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Sakura took down that giant centipede with one punch, saved a little girl and her grandma, healed who knows how many ninjas, saved hinata's life, but all is forgotten because she called for naruto

Coordinated the village, took care of the hokage and was a lead to the villagers. But you know sick she cares about the village enough to panic then she is a selfish bitch. Ya know because her life doesn’t revolve about stalking a guy


Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader was seen not only as the Chosen One but also as a god or various mythical creatures (angry ghost on Tatooine, Ghost Hand on Nelvaan or the one to slay three snake kill Jedi & Sith and bring chaos)


I already added this to the original post but this is the paragraph she wrote about it in It Takes A Village. It’s incredibly brief and she doesn’t ever touch upon it again, but the context in which she uses the story (about protecting herself/children learning to protect themselves) is pretty telling to me at least


Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village since classes are over ^q^) 

I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


Scenario: You killed me the last time we met, and now you’re telling me we’re soulmates?

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which there weren’t any soulmate systems until now)

Words: 3,166

A/N: Oh look. Another soulmate au. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡

Masterlist ◇


You first met Jimin back in the mid-1800s.

You were the daughter of a local shop owner in your small village. Your father worked hard, while you and your mother cooked and cleaned. When your father was out running errands, you would take care of the shop.

Jimin worked for his uncle as a farmer in the same village. He mostly cared for the animals while his cousin did all of the physical labor. It kept the him out of trouble, so his uncle didn’t mind.

One day, his uncle sent him to your shop to pick up some necessities. Your father had stepped out for a delivery and left you in charge until he got back. You were cleaning up one of the stands when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You didn’t expect it to be a boy around your age. There were mostly older people living around you, so you were quite surprised.

He told you he was in a rush, so you helped him and he went on his way. The butterflies in your stomach didn’t stop fluttering, even after he left.

Unfortunately, you never saw him again in that life.

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Everything I LOVED about Beauty & the Beast

1. LEFOU!!! His quick, funny lines. His character development. His EVERYTHING.

2. The Gaston number

3. “Is that fair?” “I don’t care.”

4. “But she’s so well read… And you’re so… Athletically inclined…”

5. When Maurice sits at the dinner table and Chip moves/talks so Maurice just RUNS for it

6. “Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big”

7. The fact that Maurice is an artist and Belle is an inventor- so badass!

8. The song Evermore and the fact that it made me cry like a big baby

9. Beast’s disgusted reaction to hearing that Belle’s favorite story is Romeo & Juliet, and because he wants her to find a new favorite book he gives her a library- so savage!

10. Lumiere wasn’t a player and was 100% devoted to Plumette 

11. All of the new backstories- especially the one that connects Belle’s and Beast’s pasts. Most of these backstories fixed plot-holes from the original! I especially loved that all the servants had a true reason to sick w/ Beast during the curse, it hit me like a mofo train

12. The perfect casting. Especially Gaston and Lefou. I was nervous to see Emma as Belle but I think she did great overall.

13. “Deep breaths…. Think about the widows!”

14. “Me and Gaston just haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately” “You’re too good for him, anyway!”

15. The love between the wardrobe and the harpsichord

16. Mrs. Potts freaking slayed it as always

17. “There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monsters released”

18. Maurice’s characteristics- he wasn’t as eccentric/odd/out there as he was in the original, and people in the village actually seemed to care about him

19. The beautiful, glittering lights during the ballroom scene where Belle and Beast dance

20. Gaston was portrayed as being more cruel/sinister then the original which I thought fit his character well

I know there’s a bunch more but I can’t even think of them rn there was so much I liked!!!

LITTLE PICKY THINGS I MISSED IN THIS VERSION (but don’t worry, I still loved the movie overall)

1. “Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up!”

2. “And every last inch of mes covered in hair!”

