her right eye. Amy came out from behind the curtain, looking at the woman.

“Yes child. Good friends. Friends that will understand ye.” She smiled warmly at the kimono. Amy’s wolf tail started to wag, almost like a dog. The girl was oddly excited. More humans to accept her? That’s something she could only dream of.

“I-I’m gonna go for a walk around the village.. I’ll be back!” She waved then headed out the door. Amy walked around, saying hello to neighbors and other villagers.

Okay so can y'all settle a hypothetical for @owlfowlfa and I?

We’re trying to argue whether a Hokage or village equivocal like Kazekage would be more like a Ninja President or Ninja Mayor if the world of Naruto functioned like ours.

My argument for Ninja Mayor:

Each village is just that, a village, each residing in a respected land. For instance, the Hokage rules the Leaf, but the Fire Lord resides over the land of fire in which the Leaf resides. The Hokage signs and does things that affect their village, and only the most respected amongst the village become Hokage. Each village has their own Kage (which for her sake let’s not go too deep into spoiler territory past the ones introduced in the first half of Naruto, okay?) that rules over their own village, and each takes care of problems people present to them in the form of missions.

I forgot the rest of my argument but she will add hers and I’ll reblog from there.



Hot Beef and Cheddar served with coleslaw from Capt. Cook’s located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Imagine Bofur patching you up when you injure yourself.

(Also a little of this Imagine: Imagine Bofur kissing and nibbling on your neck and ear as his hand goes into your underwear and he whispers dirty words to you )


Most of the screaming had died down. You watched as a few men and women ran around trying to put out the last of the fires. It wasn’t often goblins attacked Bree but it did happen from time to time. Luckily for the townsfolk, you and a few of your dwarven companions were there trading goods. Bifur and Bofur had just sold the last of their toys when an ear-piercing scream startled the town. Dwalin, who had escorted you three to Bree, was the first to react. Grabbing his axes he ran off toward the screaming. The goblins came in fast, screeching and slashing at anything that moved. Some had torches and proceeded to set various buildings ablaze. The four of you, plus a few more seasoned villagers, took care of the two dozen or so goblins. You didn’t come out completely unscathed though. One of the little ones caught you by surprise, jumping out from behind and slashing at your back. He missed, you thought, as you dove out-of-the-way letting Bofur crush the goblin with his mattock. You limped over to a nearby building. The goblin did cut you, but how bad you couldn’t tell. You reached your hand back to touch your upper thigh, just below your right buttock. Blood covered your hand.

“Oi lass!” Bofur hollered as he rounded the corner. His face fell when he saw your leg. “You’re hurt.”

“Yeah, but I can’t see where.” You said trying to contort your body to get a better look.

“Bend over.” Bofur ordered as he walked over.

You turned to look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Bend over so I can see where you’re cut, woman.” He sighed. “Or would you rather one of the Bree folk check your wounds? Although they don’t exactly look. Clean. But, you know where my hands have been.” He teased as he held up his hands in front of him wiggling his fingers.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “Very funny, dwarf.”

He winked at you as he smiled ear to ear. “You telling me you don’t want my hands on you? Well, that’d be a first. Come on now, bend over and let me get a good look.”

You rolled your eyes as you tried not to laugh. “Fine, just be quick about it.” You told him as you walked behind an overturned wagon. You glanced around to locate Dwalin and Bifur before bending over a barrel. If one of them came around the corner now, you’d never live it down.

“Since when have you ever wanted me to be quick about it Y/N? That’d be another first.” He laughed, kneeling down.


You could hear him chuckling behind you as he gently pulled apart the ripped fabric of your pants to inspect your wound better.

“It’s a nasty gash love. Needs cleaned and stitched.” He said. “Take off your trousers.”

“Ah, what?” You asked twisting around to look down at him.

“I gotta clean it and stitch it up and I can’t do that unless you drop your trousers Y/N.” He smiled up at you.

“Any excuse to get my pants off, I swear.” You said shaking your head. You straightened up and peeked over the wagon to make sure no one else was around. You could see figures through the smoke from the fires but no one was close enough to see either of you. You unbuckled your belt and started pushing your trousers down when you heard a soft moan behind you.