3. “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it!” Plus that whole scene where Belle gets a tour of the castle

4. When Lefou disguises himself as a snowman and Gaston falls into a pond 

‘People of the Week’ Winner Request #3



Loki Laufeyson x Reader
 I’m literally the definition of trash I’m truly sorry for  taking so long for barely sending u the request: ok so Loki x reader where ur  his personal servant everyday at noon u would go to the village near by n  secretly teach the kids to read n write one day Loki asked u were u would go  u didn’t want Loki finding out and might get u and the children in trouble so  u didn’t tell him anything. Each day Loki would ask u making u nervous that  he would maybe start following u, he asked u if u would go see a lover and u  just looked at him with out saying anything Loki took ur silence as a yes and  one day decided to follow u took ur luck he had caught u talking to Thor in a  market place (u n Thor were pretty good friends and he knew about u teaching  the kids) and Loki thought Thor was ur lover. Loki hated the idea of Thor  winning at everything and anyone and to him u were his servant u were to  serve him and nobody else and he was going to prove that to u. If u need more  detail just tell me will happy to help once again super sorry like I’m  terrible at having a solid schedule- @floating-balloon
Notes: This may be the longest thing I have ever written. Sorry it took so long I had real trouble getting started but I finally have it finished. The final winner’s request should be out at the weekend, and following that Part 2 to Somewhere Only We Know as well as Possibility. Once again sorry for my lack of stuff coming out, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write. Hopefully I’m out of that slump now. Anyway enjoy!

As you hurried through the cobbled streets of Asgard you stuffed a worn leather book into the inseam of your faded green shawl. Flickering your E/C eyes around the crowded streets you searched for any sign of the raven-haired prince, heading back towards the palace you kept your eyes to the ground and your shawl wrapped tightly around your small frame. The reason for your wariness may seem slightly melodramatic to an outsider, however your master did carry a certain reputation, one for being highly strung and easily provoked. This meant that keeping a secret from him carried it’s own set of risks, and even though yours held no significant importance you worried that his knowing of your actions could endanger both you and the ones you helped.

 The thing was that everyday, at precisely noon, you had ventured down to a local village, there you would help the local children learn the basics of reading and writing, as well as telling them great stories of your lands noble history. You had started this daily practice after a trip down to the market, in search of goods for the palace, when you overheard a conversation between a shopkeep and one of the locals. Apparently the school building had been destroyed during the most recent bout of attacks, leaving the children with no place to go, and cutting their education short. Of course you being you felt a great sorrow at these children’s predicament and vowed to do whatever you could to help.

 Reaching the gates of the palace you were quickly allowed in, rushing back to the small quarters you were granted to deposit your things before returning back to work. Laying your shawl neatly on the bed you turned to leave. But before you could exit the small room a green swirl of smoke blocked your path, leaving in its wake your master. “Sir.” You mumbled, bowing you head slightly. “I’ve already told you to call me Loki, are the formalities really so necessary?” He quipped, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Sorry sir… Loki.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips. Though the man intimidated you like nothing else, you still saw a softer side of him, even though many others didn’t. You could even say you’d developed certain affections for the Trickster God, not that it was at all appropriate, what with him being your master and a prince, and you a mere servant. Yet that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering when he smiled at you, and a rosy blush colouring your cheeks whenever he was in too close a proximity. “Where have you been for the last… hour?” Loki asked you, a slight clench in his jaw. “Nowhere…” You stuttered, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I see… I’ve never been to nowhere, is it as delightful as it sounds?” He drawled, looking at you with an expression full of contempt. “Quite. “You mumbled, furrowing your brow as you manoeuvred around him, heading back to work.

 You and Loki had always had a weird relationship, what with him taking a particular interest in your personal affairs, and you not hesitating to call him out on some of his more neurotic behaviours. Most said they’d never seen someone speak to the younger prince in such a way, with most of his previous servants being dismissed after similar fo-pars. After your run in with the dark-haired god you quickly went back to work, cleaning the princes’ quarters as well as the dining hall. As you sat on the large dining hall floor, using certain magic’s to clean the mud-covered stone a pair of heavy footsteps caused your head to whip up to the doorway. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice rang out. “Thor!” You grinned, standing up to greet him. “How was your trip to Midgard? How was Lady Jane?” You asked, a smile wide on your face. “Everything was as I left it Lady Y/N.” He nodded. “I told you to stop with the Lady’s Thor, for I am no Lady.” You said with a small quirk in your lips. “Nonsense, you are far more a Lady than many of those who carry such a title.” Thor boomed, bowing his head slightly. “I should go and reconvene with my Father, It was a pleasure to hold your company.” Thor said, kissing your hand before leaving the grand room.

 You and Thor had met one afternoon whilst out in the village. He’d found you teaching the children and after learning of your service in the palace agreed to keep it between the two of you. In thanks you had been assisting him with his courtship of his Lady Jane, helping him choose gifts for her as well as teaching him of Midgardian customs. Through this the two of you had struck up an unlikely friendship, one that had seemed to stand the test of time.

 The days following your interaction with Loki, he asked everyday where you went during your hour away, causing you to become more and more nervous about your little secret. You began to worry that he would try and follow you, meaning you started taking more complicated routes down to the village, hoping to lose anyone that may have been on your tail. However it did mean you ended up walking straight through the busy market almost everyday. After a couple of weeks Loki’s persistent asking you had still managed to keep strong, telling him you went nowhere of importance. One day, out of the blue, Loki arrived at your chambers before you parted for your journey. “Loki.” You sighed, trying to manoeuvre your way around him. “Is it a lover that you go to meet everyday?” He growls, appearing suddenly in front of your face. His anger causing you to stand there in silence, not knowing how to proceed. “It would make sense, you always return with a smile on your face and it would explain your secretive attitude about the whole affair.” He spat. Huffing you just moved your way around him and carried on down to the village.

 ‘Why would he care anyway?’ You asked yourself, ‘I’m just the help, no one of importance.’ You huffed, strolling into the busy market. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice called you over from a nearby seller. “Thor.” You smiled, moving to his side. “I need your assistance.” The blonde prince huffed, brow furrowing, coaxing a giggle from between your lips. “Come on then.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him along to different vendors.

 3rd Person POV

 Loki had decided to follow Y/N down away from the palace. For some reason the thought that she could be meeting a suitor tore at his chest, leaving an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Loki had never felt this way about anyone before, never had a need to protect someone and keep them safe from harm. Yet she was different. The way her H/C swirled around the S/C skin of her face and neck, the way her E/C sparkled whenever she laughed or smiled, the little things were what seemed to gravitate Loki towards her, and he just couldn’t pull away.  Following her small frame through the crowded streets he watched her as she ducked and dived through the rowdy crowd, barely registering a second notice to many of the passer byes. Despite Loki’s glamour to look like an unimportant local, he stayed hidden in the shadows, skulking along hot on her trail. Suddenly a familiar voice calling Y/N’s name sent Loki’s eyes wide and caused his fists to clench. Watching her stand by his brother’s side with such a gleeful look on her face made Loki’s face contort with anger and as she took his hand he felt his stomach drop. How come his brute of a brother got everything? The power, the praise and now the girl. The only girl Loki had ever felt any sort of fondness towards, the only girl Loki could see himself actually falling for. Hell he probably already had. Turning his back on the pair Loki stormed back to the palace in a blind rage, ready to take his anger out on anyone who dared confront him.