“Dammit Bofur. Stop that.” You scolded him.

“Can’t help it love, your arse is beautiful.” He said as he grabbed your backside with both hands.

“Hey, pay attention to what you’re supposed to be doing.” You yelled, swatting at one of his hands.

He moved his hand away at the last second, making you slap your own ass. You looked down at him, his eyes went wide. He licked his lips then looked up at you and grinned.

“We’re going to continue that later.” He smirked.

You turned back around, blushing furiously. Bofur started to rummage through his satchel for his needle and thread. He opened his canteen and doused a rag. You could feel a trickle of water run down the back of your leg as Bofur washed your wound.

“Gonna stitch now. Might pinch a bit.” He told you.

You grunted as the needle worked its way through your skin. Even though Bifur was the master toymaker in the family Bofur did help with the painting and sewing. Because of that he made quick work of the stitching. His fingers worked fast yet gentle. You closed your eyes as you waited for Bofur to finish.

“You don’t happen to have a knife on you Y/N, do you?” Bofur asked.

“No. Just my sword. Why?” You answered.

“Don’t have nothing small to cut the thread with.” He muttered.

You turned around to see Bofur shaking his head back and forth and feeling on his coat, looking for something to use. Then the corners of his mouth slowly started to turn upwards into the most impish grin. He looked up at you, and winked.

“Guess I’ll have to use me teeth love.” He chuckled.

Before you could protest he grasped the thread and pulled it tight as he lowered his mouth against your skin. The feel of his lips on the underside of your rear end sent shivers down your spine. You tried hard to bite back a moan as his whiskers deliciously tickled your skin. He cut the thread with his teeth and bandaged your thigh. Then Bofur’s hands moved down your legs and grabbed your trousers. He pulled them up your calves, knees, and then thighs as he stood up. Gently he slid them up over your backside. His hands moved from around your waist to the front of your abdomen. The fingers of his right hand dipped beneath the band of your underwear. His left hand drifted up your stomach. Still bent over the barrel Bofur pressed himself against your rear, grinding slowly. He growled something in Khuzdul you did not understand in your ear before nibbling on your earlobe.

“Mmm Y/N.” He whispered. “The things I want to do to you. The things I want you to do to me.”

You laid your head back and closed your eyes. He nuzzled into your neck, kissing and sucking. His fingers slid further into your underwear.   

“Dammit Bofur, not here. Please.” You begged, trying to stop yourself from grinding back against him.

“So beautiful.” He purred in your ear. “So delicious.”

“I hate you.” You lied.

Bofur chuckled. “Now, now love. You don’t have to be so wicked.”

He stood up straight and took a step back. You turned to face him. Buttoning your trousers you narrowed your eyes at him. He waggled his eyebrows at you, making you laugh.

“Your incorrigible, you know that.” You told him.

Bofur just grinned at you. He took a step back towards you and put his arms around your waist. Then sliding them down to grab your backside again.

“Aye, and you love it.” He teased.

e HeYou grabbed both of his braids and yanked, pulling his face into yours. You kissed him, shoving your tongue into his mouth. He moaned as you sucked his bottom lip.

“And you love it when I’m wicked.” You teased back.

Bofur’s eyes went dark. He ran his tongue across his lips. He slid his hands up your back and into your hair. He tugged on your hair causing your whole body to melt against him.  


You both turned to see Dwalin and Bifur standing there, arms crossed over their chests.

“If you two are quite finished we’d like to leave. Unless you plan on getting a room here, then we’ll go and you can stay.” Dwalin snickered. “But if you’re both coming with us then you two need to behave yourselves. None of that on the way back.”

You felt your face redden. Embarrassed, you groaned and dropped your head into Bofur’s shoulder. Bofur just laughed and cupped your face, kissing you sweetly. He took your hand and led you back to your wagon. Bofur jumped in first, then helped you up. He brushed your hair back behind your ear, leaned in and whispered…

“We will continue what we started when we get home. I promise you that, my love.”

So I made a birthday wish in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game, and then told my villagers what it was.  Now they’ll ask me if I’m getting closer to having my wish come true, and it’s so adorable because I wished for “a successful future”, and now it seems like all my villagers really care about me?