 Y/N’s POV

 After helping Thor you had a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just could not shake. You went and taught the children as usual, cutting your session short due to your little rendezvous with Thor. Heading back up to the golden palace you noticed the subtle glances the guards gave one another as you entered. Heading to your quarters you immediately noticed the lean form of Loki sat on your small bed. “Loki, what are you doing in here?” You asked, slightly puzzled by his appearance. “So it’s Thor then? That you go and see everyday? It’s my brother that you pine over like a puppy, it’s pathetic.” He spat, leaning above you as his words sliced you like a blade. Standing up to him you shoved him in the chest, causing him to falter slightly. “I do not pine after any man, and not that it is any of your business, but if I did it would certainly not be after Thor.” You growled, face thunderous, “And I am certainly not pathetic, however it is nice to know your opinion of me.” You said, jabbing him in the chest. As you whirled around, ready to storm away from the dark-haired prince, a hand darted out, holding onto to your elbow. Before you could even get another word out Loki had spun you around, engulfing you in his arms. “You serve me, and no one else.” He murmured before crashing his lips against yours. “Always.” You murmured against his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Jealousy is not a nice colour on you.” You smirked, leaning your forehead against his. “You need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth closed.” He chuckled, kissing you again, this time with a more gentle touch.

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could you do a simple gaston x reader one-shot? specifically one in which the reader is having a bad day and gaston comes to comfort them.

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: I’M BAAAAACK! gosh, I feel so much better! and it felt good to write again! so here is some more gaston x reader. thanks for the request my love, I hope you like it <333


“Your sister said I might find you here,” Gaston sat down next to you on the rooftop of the stables.

It was a flat roof. One you’ve climbed up on ever since you were a little girl. Perfect to get away from everything.

“I never should’ve told her about it,” you had to think about certain things. About how you wanted to continue..

Once he was sitting comfortably next to you, he put an arm around your shoulders and you instinctively leaned against his chest.

He kissed your forehead and held you tight.

Gaston had never been good with words when it came down to emotions, but you appreciated his actions more than words.

“You should’ve seen the way they were looking at me,” tears were already sitting in the corners of your eyes. A single lonely one dropped on Gaston’s shirt. “None of them wanted to speak to me. None of them offered to help.”

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Can you explain to me why itachi is problematic? I always disliked the character and I can't really give a deep analysis to explain to my friends on why I do. I understand what he did was wrong and I understand that his character was rushed and handled really badly but I can't put it into words.

Itachi Uchiha is a problematic character because :

  • His actions and motivations don’t make sense
  • Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series
  • His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

I’ll quote from another anti post cos I don’t see the point of paraphrasing:

“a lot of his actions didn’t make sense if he’s always supposed to a good guy and a loving brother. There’re many ways he could’ve prevented Sasuke from witnessing the massacre, and made it less traumatizing to him. Instead he made him see that shit over and over again through genjutsu. yeah I know he wanted him to hate him and get revenge, but why? As a loving brother, why would he try so hard to put the burden of revenge on his brother? yeah I know he wanted Sasuke to be the hero who avenged his clan, but it’s worth the pain he went through when he killed his own brother? Sasuke never wanted to be a hero. yeah I know Itachi wanted to be judged by an uchiha, but he still thought he’s in a position to choose how he died? and he’d prioritise his own preference of how to die over the well being of his brother? He went back to Konoha after Sarutobi’s death cos he wanted to warn Danzo not to harm Sasuke. Then why did he expect sasuke to go back to Konoha after his death? go back to a place completely unaware of the danger that one of the top officials wanted to kill him? why did Itachi genjutsu Sasuke into a persistent coma? how was he supposed to get his revenge if he spent his life in a vegetative state? Kishimoto just made no sense.” - anti-endings

I’d also like to add it’s Itachi who revealed to Sasuke there’s another mangekyo sharingan user involved in the massacre and his name was “Madara”. If Itachi always suspected Tobi knew the truth about the massacre and him, and was keen on keeping Tobi away from sasuke, why did Itachi tell Sasuke Tobi’s name? it only made it easier for Sasuke to trust Tobi. It also added another name on his revenge target list. And Tobi was someone Itachi was afraid to go up against himself, he wanted sasuke to risk his life killing someone he couldn’t himself??

Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series

Self sacrifice

He sacrificed OTHER PEOPLE"S LIVES, not his own. He took other people’s lives including children for his own ideals and beliefs. What did he sacrifice of himself? People said he had to leave Konoha and became a criminal and had a miserable life. He’s an ANBU before the massacre, a career as an undercover spying on enemies would’ve been highly likely for him even if the massacre never happened. He’s a trained assassin, he’s never gonna join Médecins Sans Frontières and do something meaningful in the first place.

“Greater good”

The idea that “greater number = greater good” is stupid, it completely disregards minority’s rights. If you’re attracted to the idea of “greater good” moral absolutism or “greater good” heroism, watch Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. The moral dilemmas are much better written than Naruto. Kishimoto used “there’d be a civil war and other villages would attack them” to justify the massacre. He tried to justify genocide with one of the possible eventualities of the possible scenario of a failed coup.  A possible eventuality of a possible outcome of a coup that was yet to materialize….

Heroism is saving the ones you can, not playing god and deciding who should be killed so that others could live. Heroism is NOT the ability to count and deciding which group is the greater number. Heroism is NOT preemptively killing everyone based on personal speculations of possible bad consequences of actions or crime which were yet to be committed. This is crazier than Minority report.

Nationalism as heroism.

Itachi is a spokesperson for Will of Fire which is a form of inward looking nationalism. I think he said “as Itachi of konoha, I will save my homeland once more” (gross self glorification) when he defeated kabuto. He didn’t care if kabuto was threatening the whole ninja world, he’s just concerned with his own village. He only cared about konoha cos that’s his identity. He saw one’s village’s collective interest as the only thing worth protecting and fighting for, that’s not heroism, that’s just nationalism.  

Mistaking forced peace and oppression as Pacifism

The writing tried to present Itachi as a sensitive pacifist. He’s no pacifist, he believed in pre-emptive killing to maintain stability. He’s a “peace “at all cost extremist. Itachi and Danzo believed the way to achieve peace was to kill everyone who might possibly become a threat to the government due to dissatisfaction with their policy. Even kids had to be killed cos they might resent the government for killing their parents. This is not pacifism, this is purge of dissidents and rebels, this is forced peace maintained by violence and oppression.

His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

He’s not intelligent. The numerous holes listed above in his supposedly “all according to plan” revenge journey he planned for Sasuke are enough evidence of that.

He’s not wise. As discussed above, his worldviews and ideals are simplistic and extremist. His character really is just a naive nationalist.

He doesn’t respect free will, he once tried to forcibly genjutsu Sasuke into being loyal to Konoha. He just couldn’t deal with people not bowing to his precious village’s bullshit, he either killed everyone or he tried to brainwash them into a Konoha slave like himself.

He doesn’t respect truths, government transparency or history. He asked Naruto not to let the truths about the massacre come out. He thought superficial shit like “reputation” was more important than truths and justice. Kishimoto tried to make him look intelligent but humble. In fact, he’s arrogant, he thought he got to decide if the truths should come out, he’s one of the perpetrators of the massacre, yet he considered himself of all people had the right to bury the truths. That nerves and lack of self awareness.

Itachi is not some long suffering loving brother or unsung hero, he’s just a over wanked character who represents many of the series’ fucked up political views. He’s a self righteous, manipulative and cruel extremist.

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Everyone on the Minato/Oro train wants to throw Kushina at Mikoto (don't get me wrong I ship it) or have the sperm doner or just don't know what to do with her but like? Why not Ot3? *throws confetti* Healthy triads! Who said a triad had to be openly sexual all three ways, or that Oro has to be 100% gay or anything I just... I want grossly domestic triad that the public doesn't seem to know what to do with because outside of their privacy Oro doesn't know what to do with himself. (1/2)

How would that affect the kyuubi sealing if it does? Oro and Kushina trying to figure out how to strengthen the seal while she’s pregnant.. Oro having the WORST possible time trying to get custody of his own child, because FUCK the village, who cares if it has Kushina’s face and Minato’s hair that boy is as much his as his partner’s. Oro and Kushina bonding over sealing techniques and the loss of their clans. Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

Tbh I ship MikoKushi way more than I would ship MinaKushiOro, but oh my god it deserves to be written just for those last two sentences. You made me choke on my coffee. 

Hayate Gekkō appreciation post.

Hayate Gekkō died early in the series, so many people do not remember him but listen, l i s t e n. He is not only a hero of Konoha and a Cinnamon Roll but also a badass fucking ninja.

He’s a 175 cm high ball of strength. Also, note that he was around 23 years old when he died. 23. Why does it matter? Because he was also 23 when this happend:

It’s a fight between Hayate and Baki right after Hayate Crescent Mooned him.  Look at Baki. He is almost 10 years older than Hayate and also a very advenced Jounin, while Gekko is just a Tokubetsu Jonin. Yet look at this expressions and the way he stands. He is in horrible pain. Imagine if Hayate happen to land his attack a little bit better or imagine if he could pull his sword out of Baki’s arm.

He could kill him.

You thing I’m overanalyzing, don’t you? Remember Anko? And how strong she was?

According to the stats, Hayate is even stronger than her. She gets around 24 total while Gekko 24.5.

Also, Hayate is ill. He has a low level of stamina and strength. All of his skills are based on amazing intelligence and ninjutsu. You know Genma? Hayate is smarter than him.
He uses his mind and thanks to it he was able to become an amazing ninja. He doesn’t belong to any of the clans, he doesn’t have sharingans or bijuus. He only has his katana and excellent mind.

Imagine if Hayate was healthy. Imagine.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about his main technique, Crescent Moon Dance. Hayate is able to create clones (kage bushins, not just clones!) with only one hand. Not only that, he is can create them quickly enough, so the enemy thinks it’s Hayate attacking from three different sides.  It is an A level technique and Baki himself was surprised that a Tokubetsu Jonin was able to master it.

Not only that, in anime Hayate can turn invisible. Like, just poof, gone. Only he and Jiraiya are capable of such thing. If it does not impress you, I don’t know what will.

Oh and look at this. It’s Hayate is smiling. Why? Because Sasuke won his duel. He is proud of him. Yeah, look at this, this badass kid is from my village. He cares about the genins, about all of them. The whole “it’s Chuunin Exams you might die and we won’t care” is just a game. They’re supposed to think they will die but Hayate is there for a reason. If something goes too wild he’ll stop the duel. Nobody is dying as long as this Cinnamon is on the watch ok.

Summary: Hayate is great I love him and you should too.

Fragile Wands

Happy Valentine’s Day Michelle @profoundlyfadedprincess! I hope you have a lovely day! <3 And I hope you enjoy this fic! I have a fun little drawing I’m gonna post in a bit too!

Here is a somewhere in season 6 canon divergent adventure of Emma and Killian getting sent to the Enchanted Forest!

And thank you @spartanguard for betaing! <3

It was Zelena’s fault they were in this mess. The unseasonably warm winter weather seemed to have everyone not in their right state of mind, which was even worse in Zelena’s case. It all happened so quickly: it was a blur of jumping towards Zelena to get the wand, a shout of ‘Emma,’ and a ringed hand grasping around her bicep.

And now, Emma and Killian were stuck in the Enchanted Forest.

Their means of getting home—  

“Love, you alright?” Killian groaned from underneath Emma.

“I think so?” She shifted, sitting up looking around them. She saw the wand that led them here peeking out from underneath Killian. She quickly grabbed it and frowned.

—A broken wand.

“Bloody hell,” Killian sighed at the sight.

“Yeah.” Emma threw her head back and groaned in frustration. “What are we gonna do?”

“What is this? The sixth time we’ve been in another land?”

“Seventh, if you count when we first met,” Emma corrected him.

“And even then, not on the same team, we figured out how to get back to Storybrooke.” Killian squeezed her hand and moved to get up off the cold rough ground. Emma felt the cold starting to seep through her leather jacket. She looked around and away from Killian. They were in the woods. Snow was falling peacefully through the trees.

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Nine)

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @thesizeofabarge ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence  ; @blackxthexbeast  ; @hobbithorse19

As the evening melted away to the morning of Belle and Adam’s wedding, Villeneuve awakened with zeal as the sun warmed the narrow maze of winding cobblestone streets. For the first time in years, the villagers became enlivened with the day’s eagerness before the sun was fully present in the sky, and soon enough, the little town of Villeneuve was chaotic and cluttered with last-minute wedding preparations. The uneven, decomposing garden fences were crowned with garlands of golden and royal blue flowers while hanging baskets of roses greeted every front porch. Though peculiar to see such vibrant colors in February, the weather had been strangely pleasant and most people linked the sudden temperature increase to the magic that surrounded the castle.

“Of course it feels like spring,” a woman huffed to her three daughters, dressed identically in bloated gowns of pink. “The castle is enchanted, I bet the Prince ensured this weather would be perfectly suited for the wedding.”

Was, mother. The castle was enchanted,” one of her daughters responded, to which the woman replied, “Are you sure about that?”

Every doorstep held a decoration, a flower of some sort, in honor of the wedding, and as the villagers filed into the streets for their journey to the castle, most of them noticed that Gaston’s Tavern remained bare and withdrawn. The townspeople, dressed glamorously in their pastel wardrobes, shook their heads with disgust as they mounted their horses and passed the tavern, muttering vindictive comments to the closed door:

“Better not show his face ‘round there.”

“The nerve of that man; He can’t even extend his congratulations.”

“I hope Prince Adam gives that monster a piece of his mind.”

The inside of the tavern, however, was particularly unpleasant as Gaston impatiently waited in the upstairs hallway while LeFou, finger tapping rhythmically against his lips, critiqued Gaston’s appearance. He didn’t look quite…appropriate. It wasn’t necessarily the hunter’s outfit choice, his beige war coat with scarlet lining certainly suited him, but his raven hair hung pathetically into his eyes, shielding the life within them and giving his complexion a pallid and exhausted appearance.

“This is ridiculous,” Gaston grunted, filled with absolute displeasure. “I’m not going beyond the gates, LeFou, you don’t need to do that,” he added as LeFou grabbed a handful of Gaston’s mane.

“Actually, I do. It’s not for you or the wedding, it’s for Anne,” LeFou insisted as he smoothed Gaston’s hair into a striking ponytail. Gaston’s eye roll was easily detectable. “Much better,” LeFou then added as he faced his friend.

“I no longer feel comfortable with this,” he wrinkled his nose and curled his upper lip with disapproval as he flattened several strands of hair.

“You no longer feel comfortable with anything, Gaston. Look, just try to impress Anne. Don’t be so downhearted today. I don’t know, maybe her presence will distract you from the wedding.”

As he fell to silence, Gaston questioned the day’s agenda, more specifically, the townspeople’s agenda. They were expecting him, word already traveled that the new girl would be in attendance, and he couldn’t help but feel some type of sorrow that he wouldn’t be with her. He wanted to stand by her side, the occasion was special and new to her, and yet he refused. If any villager witnessed Gaston on the castle grounds, an uproar would undoubtedly ensue. He was aware most people wanted him banished, but others wanted him dead. It was best to stay away.

“Hello? Gaston?” LeFou, obviously repeating himself, snapped a finger in his friend’s direction.

“Don’t do that.”

“Sorry. I was asking if you bought Anne flowers?”

“What? No…” Gaston was confused. Since when was it required to buy her flowers for a terrible wedding?


“What, LeFou? What could possibly be so shocking?”

“It’s a wedding. You should have been a bit more prepared,” he muttered, but Gaston overheard him and reacted with an intimidating step forward.

“Then I’ll just borrow some flowers from the villagers’ gardens. They won’t care, now will they?”

“Now, Gaston, I thought we were going to start doing some good deeds. Does stealing from other people sound like a good deed?” The two friends had been speaking more frequently since Anne had arrived and bickering back and forth had now become a daily routine.

“It is a good deed when those imbeciles insult me and my tavern every day!” His voice was raising, blood rushing to his reddened face, as his knuckles turned white with pressure from his clenched fists.

“Deep breaths, Gaston,” LeFou replied in a sing-song tone. He places his hands on the war hero’s broad shoulders as their deep breaths mimicked one another’s. “Very good,” LeFou then added. “Shall we proceed?”

“Yes,” Gaston grumbled, staring at the worn wooden floorboards. Forcing himself to change the subject, he straightened his posture, displaying the polished gold buttons on his jacket.

“How do I look, LeFou?” He then added smugly, already cognizant of his magnetism.

“Like Gaston.”

It was a bit painful, really, for LeFou to see Gaston dressed so precisely and immaculately. Before June, the war hero’s physical impression was a priority - he had to look the best, act the best, be the best - but the days and months following the fall led to the abandonment of those aspects. On this particular day, the war hero didn’t look so defeated, he looked like Gaston. But, as LeFou’s eyes traveled from his friend’s raven curls to his enormous boots, the young sidekick’s heart sank. Gaston wasn’t the same man. He never would be. Although it may have been best for everyone, LeFou still couldn’t stand to witness Gaston riddled with uncertainty and self-loathing. The more time LeFou spent with Gaston, the more he believed his friend was hiding something.

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QR Codes of the Day

Decided to do a random mix of elegance. Added a villager hoodie in for good measure.  Show what you’re made of.

Diana Hoodie
Nothing brings up spirit like showing a villager you care like wearing something that resemble them.

Butterfly Painting
Now you can make your friends jealous and street passers too when they see this. They will scratch their heads trying to figure out if this is furniture or not.

Tea Dance Rose
Now a queen needs to wear a beautiful dress to show the town how awesome you are.

anonymous asked:

re: Akatsuki being half Konoha: Hashirama maybe had a bit of doublethink or something going on. I will say that solid teamwork is *good* for team missions, but there are just as many, if not more, solo missions, so it *should* be the case that even the non-team players should be fine. Except for the rampant prejudice and the dichotomy between Konoha's purported values and the shinobi rules. Case in point: Kakashi's entire backstory. Obito deserted because he was manipulated into seeing his 1/3

team kill each other. Orochimaru was already isolated from the Village in general through no real fault of his up and then … had a mental breakdown of sorts after his team left him (and the *Village*) in the middle of a war? Kind of? And for a Village that ‘cares’ for each other and has people who can *read minds* and would make (are?) good therapists no one saw it. His choices were his own, certainly, but Konoha’s neglect made it easy for things to happen and *keep* happening for a long time. Madara gets a pass because he never bought into Konoha’s beliefs. Kabuto gets a pass because he’s more Orochimaru’s than Konoha’s and is doing exactly what his boss asked him to do. Itachi is … well. Pein, Konan and the others likely suffered massive mental dissonance from seeing their *taught* beliefs go directly against what they witnessed and were told was better for the world. Konoha fucked things up by being too goody-goody and ignoring the darker side of their lives.

I really, really strongly agree with this in all aspects. Hashirama - and Naruto, honestly - are awesome visionaries and dreamers, but they don’t fit into the world they were born in at all. Their values are completely at odds with the world around them, but it’s not presented as a serious problem? Like, a mild inconvenience at best. And going by the epilogue, nothing really changes all that much? It’s kind of confusing.